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December 11, 2015 By Joseph P. Farrell

This one was shared by Mr. J. and I think it's significant enough to pass along for your consideration under the "You-Tell-Me" Category. Consider this link:

Introducing the Breakthrough Energy Coalition

Now, what interested me about this strange "coalition" were two things.

First, the term "breakthrough energy" seems all too oddly and a more-than-coincidental use of the sponsors of the Secret Space Program conferences that I have spoken at in the last two years. These Dutch gentlemen have also sponsored another series of conference called the Breakthrough Energy Movement conferences. But secondly, I am intrigued more by the list of people involved in this coalition, given the fact that I have been blogging recently about the apparent shift in western news-spin toward radical Muslim nations like Saudi Arabia, and also about the underlying theme of the drastic changes that a shift away from petroleum as the primary energy system of the world would entail, not just in our habits and culture, but in the structure of the global financial system.

Consider the odd list and its international nature, and the inclusion of known troublemaker George Soros, and of course, a representative of Saudi Arabia. Of course, the latter is predictable. Any change from a petroleum system to a non-petroleum system, say to a solar or fusion system or some sort of combination of the two, will involve the undermining of one of the principal sources of income for nations for whom pertroleum is a principal export. All the more reason to put the nose in the tent of emerging alternative energies. The wisdom of allowing such a step is, of course, in dispute, and should be debated.

But more intriguing here is Soros, the champion of non-government organizations and their track record of rather dubious interventions in the affairs of nations, most recently, the Ukraine. The presence here is symbolic perhaps(and here comes the high octane speculation), of the determination of such private groups, quasi-corporations or, perhaps, even a revival of the medieval military orders, to have a hand not only in the development of such technologies - and let's face it, they have been developed - but more importantly, in their release and who has access to them, and information about them. In this latter respect, note the presence of representatives of academia(or as I prefer to call it in its Amairikuhn manifestation, quackademia) and corporations with a great deal of influence over the flow of information(Bezos of Amazon).

I suspect, to reduce my high octane speculation of the day to its simplest terms, is that the lack of scientists in the structure of this organization, and the presence of the people noted above, is that we are looking at the creation of a "information and gatekeeping network and think tank," the sort of thing one would expect to be created prior to the transition of the world from a petroleum to a non-petroleum based system. It's all about "non-carbon" energy systems, as the link states, and that means it's about erecting a system of fees and punishments for people not able immediately to afford the new technologies, to enrich themselves, and control the debate and discussion.

Or to put it even more country simple: I suggest the formation of such a group is because they know the technologies - some of which I have blogged about in the previous week - are on the verge of going public in a few years.

See you on the flip side...