Well, you may or may not have noticed, but the German Bundestag, over howls of predictable whining protest from Ankara, has passed a proclamation recognizing the Turkish genocide of the Armenian Christians during World War One as just that, a genocide. Sultan Tayyip's Turkey has responded with a major newspaper laying the blame for the Istanbul terror attacks on Germany's doorstep. While I trust a Turkish newspaper in Mr. Erdogan's Turkey about as much as I trust statements from Dr. Goebbels' Propaganda Ministry or Brezhnev-era Radio Moscow, even their apparatchiks knew that effective propaganda had to contain at least some element of the truth. The question is, in this case, what it is(thanks to Ms. K.M. for sharing this intriguing story):



  1. What’s interesting is that ADL, AIPAC & JINSA are also helping Turkey to stop condemnations of genocide of Armenians by Turks & others in the USA.

    Armenian genocide NOT all done by just Turks. Check it out.

  2. If the ersatz Sultan of Turkey hired Turks living in Germany to come in and commit acts of self-inflicted terror, then one could construe Germany as having some very distant relationship to the bombings.

    I am mindful of the old Mediterranean adage that only a madman would believe anything declared by an ethnic Turk.. Just ask a Kurd.

    Because the Turks cannot acknowledge and repent of the genocidal evil their people committed in the past, they are a culture and people without a future.

    1. One of the great Mohammadan leaders during the crusades was a Kurd, Saladin. There were some epic battles between him and Richard ‘The Lion heart’. Saladin sent down a horse for Richard when his was killed in the midst of a very bloody battle. Saladin admired his courage but thought he was a little crazy. lol.

      1. Ah, the Kurds… employed by the Ottoman Turks to conduct the genocide of the Assyrian Christians…

        1. I don’t particularly care for the Kurds….. I hope that’s not what you’re insinuating? db

          1. Insiuating? Not at all. Most simply forget that the Kurds were the Ottoman Turks henchmen, and few if any remember the Assyrian Christian genocide. It is hard enough to get people to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide instigated by the Turks at the top of the heap in the Ottoman Emprie.

  3. Would the Turks want to explain their war against the Kurds(Medes) they’ve been waging. And their refusal to admit what they have done to the Armenians and are doing in Syria and their abuse of Arabs. Either they own up to their crimes but then the Western Europeans don’t own up to theirs as the saying goes they deserve each other.

  4. I grew up in a city with many families of survivors of the Genocide. It also has an Ivy League University which has brought many Turks in over the years. The Turks I have met run the gamut on the subject of the genocide, but it is NOT a topic most will discuss reasonably. I’ve heard a condemnation of the recent purchase of a Church my family contributed money to the building of by an Armenian Apostolic congregation.

    I am not prepared to accept there is ANY truth in – especially – any OFFICIAL statement about the genocide. This is as true of the Islamicists as it is of the Army types they replaced. If you do not accept the line that these women and children had taken up arms against Ataturk then you are a terrorist. I have been told this many times over the years.

    This is not an out-of-the-ordinary headline and I doubt there is any significance.

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