Conspiracy Theater


August 1, 2015 By Joseph P. Farrell

There has been a development in the story of the disappearance of Malaysia Air Flight 370, and this one is, at first glance, straightforward, but at second and third glances, maybe not so much. Most readers here are familiar with my high octane hypothesis that the airliner simply went "poof" and that nobody really knows what happened to it. I aired this view a week after the disappearence of the flight on the late George Ann Hugh's The Byte Showi, and outlined (as best as I could) my admittedly extremely speculative reasons for why I thought that. Those reasons basically boiled down to this: that in the highly charged geopolitical atmosphere, any covert action by any nation in hijacking the flight would have been exposed by other nations, yet, nothing was forthcoming at the time from any of the major suspects: Russia, China, the USA, Iran, Isreal. The covert operation theories came fast and furiously, yet each had problems.

Well, my "poof" theory may have just gone "poof", as there are now a bevy of articles coming out about the discovery of wreckage on an island in the Indian Ocean that may be from flight 370(and my thanks to the numerous people that send me versions of this story). Consider these various versions:

US Official Confirms Discovered Debris Matches MH370 Type of Jet

Officials are trying to connect the wreckage to Flight 370, but in the Sputnik version there's already a fly in the ointment:

Xavier Tytelman, an airplane security expert based in France, told Wired that after he analyzed the photos, he noticed a series of two letters and three numbers. Reading BB670, he thinks the series could be part of a serial number, but that number would not match that of MH370.

Then there appears to be some obfuscation as to exactly where the debris is located:MH370: Boeing officials think Reunion debris could be from 777, source says

You'll note that the debris has been found in the western Indian ocean, far from the last officially favored crash zone in the eastern Indian ocean off the coast of Australia. As the article notes, currents could have carried the wreckage there.
You'll note that it is apparently US(and Australian) officials who are seemingly in a hurry to identify this wreckage with that of Flight 370. However, others are not in such a rush:
In addition to airplane parts, Business Insider is reporting that luggage has also washed up:
Now, I'm presently inclined to think my hypothesis that "it just went poof" has itself now gone "poof".
Or maybe not: note that in the photos of the wing debris, the wreckage is white, whereas MH 370's wing and flapperon was a light brown color:
If one scrolls down in this last article, one notes that the pictures show that the wreckage is white, while, as noted above, MH 370's colors on that part of the aircraft were a light mottled brown.
And as some of the people who sent me these various articles have observed, and as this last article itself observes, the wreckage appears to be far removed from a beach (where one would assume it would "wash up").
It's still too early to say, but I have to register my own suspicions here, and those point to "this is mighty convenient, and there are, here as elsewhere in the MH 370 saga, anomalies. Why are the pictures of the wreckage, for example, not showing a context of a coastal area but rather, a more inland one?" The story, in other words, appears to be already being "spun" in a certain cirection, at least by some in the USA. There are present in this story as it has thus far developed, the problems of the color and context of where the wreckage appears in the pictures.
I will forego my usual high octane speculation here, except to say that my suspicion meter is already in the red zone. My "poof" theory might or might not have have just gone "poof," but if it did go poof, now newer and more disturbing questions are raised: someone wants resolution to the MH 370 story, even if that resolution appears, on first glance, to be very sloppy. Time will tell. At this juncture, given what we've seen so far, the story already as problems.
See you on the flip side...