1. But.. Doc.. You know why the Russians were experimenting with Pyramids of different sizes.. Its for the Antenna. The ratios of height and base making them either receivers or emetteurs. Look at the tops of the ‘Egyptien’ baselisks.. Like Cleopatra’s Needle. They were (imho) used to receive energy via resonance.
    I’ve always thought that we are missing a huge part of scientific knowledge and that Resonance has a lot to do with something.. But I havent been able to find what that something is yet.. oh well, back to trolling internet..


  2. The last 5-10 minutes of this interview are interesting in terms of the Flood ‘myths’. If what Dr. Farrell and DJ were talking-about in terms of (my words) matter/consciousness being different or ‘finer’ than now, we may have a ‘breaking’ or ‘discontinuity’ event between Then and Now. This may be why the ancients placed such an emphasis on ‘Antediluvian’. This may have come down to us ‘symbolically’ in terms of a Flood event – Before and After. It may have been a ‘phase-change’ event in Consciousness (and maybe matter) itself…

    There is actual artifact data on this possible ‘event’. At Ba’albek, there are a couple of huge trilithon stones that were seemingly walked-away from. Similarly, in a few Inca (actually, way pre-Inca) sites, various huge stones were seemingly-abandoned right in transit from quarry to building site.

    The above would suggest a ‘field’ present at that time which simply collapsed. (If it was not ‘enemy action’ in some arcane ‘warfare in the heavens’…) People who were not ‘wiped’ or killed in this collapse simply walked-away, unable to continue the project. Whole societies were forced to restructure, if the people indeed survived the ‘amnesia’ effects…

    (Just like ‘remnant’ or ‘fossil’ magnetic fields we see on other planets, there may have been places on Earth where this ‘consciousness field’ collapse was delayed. There may have been individuals who did not collapse, having some form of inner ‘strength’. Or, artifacts may have been designed in advance to ‘stay operable’ as long as possible – think of it as a ‘battery storage’ system – in the absence of the previous field…)

    Much to ponder…

    1. Pondering on the Flood imagery, something popped-up from my psychology education. In some trauma cases, there is substitution of imagery from something unbearable/unface-able/unacknowledge-able to something that the mind & emotions can cope-with. It is a ‘survival mechanism’.

      That ‘coping-mechanism’ may have even been combined a known-phenomena from spiritual circles. This is where the person has been in higher-areas, and the mind has no relevant ‘background’ material’ with which to compare it. In such cases, the mind is known to ‘substitute-in’ material that is of lower but comparable ‘meaning’. For instance, if a meditator sees some glowing presence, the mind may substitute-in that it is Jesus or Mohammed or Vishnu, etc.

      What would be more appropriate as a ‘substitute-in’ metaphor for something totally-overwhelming-but-not-understood – like a Consciousness Shift (downwards) – than an overwhelming Flood?

  3. Yes what are they doing with the CERN Stargate-Portal it certainly not particle physics. Lame cover story and we the public or paying for these mad scientists new toy a getting lies a usual great interview as always.

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