In our year-end review with Catherine Austin Fitts on her website's members' area, we discussed many realignments being driven economically, geopolitically, and in part, as a result of the election of Mr. Trump. One of the things I observed was that Mr. Trump has some golden opportunities in the Pacific to "cut some deals" with nations that view the rise of China with a skeptical and cautious eye, nations like Vietnam, or Indonesia. But there have been other moves as well. Recall the recent Japanese offer to become heavily involved, to the tune of billions of dollars, in redeveloping America's crumbling and outmoded infrastructure.

Don't think, though, for a moment that China does not want to seize that opportunity. It does, according to this article shared by Mr. C.S.:

There are two sets of paragraphs in this article that are worth pondering. These from the beginning:

While incoming president Donald Trump accused China of currency manipulation, among others, during the campaign, China is offering the necessary funding and engineering know-how to build bridges of friendship in America as part of its global New Silk Road and Maritime Silk Road economic outreach programs.

Yes, the offer does look like the absence of tit-for-tat counter-sanctions from Putin after Obama’s “kitchen diplomacy,” i.e. stupid kicking out of 35 Russian diplomats.

But fixing America, and make it great again, require Donald Trump to be bold. That’s because the Khazarian Cult doesn’t want to get any American leader to cozy up with Asia, as that would mean peace in the region. Very bad for the arms business.

And this from the end:

Trump wants to spend $1 trillion on infrastructure upgrades in America to rebuild the nation and put people back to work. The problem is how to pay for it and how to do it. China knows how to fund and carry out serious infrastructure building, and deep-pocketed Chinese investors want to invest billions more in America. One way for Trump to realize his plan would be to use Chinese funds and technology. This would help return some of America’s investment in China back to America for the benefit of America, and strengthen the bilateral relationship. Trump’s plan to rebuild America is bold, but it remains to be seen if he will be bold enough to do what is best for America.

If one looks at the current yuan-dollar rates, and the strong dollar itself, this idea may not seem as farfetched as it first sounds, for it affords Mr. Trump an opening to place trade and development in terms of a comprehensive negotiation strategy in the Pacific, inclusive not only of China but other rising Pacific and Asian economies.  And for China it may represent an opportunity to lessen the growing tensions between the two powers. If such a thing does emerge in the coming year, then expect Taiwan not only to be a subject of discussion, but perhaps even to be involved. After all, Taiwan is a major banking and financial hub in the Pacific. And letting our high octane speculation run amok for a few more moments, one might even go so far as to say that even American (and hence Japanese) participation in China's Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank might itself be up for reconsideration.

Against this idea, however, is the question of whether or not Mr. Trump needs Chinese money (or expertise) at all. After all, Japan has already stepped up to the plate, and Japan certainly has both the money and expertise, particularly in high speed rail. After all, Japanese bullet trains have been running smoothly for decades, long before the TGV became a reality in France, and America has yet to see any high speed rail of any sort, unless one counts the northeast rail-passenger corridor, and this is not a nation-wide phenomenon as in Japan. Additionally, as Catherine Fitts has observed, Mr. Trump appears to have put together a team to reshore the offshored money in corporate accounts. (In this respect it's also worth recalling an investment move of Mr. Warren Buffet in recent months, buying heavily into railroads... perhaps he knew something long before everyone else.)

All of this, of course, falls again under that rubric of "time will tell", and how Mr. Trump deals with China, and what he says about China, will be a huge clue as to his intentions.

See you on the flip side...

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Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".


