December 12, 2015 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well, this one didn't take very long did it?

Last week, you'll recall, I blogged about the possibility that the border crisis was going to be used - and was perhaps designed to be used, or was at the minimum being used - as a crisis of opportunity to enact "Europe-wide" border controls against the growing refugee crisis from Syria and the Middle East, and the whole aftermath of fallout from the activities of ISIS, and more recently, Russian intervention. Well, our friends at Zero Hedge are now reporting that this, indeed, may in fact be the case, and they're not ruling out the idea that the whole thing was a contrivance, at least in part, of Angela Merkel's otherwise myopic government in Berlin:

FT Bombshell: EU Unveils Standing Border Force That Will Act "Even If A Government Objects"

What's intriguing here is that Zero Hedge in turn is citing no less a source than the Financial Times. Here's how Zero Hedge is reporting it:

We added that the deployment of additional officers will begin next week, and noted that as our friends at Keep Talking Greece wrote:

"The masks have fallen. Hand in hand, the European Union and the Frontex want to cancel national sovereignty and take over border controls in the pretext of “safeguarding the Schengen borders”. With controversial claims, they use the case of Greece to create an example that could soon happen “in the border area near you.”  And the plan is all German."

Finally, we asked whether this was merely Paranoia...

"...or just another confirmation that the Eurozone is using every incremental, and produced, crisis to cement its power over discrete European state sovereignty and wipe out the cultural and religious borders the prevent the amalgamation of Europe into a Brussels, Berlin and Frankfurt-controlled superstate? "

It was not paranoia, because according to blockbuster FT report released moments ago, "Brussels is to propose the creation of a standing European border force that could take control of the bloc’s external frontiers even if a government objected." (All emphasis in the original)

The the goal here is very clear, according to Zero Hedge:

Actually, it would be a way to hand over all military control to a body of unelected bureaucrats. Here's why:

If the plan is approved by EU states, Frontex’s replacement will have a slew of new powers, including the ability to hire and control its own border guards and buy its own equipment. It will also be allowed to operate in non-EU countries — such as Serbia and Macedonia, which have become transit countries for people trying to reach northern Europe — if requested.

One doesn't have to even be a member of the EU any more to become a vassal state of Brussels.  But the scariest aspect is the following:

The new agency will be able to deport people who do not have the right to remain in Europe — a power Frontex lacked.

And just like that, the decision of who can and who can't stay in any one European country will be delegated to some faceless bureaucrat in Brussels, circumventing all sovereign laws. (All emphasis added)

But who's the culprit in all this? Well, according to Zero Hedge, it's this:

Now we admit that some of this may come as a shock to some naive Europhiles, who still do not realize that all of this was preplanned, and predicted as long ago as 2008 when an internal AIG presentation answered the simple question: What Europe Wants. The answer:

To use global issues as excuses to extend its power:
  • environmental issues: increase control over member countries; advance idea of global governance
  • terrorism: use excuse for greater control over police and judicial issues; increase extent of surveillance
  • global financial crisis: kill two birds (free market; Anglo-Saxon economies) with one stone (Europe-wide regulator; attempts at global financial governance)
  • EMU: create a crisis to force introduction of “European economic government”

All have been spot on, but not even this aggressive and accurate forecast predicted that Europe would be so bold as to effectively take over border and population control sovereignty across the entire continent. It is about to do just that.

And if you're in doubt at who's at the center of it, the article begins with an interesting and very suggestive comment:

Last weekend we wrote that in Europe's attempt to contain the greatest refugee crisis since WWII, it would directly take control over the border control of the one country which over the summer lost its sovereignty (but at least it still has the euro), and which serves as a springboard for tens of thousands of migrants to proceed onward with their journey to Germany (where as reported earlier, they are no longer desired, as their continued arrival results in a plunging approval rating for Angela Merkel).

Now, in case all of this is unclear, it's worth recalling that the crisis in Greece was precipitated by two principal actors: Goldman Sachs, of course, and...well, Berlin, and the government of Frau Bundeskanzler Merkel. The result? Chaos in Greece, which with Italy, has become the primary influx point for the refugees, which is now going to be "fixed" as I suggested last week, by the imposition of a Europe-wide bureacracy, as a first step in cementing "European-ness" and to the creation of a Europe-wide military, which will be dominated by -surprise surprise - France and Germany, which already coordinate on defense matters closely, and which you'll recall, cemented that relationship by the recent merger of two large German and French armaments companies. And let's not forget that France recently decided to throw in with Russia in cooperating in Syria against ISIS, and Germany decided to throw in with France by offering naval, and space-based support, to the French military there.

One may add to this the recent BND(Bundesnachrichtendienst) analysis of Saudi Arabia's intentions and capabilties, and its warnings that that nation will become increasingly interventionist and reckless. Indeed, as most commentators have noted, the real hidden financial backers of ISIS are not just Sultan Erdogan I in Ankara, but more importantly, the Saudi government, and the BND fingers the current Saudi King, Salman, and his son and the Saudi defense minister, by name in the current recklessness, and as well as having a long history of support for such organizations and activities to the chagrin of other members of the Saudi royal house. There are even been recent internet stories suggesting that the missiles which shot down the Russian Su-24 were supplied to ISIS by the Saudi government. The German intelligence agency's analysis - and the decision to make it public to some degree - was sharlpy rebuked the the German Chancery, and that in itself is interesting, for such a decision to release the analysis, much less give it play in a major German media outlet like Der Spiegel, means that it had to come from high in the German government, and that may be a sign that Frau Merkel's government coalition is weakening under the refugee strain.

So which set of signals coming out of Berlin are we to believe? Do we listen to Herr Goebbels or Herr Ribbentro.... er... Der Spiegel, or Frau Merkel? M. Hollande seems to be clarifying a lot both geopolitically and domestically, and on that score, Berlin has been quietly, though definitively, following, and the latest move from Brussels seems to confirm that a fundamental domestic and geopolitical change is underway. But nothing will be done without Berlin. So the question remains. What is it up to?  It has been sending mixed signals. But, before we tackle that question and other indicators (in tomorrow's blog), here is a list of dots (in no particular order) to connect: (1) Mr. Sergei Glazyev's statement last year, in a considered op-ed piece, that Russia's real strategic problem was not the Nazis in Kiev, but the Nazis in Washington, (2) the abolition of the Muslim Brotherhood from Egypt, which showed up under new sponsorship in(you guessed it) Saudi Arabia, (3) the Arab Spring, which quickly turned out to be the Radical Nightmare, (4) the Saudi visits to Russia shortly before Mr. Assad's request for assistance to Russia against ISIS, (5) Russia's accession to same, (6) Russia's growing disclosure of Turkish involvement with ISIS oil shipments, and last but not least, (7) that Wahabbist connections to ISIS.

In that backdrop, Germany just upped the ante considerably... but that will have to wait for me to

...see you on the flip side...