1. Too funny. Yet, this does resonate a little toward the ending of the latest ID4 movie. After defeating the aliens the earth is invited to fight them across the galaxy. Sounds like NASA is now going into the comic book business. Why not? Our nation is now the Walt Disney version of Dante’s Inferno!

  2. Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon might be old hat. Maybe Space Ranger might of made it as a NASA mascot.

  3. As long as they dont start a Fantastic 4 mission patch to go get some cosmic space radiation

  4. This comic book (movie) angle on space reality relies on communication via symbols and memes. The more serious discussion is left to the “adults” – that is what the oligarchs consider themselves. Just like the authors of those Round Table era tomes, where the imperial colonizers were supposed to bring civilisation to the rest of the world, with its “childlike” or “savage” inhabitants.
    At least in places like the Vatican, when discussing baptism for Martians, they TRY to make some effort at reasonable discourse…

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