  1. henry on January 21, 2017 at 10:14 am

    @”Don’t think, though, for a moment that China does not want to seize that opportunity. It does, according to this article shared by Mr. C.S.:”

    Unfortunately, “fake news” like this doesnt serve well as basis for any speculation on possible “warming up of relations” between Trump’s administration and China.

    one would have thought other neglected facts such as Betsy Devos’s brother, former Blackwater boss Erik Prince is now “working for the Chinese”, might have a better chance at it, then again, those from “Trumpland” might get spooked to find out that Trump is actually a “Chinese puppet”, and all of them are part of the “NWO”…

    but, since i have alluded on how the “traitor Russian” was serving the interests of weather manipulating Rothschild “gods” during NATO invasion of Libya back in 2011, and compared the Chinese investment in yesterday’s Libya to the Chinese investment in today’s Pakistan, through the “flagship project” of the OBOR(One Belt One Road initiative), CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor).

    and before absorbing some of the newest geopolitical developments into one’s consideration, one might need to travel back in time, and remember that the Germans, more precisely, Angela Merkel’s Germany was ridiculed for not joining its NATO allies in their military adventure into Gaddafi’s Libya.

    and lets also not forget, Germany and France were making efforts to bypass the Americans and tried to defuse the situation in Ukraine, that the German defense ministry even claimed they could not fulfill their obligation to NATO, and as a head of state, Angela Merkel was among the very few EU member countries that visited Moscow to pay tribute to WW2 during Russia’s “Victory Day” celebration back in 2015, whereas majority of the Western/EU leaders boycotted it.

    now, with that in mind, lets see what’s just happened in those “negligible” yet significant geopolitical developments

    the interesting part of this German announcement is the timing itself, the move came right on Donald Trump’s inauguration day,
    it came against the backdrop of the Chinese promoting their OBOR at Davos World Economic Forum recently held in Switzerland where the Chinese president has attended for the first time,
    and against the backdrop of India holding its Raisina Dialogue 2017 at the meantime, where Narendra Modi’s government not only strongly opposed CPEC, but also termed the entire OBOR initiative as ” unilateral” move by China.

    but also, against the backdrop of the fact that India has just secretly bought 3 billions worth of weapons from “two countries” that just happened to be “involved” in the 2016 U.S. election,
    (think about the “collaboration” between RT and Wikileaks before and after U.S election and their tireless efforts in promoting and legitimizing Donald Trump)
    as most of the shipments are being airlifted from “Israel” and “Russia” to India.

    and that’s exactly why, not only the timing of this German “official annoucement” of its possible participation in CPEC was interesting, but also the fact that such announcement was made by the German ambassador to Pakistan after meeting with Pakistan’s National Security adviser Lt General Nasser Khan Janjua, and German Defense Attache’, Colonel Klaus Wilhelm who was accompanying the ambassador,
    was he only there to serve as a “bodyguard” for her, or something more profound, given the context of the geopolitical situation and the military buildups, especially that Germans may have a stake in this area of the world in the near future.

    Here is the thing, when David Wilcock and Corey Goode tried to convince the public that Donald Trump is the “anti-Cabal” candidate, the people “elected” president, they were not completely misguiding their readers since its probably true FBI did cooperate with the Russians in helping Trump to win, and David Wilcock was also correct to say Russia is part of the “Earth Alliance”(which is called “Eastern Alliance” according to Cobra),
    but what they missed and failed to investigate is the Chinese side of this equation, which makes it difficult if not impossible for David Wilcock to explain to his readers,
    “if Donald Trump is indeed working with the Alliance to overthrow the Cabal, then why is he friendly towards one pillar of such Alliance, i.e. Russia, but hostile towards another pillar of that Alliance, i.e. China?”

    why Trump supporters from so called “alternative/free media” in the West, like David Wilcock, isnt paying attention to not only Trump’s but also FBI’s “mob connection”, and that of the Russian mafia role in all of this, which are part of a world wide criminal underworld that may have played a part in the assassination of J.F.K., among many other things?

    those are the basics, yet there is completely different “dimension” to look at the 2016 U.S. election as well, and by “dimension”, i mean literally “dimension”.

    But when deeply brainwashed/programmed people only see Dalai lama as a symbol of peace and Chinese suppression instead of a Vatican/Nazi/CIA asset serving as cognitive infiltration agent against not only the Chinese, but against human consciousness at large.
    (see how his “holiness” used his influence to “promote” Donald Trump as well)

    when people are so clueless and brainwashed to the degree of not grasping the basics in geopolitical reality, then how can they begin to see another “dimension” in what’s going on at all.

