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  2. A nice synchronicity: I was just reading a newly-released book edited by Zecharia Sitchin’s niece, Janet, “The Anunnaki Chronicles: A ZS Reader (2015). In Chapter 8 “The Pyramid Wars”, there is a section that meshes with Joseph’s third “Giza Death Star” book in that it talks about the dismantlement/destruction of the high-tech innards of the Great Pyramid by the winner, Ninurta (Enlil’s eldest son). The relevant Sitchin quote from p.196 is:

    “Conceived by Enki/Ptah, planned by Ra/Marduk, built by Geb, equipped by Thoth, defended by Nergal [a son of Enki]…”

    This timeline would put the two main Giza pyramids back in the time of the “mythic” gods. This was quite a while before Khufu. He just ‘inherited’ a shell!

    On the thermal anomalies front, there was a science TV show a few years back citing where French researchers had done a scan of the Great Pyramid and found a strange ‘void’ winding-upwards just-inside the pyramid walls. It was suggested that this was an internal spiral ramp, whether from the building days or for other purposes. This might tie-in with the thermal anomalies recently found…

  3. Nookeeler Weapons

    “It could be that hot air is coming out of the pyramid”

    Looks like Zahi Hawass is still giving tours.

  4. marcos toledo

    The pyramids are too big to be considered tombs and too out in plain sight. The tombs of the kings of Egypt from the first to the last were buried in out of sight burial chambers as Christopher Dunn and others have speculated the idea these were machines make more sense. There idea these and other pyramids and ziggurats were ancient equivalent to Tesla power towers seem more likely.

  5. Pyramidal shapes have unexplained attributes, that much is certain. Any one still believing they were built as tombs is lacking in mental capacity or brainwashed by the establishment. The precision to which they were built, alone, should confirm this. That kind of precision is only used in cases where it is absolutely required, which indicates the structure is of an advanced technical nature. This would also seem to indicate that the structures are much older than thought and most likely the remnants of a highly advanced civilization in high antiquity. It would also seem to indicate that the physics they employed is more advanced than the mainstream physics used currently and based on a more complete use of all the sciences, as they used naturally occurring materials in their construction and employed natural energy sources to power them.
    The path we have taken in this era uses unnatural energy sources and has resulted in a great deal of pollution and destruction for the perceived benefits.

    1. I just love how literally no one else in the alternative community supports the weapon hypothesis. It’s the one theory they absolutely won’t touch on Ancient Aliens. It wouldn’t surprise me if they have archives of Dr. Farrell footage buried in their archives that they can’t air. If you listened to the latest Dark Journalist interview, the proprietor of Ancient Codes got all flustered and started sputtering when Daniel broached Doctor Farrell’s name and his hypothesis. I died laughing.

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