1. Deutsche bank is the main trader of the U.S.mortgage based counterfeit bonds and securities in europe and was the reason all the euro area countries bought these bonds and then issued their own national bonds secured by the high risk (counterfeit) U.S. bonds and securities they purchased through deutsche bank. This is a multi trillion dollar swindle that the state securities dept. is involved in,this is why the fines are a pittance compared to the actual theft. You’ll find all the people and occupations necessary to pull off this scandal without major incident to the perpetrators attending the bilderberg meetings which is most likely where this robbery was planned and organized. These guys make the mafia look almost benevolent.

  2. Robert Barricklow

    As soon as I heard about the hot-wheels computer crashing I thought of hacking[for controlling].
    Good news for the U.S. The TPP was stopped in the House today. But as we all know; they’ll try to pass it a millions times. Once it’s passed; it’s all over but the crying[and/or ensuing revolutions].
    This game[to own it all] has been going on for sometime. It’s proceed in secret and is DEEPLY entrenched. The hidden global finance system is being exposed here & there by telltale signs[read by the most astute of investigators]. That they’re is infighting exposes both their strengths/weaknesses.

    Here is a new article from Michael Hudson’s site [The Economist]
    “Global Financialization 2015 – The state of play”

    Also linked is an article from Ellen Brown’s site that talks of the bullet that the U.S. form of governance just dodged[except they’re reloaded the chambers as we speak].
    “Fast-Track Hands the Money Monopoly To Private Banks – Permanently.”

  3. Wow, cars mysteriously crashing? If he was driving a drive by wire vehicle, this opens up a host of possibilities via CAN (Control Area Network)bus which they are planning on installing in all Smart Grid appliances. There may be indeed an internal war brewing inside the PTB for lifeboats on the Titanic. To be filed under we’ll see.

  4. “Run for your lives, she’s gonna blow!”

    Things (as in the exposure of an entirely rigged world “economy”) are coming to a head everywhere, whether orchestrated or not.

    The entire Western Ponzi-debt-bankster-parasite-wag-the-dog-Wall-Street-market-rigging-megabubble-QE-derivitaves-ForEx-TARP-TPP-sanctions–Grexit-central-bank scam is coming unglued and the leaks are springing up everywhere.

    They papered over 2008 with massive amounts of debt creation and money printing and it all went to the elites, and now the entire financial system is hooked on 0% “money” (ha ha, that’s what they call it) like a meth-crazed heroin addict, and the presses will never ever be turned off and the system will just go down in a blaze of debt. Question is, When? When will this thing blow?

    They’re offing the outliers as fast as they can and the printing presses are running overtime and they’re chasing the last of the hard assets that aren’t nailed down and buying their bug-out islands and it’s gonna be a real “whopper-doozie,” folks, when this whole house of cards finally encounters reality.

  5. The other European governments as well as the better informed public know that all this is just the tip of the iceberg; and it’s about time for the Bilderbergers and their political and “expert” mouthpieces to change their tune since everything they have been saying is patently untrue. And it’s time for everybody else to realize that it is essential to finally set up a monetary system – not necessarily centralized – that is not based on debt.

    1. Of course Ferraris besides being so cheap are notoriously unreliable: this “gentleman” might consider a Trabant…

  6. Dr. Farrell: Dr. Jim Willie has been following the Deutsche Bank debacle ever since the Lehman crash. Three years ago he predicted that she’d be the one to crack first under the derivatives house of cards. Tonight, Dr. Willie has posted his interview on this. Yes, the derivatives nightmare has come home to roost at Deutsche; began happening a couple of weeks ago, he says. Here is his interview:

    1. Thanks for the link DEBRA great interview just wondering how these swindlers will get out of this mess they created.

  7. marcos toledo

    Now lets get this straight one bank-financial officer is facing three centuries of jail for trying to expose wrong doing in the UK. And another facing manslaughter charges because the brakes on his car were fixed causing a fatality in China. The underworld couldn’t of done a better job who are the real criminals here. How long has Deutsche Bank been in business anyway before the first German Unification in the late nineteenth century.

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