    The “machine”, on the other hand, does not see events on this planet in a linear fashion like human perception do, for the “Samaritan AI”, its a very long term game, and its so massive on scale, no human can possibly to begin to comprehend its finest details.

    Now, this is what Netanyahu said after U.N. resolution 2334 was adopted,
    “The decision taken at the U.N. yesterday was part of the swan song of the old world biased against Israel,” Netanyahu said.
    “We are entering a new era and as the President-elect Trump said yesterday, this is going to happen much quicker than people think. In this new era there is a high price for those trying to harm Israel,” he said

    and on January 15, 2017, the “Paris Peace Conference” was attended by 70 countries to reinforce resolution 2334, and this is what Netanyahu said after,
    “This conference is among the last twitches of the world of yesterday,” Netanyahu told a cabinet meeting on Sunday. “Tomorrow will look different and that tomorrow is very close.”

    a Jewish Rabbi leading the religious reading for Donald Trump’s inauguration, and words like “Zion” and “river of Babylon” in his “blessing”,
    not to mention Donald Trump’s “sudden” threat of imposing 35% tariffs to German car manufacturers, came right after the “Paris Peace Conference” aimed at pressuring Israel.

    so Germany has just used her ambassador to Pakistan to send a “message” to the ones that are arming India to pose military threat to CPEC, and a “rejection” of Modi’s claim of the OBOR as an “unilateral” initiative.
    (and one wonders why Cobra recently said “Modi is no longer working for the Light”)

    at the meantime, she’s now the “target” of the same “polularist movement” that helped Trump to “win” the 2016 U.S. election.

    but there is, like i said, another “dimension” to whats going on geopolitically as well, say Jesus Christ once studied in what is today’s Ladakh and kashmir, if a war broke out between the three nuclear armed states of India, Pakistan and China, it would be sparked from this region of the world, a birth place of “the Christ consciousness”,
    and you think thats just a coincidence too?

  2. henry on January 12, 2017 at 1:08 am

    “Similar lights were filmed over China 30 minutes before the Sichuan quake in 2008.”

    @”Israel ‘Stay strong, January 20 is coming”.

    between the strange “earthquake lights” appearing over the night sky of Christchurch and Donald Trump’s “make Israel happy again” tweet,
    was the UN Resolution 2334 adopted on 23 December 2016, concerning the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory including “East Jerusalem”, which was put forward by New Zealand, and Israel has since then described it to the New Zealand foreign minister as “a declaration of war”,

    the same day Donald Trump “won” the 2016 U.S. election, Russian prime minister Dmitry Medvedev just happened to be in Israel where he told the Israelis, his country has “a special relation” with Israel, and “recognizes Israel’s rights to Jerusalem”, echoing the newly “elected” U.S. President Donald Trump’s plan of relocating U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, showing “solidarity with Israel”,

    back in 2011, Dmitry Medvedev, who was the Russian President before Putin’s re-election in 2012, was reportedly being called “a traitor” by the Russian ambassador to Libya Vladimir Chamov, which happened hours before the voting at the UN Security Council’s session on Libya.
    the very same year NATO military invasion drove the Chinese out of the Libya just as China was investing heavily in the country, Evelyn de Rothschild was in China talking about “international financial order” and “weather prediction”, amid the confinement of IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn and a worst in decades draught hitting Central-West China.

    now, what preceded the “Christmas present” Kremlin received in the form of downing the Tu-154 plane thus killing its renowned military choir and dance band, was the cold-blooded murder of its ambassador to Turkey, what came after, was Pakistan’s threat of using its nuclear weapons to retaliate against Israel, apparently a response to Israel’s warning in which Israel claimed “it would launch a nuclear attack against Pakistan if the country deployed troops into Syria”, which turned out to be a misunderstanding caused by a “fake news”,

    like Muammar Gaddafi’s Libya back in 2011, Pakistan has now became another country where the Chinese are currently investing heavily in, the CPEC(China Pakistan Economic Corridor) project involving the building of roads and railways, energy grid, economic zones etc and the strategic utilization of Gwadar port, all busy under construction in the country, regarded by the Chinese as “flagship project of the OBOR”(One Belt One Road initiative),

