May 17, 2016 By Joseph P. Farrell

Yesterday I blogged about the continuing emergence of details about the recent visit of President Obama to a summit meeting with the newly elected President Macri of Argentina in San Carlos di Bariloche, a location that hardly needs any introduction to readers of my books, and particularly of The Nazi International. In yesterday's blog, you'll recall, I referenced a strange article that connected some very unlikely dots, namely: (1) the secret Chinese space base in that region of Argentina, (2) the Falklands Islands and a recent UN report that lists the Falklands as falling within Argentina's territorial waters (3) President Obama's summit meeting with Senor Macri, and the fact that a virtual battalion of NASA people was part of Mr. Obama's entourage, (4) the speculations that the Falklands played some sort of role in American plans for the region, and finally, (5) that all of this was somehow related to Moon mining and secrets and secret activity in Antarctica.

Well, today put all that into yet another context, as the steady trickle of space-related news stories seems to get more and more bizarre on an almost daily basis. Consider this article, shared by Mr. T.M., and(in what is an unusual procedure for us on this website) this video "commercial" by a Goldman Sachs analyst about space:

US to move more assets into deep space over next 4 years

You'll note that in the article, there's very little explanation of why the US is moving its space assets into higher and deeper orbits, but a clue is provided by the fact that reference is made to the privatization of LOE(Low Earth Orbit) launches of commercial satellites. Thus, the "assets" being referred to are military. The question is, why move them further out? The answer, in part, is provided by growing American concerns about Chinese anti-satellite capability, for recall just a few years ago that the Chinese demonstarted their capability to knock out a satellite in low earth orbit with ground launched anti-satellite missiles.

But I suggest there's another context from which this should be viewed, and that is the context suggested yesterday: Moon mining, and the looming Chinese-US competitution to mine the moon for Helium-3, a valuable isotope for fusion power, which in turn, as we've also seen, has been a growing presence in recent stories, with all the implications for a radical change in the world's energy systems, and hence, for a radical change in the world's financial system. At two minutes and ten seconds into the Goldman "New Frontier" video, the militarization of space and the challenges from nations "not our allies" is mentioned.

So what's going on? My high octane speculation for today reiterates something I've suggested in many previous blogs: with the commmercialization of space comes the inevitable necessity of protecting those national assets, but with the mining of space and local celestial bodies like the Moon, comes the necessity of protecting those assets, and the "sea lanes" to them. And that requires not only the need to re-position American assets currently available further out, it also requires new military-space assets to be positioned further out. One can even go so far as to envision "seleno-synchronous" orbits for satellites around the Moon, and occupying various layered orbits between the Earth and the Moon.  If this reading of these stories be correct, then this means the USA and China - and therefore inevitably Japan, india, Europe, and Russia - are about to embark on a massive increase in space-related activity, both military and commercial. This possibility in turn puts all those recent announcements about fusion power, and even the Saudi announcements and Rockefeller announcements about transitioning their national and foundational investments away from petroleum into a very interesting context. And of course, lurking in the background of all of this, is that these looming investments have to be protected, not only from potential interdiction from terrestrial competitors, but perhaps also from "someone else."

See you on the flip side...