1. marcos anthony toledo

    This is a educational version of a Ponzi scheme over priced and it doesn’t work. Failure assured from the beginning just wondering what these wiseguys who put this con together think the World will be like when they succeed no bookstores no libraries who will be around to know how to feed these parasites just wondering.

  2. Robert Barricklow

    There is hardly anything “common” in the common core;
    except, being rotten to the core.

  3. One need only look at who truly benefits from common core, those manufacturing the hardware and software, corporate profits above education, robots over intelligent people. The bulk of students graduating today graduate with what amounts to an eighth grade education.
    There will always be gifted/determined students who take it upon themselves to educate themselves despite the odds stacked against them. Total control will always elude the elite. This we should be grateful for and grant these few all the encouragement we can muster; for they are the hope of the future.

    1. sounds too noble wd.

      couple more perspectives. how is our own development effected by working with others way too slow to give us a run and make us reach? how much and in what would we be smarter given a differently abled set of peers. and mentors.

      one can only cover as much ground as the weakest member of the group on a walk. unless one leaves the group and strikes out alone. that brings up a whole different set of vulnerabilities and advantages.

      it is a matter of there but for the grace of (name your deity) go I. It is also a matter of there I go since I’m never very far away from what I see going on around me.

      Wonder what Tesla might have done with a different set of friends and financiers.

      1. Or, I wonder what Tesla would have been if he had been subjected to common core as a child. So putting that fine a point on it, what is this BS doing to other children who could be the next inventors?

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