    2016 saw the “victory” of Paul Craig Roberts’s “Trump the Great” in U.S, the same year also saw the disunity and “disintegration” of the BRICS group, first its Brazil’s political coup against Dilma Rousseff, Zuma’s South Africa(the regional centre of BRICS development Bank) is in turmoil, Russia’s “Westernizers” cutting deals with Israel and “beyond Israel” especially in regard to the U.S. election, while India openly sided itself with America(not to mention the puppet governments in Kabul and Tokyo) with the signing of LEMOA (Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement), effectively allowing American military projection into the South Asian sub-continent.

    as Ashton Carter vows America’s “prolonged military presence in Afghanistan”, Putin’s Moscow wasted no time to host the December “security meeting on Afghanistan situation” with China and Pakistan, the first of its kind was in Beijing, then Islamabad,
    at the same time, Kremlin’s special envoy to Afghanistan was quoted by Turkish media saying American presence in the country was to keep eyes on nuclear capable states like Iran, Paskistan, China and Russia in the region, in other words, conflict of interests with these states, which is exactly why India was not invited to the meeting, along with the puppet Kabul government, the latter lodged a complaint of its exclusion in such trilateral security meeting,

    as Moscow has decided to integrate its EAEU(Eurasian Economic Union) with China’s OBOR,
    (this is the Kamaz Truck #315 that was especially noted by Putin during his reception of the 2016 Silk Way Rally in the Kremlin, has both Russian and Chinese for the phrase “One Belt One Road”)

    the “Silk Road” project becomes Russia’s potential “strategic interests” as well(think about Russian claim of potential 40 countries joining its EAEU, with inclusion of ASEAN states), that in part is what last year’s joint Sino-Russian naval exercise in the South China Sea was for, since the “Maritime Silk Road” goes right through the troubled SCS area,
    “One Belt” are the land portion of the “Silk Road” of which CPEC is the “flagship”, that’s why Russia is “distancing” itself from increasingly “pro-America” and “pro-Israel” India, on the other hand Moscow has steadily increased its ties with Pakistan, on matters of defense, economic/energy cooperation and security issues, also the use of Gwadar port, as Modi’s India is slowing drifting back to its pre-BRICS member state status, where Yevgeny Primakov’s Eurasian strategic triangle of “Russia, China and India” is risking been replaced with the strategic triangle of “India, America and Israel”,

    though even the editorial of Globaltimes was also “naive” to think the recent meeting between China’s e-commerce tycoon Jack Ma and U.S. president-elect Donald Trump, is a sign of possible “warming up of relations” between the two countries, what it failed to report and relate to is something that just “happened to be happened” only days before this unannounced meeting took place in Trump Tower in New York, are reports on the discovery of serious security risk with Alipay, Alibaba’s main financial electronic tool, prone to hacks that could change login passwords,

    which leads to the “2015 Tianjin explosions”, nuclear attack of the Chinese port city of Tianjin that “shut down” the Chinese supercomputer located about a mile away from the blast centre, and the “super-computer/intelligence” located inside the JP Morgan Chase Bank in New York thats in control of the NSA’s global surveillance program, its “real purpose” is to spy on everyone and everything on the planet in order to “control timeline” since the killing of JFK and the “victory” of Donald Trump are “happening at the same time”, needless to say manipulating global electronic financial system, the “Shanghai stocks crash” happened just before the Tianjin port attack, and later, the occurrence of simultaneous stock market fluctuations that was quoted by media in the West as indicator of China’s crashing economy and imminent coming of global financial crisis worse than the 2008 one, except it didnt happen, and stocks and funds investment accounts less than 20%, whereas bank deposits accounts for 60% for the Chinese family with their good saving tradition, and that’s exactly where the recent revealed Alipay security risk matters,

    and James Woolsey,former CIA director and senior adviser to Trump, has just resigned from Trump’s transition team, amid frustrations over the incoming administration’s national security plans and Trump’s public comments undermining the intelligence community.
    James Woolsey was actually the one that not long after Trump’s “Victory”, proposed that America could support the OBOR(with conditions attached), now, the pro-Israel son in law of Trump, Jared Kushner’has been named “special advisor”, just as James Woolsey has left Trump’s team at the meantime, is no coincidence ofcourse.

