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  1. Made for social-media terror (whatever you think of whoreallydunit), Bear baiting, pressing Greek olives, welcoming weaponized refugees and further undermining already dead-in-the-water economies can only bring Europe’s technorats so much joy.

    However, it does worry those politicians who are actually accountable to actual constituencies, deeply so. There’s a wonderful video of the German Finance Minister being chased from the stage during a May Day speech to cries of “traitor!” So social unrest is brewing, and these deeply unpopular heads of state had better worry about AfD and the FN, and Catalonian independence, and on and on.

    Doubtless the Soviet apparatchniks arrogantly thought they could keep it going too, until they couldn’t any more.

  2. Latest from RT drip drip..

    United Europe ‘an illusion’: Top 3 EU politicians paint grim picture of bloc’s future.

    Although look who is calling the pot black

    European Union President Donald Tusk, the European Commission,
    President Jean-Claude Juncker and Martin Schulz, the President of the European Parliament

    “were all scathing of government leaders across the EU, due to their inability to compromise and their preferences to look out of for personal interest. ”

    Really gentlemen….as far as i am aware non of the above are elected…rather chosen and rubber stamped.


  3. Want to know where at least one of the PTB Players lives?

    “Aviation Week & Space Technology” Apr25-May8 2016, p.11:

    “Monaco is to install a counter-unmanned aircraft system comprising radar, cameras, and jammers to provide security and privacy over the wealthy city-state. In partnership with French prime contractor JCPX Development, U.K. company Aveillant will install its Gatekeeper 3-D holographic surveillance radar at a site in the municipality in September/October”

  4. Joseph’s friend, Catherine Austin Fitts, interviews ‘The Saker’ for the Solari Report: A Unipolar vs. Multipolar World.

    thesaker dot is/catherine-austin-fitts-interviews-the-saker-for-the-solari-report-a-unipolar-vs-multipolar-world/

  5. Hey just put Trump in the White House and…..”problem solved”.
    Seriously, Europe is now waking up after a long dreaming session, and to use the words “wake up call” is to say just that. The Americans have been pushing the buttons for far too long and once the pushback finally comes, there’s no turning back for Europe. Russia is playing the waiting game, BUT, I suspect that serious back room talks have been going on for quite a while between the EU and Russia. The only fly in the ointment for the world is that clown in Turkey, but I think Mr. Putin has him covered.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      You & others may be surprised by some of the issues Trump is pulling for. The mainstream press will not utter one word of it.
      {below in my comments is the/it’s our money… link)

  6. Robert Barricklow

    The Deep State is really transnational in nature. In fact, nature is it’s enemy. It consumes the life force. The reason has to do with the nature of it’s compound interest bearing, debt-based Ponzi scheme that depends upon growth to fuel its heartless engine[Just examine their tool known as GDP. It was created in order to finance war so that governments could justify pulling out resources from sustenance to fund warfare]. Fascism/Militarism[inverted totalitarianism] is simply to best tool to implement their policy’s via transnational corporate bodies, whose dominate treaty instruments are masquerading as nation-state extrastate agreements[extremely secretive for sinister reasons at best].

        1. Robert Barricklow

          I’m interested in some of your thoughts
          of the subject matters being discussed.

        2. Robert Barricklow

          there is this recent Webster Tarpley radio program warning of a terrorist attack in late October, or early September, to boost Trump’s chance of winning the election. Tarpley says the Washington Post and Meet The Press have released a few trial balloons on just such a scenario.

          May 7, 2016

          1. Robert Barricklow

            Tarpley remarks brings to mind…
            The Lady doth protest too much, methinks.

          2. RB, you bring up an unsettling point. I could see (the Players behind) either party causing the sheeple to ‘baah’ and move into a defensive flock. I tend to put that ‘move’ more on the Democrats, as Hillary will be trotted-out as having ‘real world’ experience with terrorists.


    1. Robert Barricklow

      …on a corruption banana peel…”

      Loved It!

      Appears the
      Do as I say; not as I do – examples
      are not the kind of leadership values they wish to emulate.

  7. I remember posting a quote from an article by ‘The Saker’ a couple weeks back, where he forecast that France would be the first to rebel. Sounds like a good prediction to me…

    I also agree with marcos toledo. There is a ‘force’ behind the US public face and the EU bureaucrats. We need to dig deep-enough to find the hidden Players. Cut off the head, and the rest of the snake no longer matters…

    1. I suspect the same families who ran things a thousand years ago secretly run things now. I also suspect the same tribes who manipulated and plotted against these rulers manipulate, married into, and plot against them still. When people conspiratorially pretend they know what is really going and say it is all really a spiritual battle are correct but not in the way they think. Religious radicals from all three of the one God religions, Luciferians, Satanists, and who knows who else are in conflict over who will control the future of mankind. When it is said that the meek will inherit the Earth what is not often understood is that the Earth’s inheritance equals death and poverty. Try to remain as bold, brave, and honorable as you can and the Heavens will smile upon you someday as you smile upon it. Who wants to inherit a permanent grave in the Earth? The Norse and others understood this well as did Jesus in my opinion. He wasn’t afraid to stand up against the powers that try to be on the Earth and who will likely only inherit Earth in the end.

      1. “The meek will inherit the Earth; the rest of us will go to the stars.” ~anon, c.1980.

  8. Given France’s history of waffling I’ll give even odds they pull a Greece and declare victory whilst selling what’s left of their soul for a few francs of silver.

    The wild card of course is MLP and the “France First” or “Make France Great Again” nationalists who have been winning big and will exert huge pressure on the government. Nothing will get done before the election.

    So I see it shaking out like this:
    1) Current “acceptable” parties retain government in the elections and they sell their country out.
    2) Current “acceptable” parties get routed or substantially weakened and it’s no deal.

  9. marcos toledo

    If the USA is the ventriloquist dummy who or what is the ventriloquist behind the dummy? Who do the oligarchs shill for and what or who’s ends do they serve?

    1. The big three is my guess: the Military Industrial Complex, Big Pharma, and the Mainstream Media Complex. They may or may not be working directly together, but they all share the same desired outcome. Which, of course, favors profit over the public’s health, safety, and freedom.

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