May 2, 2016 By Joseph P. Farrell

Yesterday I blogged about the following fascinating article appearing on the BBC's site, and shared by Mr. T.M.:

The Secretive, Billionaire-backed Plans to Harness Fusion

In that blog, I noted several circumstantial facts that were, to my amateur's mind, suggestive of the fusion work decades ago of Philo Farnsworth in the 1960s, and of Nazi scientist Ronald Richter in Argentina, in the 1950s. These features were (1) the use of boron(boron-11) in the approach of Tri Alpha, surveyed in the article, and (2) the use of vortices, (3) magnetic plasma containment, and (3) shockwaves in the approach of Global Fusion, each of which has some analogue in the work of Richter. Now, I am quite far from suggesting that these correspondences are actual or genuine. They are, given the scarcity of information presented in the article, superficial and most likely only coincidental. As I suggested and implied yesterday, these odd correspondences might suggest that the work of Farnsworth and Richter may have been continued in some black projects world of research.

And this brings us to the nub of the matter, and to today's (very) high octane speculation. For new readers here, "high octane speculation" simply means our willingness, on this website, to speculate widely beyond the weight of the evidence itself, and today is no different, for I propose to speculate wildly again.

Let us assume, for the sake of argument, and for the sake of our high octane speculation, that these odd resemblances and analogues are in fact indicative of the continuation of research along the lines and principles outlined by Farnsworth and Richter decades ago. What might this, in turn, portend?

Yesterday I pointed out that the article notes the heavy involvement of venture capital from billionaires like Jeff Bezos of Amazon, and, more importantly, of Venrock, the Rockefeller venture capital fund. It is to be noted that venture capital is precisely that: capital invested in high risk ventures that may or may not "pay off," but if they do pay off, will pay handsome returns on investment according to the old adage, high risk, high return. But let's place this in a wider context before we get down to the high octane speculation at hand.

In the past few weeks, we've seen some extraordinary stories coming out in the news, not the least being the fact that Saudi Arabia has experienced budget shortfalls, and that in response, the Saudis have, for the first time (1) offered sales of sovereign securities, i.e., bonds, to offset the shortfall, and (2) offered public offerings of Saudi Aramco shares on the market, and (3) announced a $2 trillion-plus fund for the development of solar energy in recognition that the Kingdom will have to transition its economy from petroleum to something else. While its plans are open to criticism(and I think ultimately doomed to fail), they are an indicator that something "big" is up; moves like this are not contemplated and actually set into motion without some sort of intelligence percolating through the corridors of high finance and power. Add to this the equally significant story that the Rockefeller foundations divested themselves of their petroleum interests last year, and you get the picture: something big - in my opinion - is indeed going on, and those in the know appear to be pre-positioning themselves to take advantage of it.

Which brings us to yesterday's and today's blog, and some high octane speculation. Again, it is to be stressed that the Rockefeller venture capital group Venrock is involved in investment in Tri Alpha's fusion approach using boron-11. Jeff Bezos, alternatively, has committed funds to Global Fusion's "shockwave" approach, and both of these approaches have tenuous resemblances to concepts first broched(so far as I am aware) in the work of Farnsworth and Richter.

The question that now must be asked, is why? What does this interest and investment perhaps signify?

My answer and high octane speculation, is that these groups and the financial interests they represent might, in fact, signify something far different than most people might expect, in that they represent not "people in the know", but rather, people not in the know, and trying, via investments, to gain intelligence and knowledge to which they have otherwise been denied access. Or to put it very differently, at some point in the previous decades, they were shut out of the black projects world, and that they suspect that things might be further along in terms of some of these technologies than they have been told, and are trying, via investments, to ascertain what technologies might, in fact, already be in existence and viable. In short, groups like the Rocklefellers might have been shut out of the intelligence loop in the past, and are now realizing, for whatever reason, that they have been locked out and are playing catch up. In this respect it intrigues me that there are so many apparent coincidental points in their current investments, and the work of the fusion pioneers of yesteryear. In short, I am suggesting that they themselves have caught wind of something, but that they themselves do not know exac tly what it is, and are funding private projects that they suspect mirror aspects of secret research projects.

This is, of course, very high octane speculation indeed, and it does not detract for a moment from the fact that such groups and people do not invest their funds lightly, even their venture capital funds. Tri Alpha's relative secrecy about its techniques and technologies is a case in point, for where money goes, inside information and intelligence information follow not far behind. All the indicators suggest that, indeed, something is going on behind the scenes. But I am suggesting that one of those things is that yesteryears' financial and technocratic elite themselves may not be entirely "in the loop", and that should give everyone pause, for the implications of all of this high octane speculation are that there is another, newer, technocratic elite in the background, and that in turn gives them an enormous financial leverage.

See you on the flip side...