    Donald Trump is not getting the Mexicans to fund his border wall, all bluff, he might as well ask the Chinese to fund his “Great Wall”, since the Chinese has the money and the expertise in building these things, except only a ignorant person really think they would support such project, since “Silk Road” is about build bridges not walls,
    the difference between the two parties is simply too great, in fact complete opposite of each other, continued conflicts of interests is an assured thing, and overwhelming signs are pointing toward the possibility of “increased escalation”, not otherwise.

    “Trump” is no doubt a puppet of Israel and beyond, most definitely strings attached, and that’s what NSA is here for too, besides the Israelis, the Russians might have a share of embarrassing information on him as well, a Cabinet made up of Wall Street billionaires and military hawks, big oil interest as secretary of state, former Mossad chief and liasion for AIPAC in the mix, this is a recipe for war, in fact this secret WW3 has been ongoing for years now, the disappearance of MH370 should serve well as a reminder of that fact.

    one last thing about the “Silk Road” is, it stretches all the way from the Pacific to the Atlantic, and encompasses such diverse cultures that are supposedly on collision course towards the “clash of civilizations”, that should ring some bells…

    and not the kind thats stuck with the idea of NWO, and its variants like “One World Order”, is coming, an exclusive phenomenon to the West just like the grey aliens abduction of humans is, a grand psychological campaign instead of grand global design, brainwashed to the degree of incapable of deeper and greater understanding of things, while no one else along the trade routes except those in the West think like that.

    • henry on January 13, 2017 at 6:21 pm

      @”The reals reason why Daesh could retake Palmyra was infiltration very high in the Russian military command. Embarrassed, Russian analysts gave their own explanation why that happened:

      They forgot that simple computer vector analysis of photos from powerful Russian spy satellites would easily discover a group converging to a single point.

      The Cabal wants to also infiltrate other BRICS countries as well, and they are behind drastic war on cash in India:

      The most dangerous of all is Kissinger’s strategy to side with Russia against China through Trump, attempting to break the Eastern Alliance:

      Many people are beginning to understand that Trump is just a puppet and his policy is orchestrated by invisible handlers from behind the scenes.”

      Cobra’s newest intel completely validates my own assessment of the geopolitical situation of this world.

      as the newest article by William Engdahl on Trump as “backdoor man” of Henry Kissinger and his shenanigans targeting China, Russia and Iran, also align with that assessment.

      good thing, not everyone is deaf, blind and clueless.

    • henry on January 18, 2017 at 3:00 pm

      @”And letting our high octane speculation run amok for a few more moments, one might even go so far as to say that even American (and hence Japanese) participation in China’s Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank might itself be up for reconsideration.”

      @”All of this, of course, falls again under that rubric of “time will tell”, and how Mr. Trump deals with China, and what he says about China, will be a huge clue as to his intentions.”

      @”James Woolsey was actually the one that not long after Trump’s “Victory”, proposed that America could support the OBOR(with conditions attached), now, the pro-Israel son in law of Trump, Jared Kushner’has been named “special advisor”, just as James Woolsey has left Trump’s team at the meantime, is no coincidence ofcourse.”

      i forgot to mention, James Woolsey also said “US opposition to AIIB was a ‘strategic mistake’ “, that he expected a “much warmer” response from Trump to China’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative.

      now, since James Woolsey has already left Trump’s team, when it comes to such discussion on the possibility of America’s participation in AIIB, one might say “its already been told”, rather than “time will tell”.

      @”between the strange “earthquake lights” appearing over the night sky of Christchurch and Donald Trump’s “make Israel happy again” tweet,
      was the UN Resolution 2334 adopted on 23 December 2016, concerning the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory including “East Jerusalem”, which was put forward by New Zealand, and Israel has since then described it to the New Zealand foreign minister as “a declaration of war”,”

      speaking of the obvious “pro-Israel” characteristics of “Trump presidency” and UN Resolution 2334, one might want to listen to newly appointed U.S. ambassdor to the U.N. Nikki Haley’s take on that Resolution and by large on the UN, especially with regard to its “bias” against Israel, which rather echoes Trump’s AIPAC speech.(do listen to his speech at AIPAC too)

      there have been numerous new developments over the past week, and one has to say none of them points to what this blog is suggesting, unfortunately.

  3. sbda on January 10, 2017 at 10:13 pm

    So what of that corporate re-verve system set up on Hide’s other island? Anyone check on how much re-verves it was able to stack up as evidenced by its annual check ups? I mean, we are the forced feeding steakholders aren’t we? Seems as the many calfers on every Cap’sHill make an aggrevated cream account being sent offshore to keep our debt-clock spinning. Maybe read the fine print in that Oh, mama! Care For No One infraudstructure pogrum that says it transfers publiky surplusies–for a ‘slight’ fee–to the private side of the sun set ocean. Its not all for tower-toplars and warp speedsters.

  4. justawhoaman on January 10, 2017 at 10:41 am

    In the discussion between CAF and JPF, the idea of a civil society brought to light the idea that until we address the issue of morality, whether it be based on the judo-christian model or simple ethics, the power struggle and inherent corruption will continue. When we become truly moral, there is no boogy man and it would not matter whether the projects were funded publicly or privately as the objective of helping others would outweigh privilege. When we can truly look at countries like China and Russia as friends, and not aggressors (of course, we are counting on their change to civilization as well), then we will continue or need for militarization. I personally agree with CAF and JPF that Putin is inviting this change in his Christmas message.

    It is time for the progressives in the US to wake up and recognize that they have fallen for the same Communist claptrap that Putin lived through during his youth in the USSR regime. Ironic, yes, but a message we can not ignore.
    Unless we become a moral civil society, we are done.

  5. DownunderET on January 9, 2017 at 3:11 pm

    Eh what’s not to like here ????? so China wants to do a deal and help the US in building infrastructure projects. You can imagine what the Pentagramaphone thinks about this one. My oh my, our second biggest “ENEMY” will be helping the US out of the doldrums. The msm will be all over this one if it comes off, well the msm can say all they want, the American people have woken from a very deep sleep, and the msm has been put to bed,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,AMEN……….RIP………MSM.

  6. Kita on January 9, 2017 at 1:29 pm

    Erm, what’s up with that illustration? It looks pretty blatantly hostile to Trump, not like the usual (sometimes unusual) but far more neutral graphics that accompany the blog posts. One might think there’s a silent agenda sneaking into things.

    • Joseph P. Farrell on January 9, 2017 at 2:51 pm

      Those graphics are, to my knowledge, randomly chosen. I do not chose them. I only write the blogs.

    • Don B on January 9, 2017 at 2:57 pm

      Agree. Trying to be to cute by half, maybe?? We can get that from nbc(nothing but crap) or msnbc (mainly saying nothing but crap).

      • Joseph P. Farrell on January 9, 2017 at 3:03 pm

        Agreed. I have queried the web developer on this… needless to say I didn’t really pay attention to the graphic until Kita brought it to my attention.

        • Giza Developer on January 9, 2017 at 3:50 pm

          No agenda. I do wish we’d stop letting that be the first word out of our mouths when something looks askew, just like “big brother” shouldn’t be our first recourse whenever the website breaks. It stops losing all credibility when it’s a constant crying of wolf.

          The images are automatic (by category) until once/week our admin updates them with images selected from free (for commercial use) providers to be closer to the individual post topic. 90% of the time it’s spot on. In this case, there are very few images of DT that are free for commercial use. She’s got a lot to cover, and didn’t apparently look at the background behind DT. I agree it’s not very neutral. So I’m swapping the image now, with one i happen to have, and I let our admin know to pay attention to the backgrounds as well 🙂


    • Robert Barricklow on January 9, 2017 at 6:23 pm

      There is serendipity; and then there is…
      One could go deep and relate this to a living universe
      that communicates instantaneously
      [before measurement/quantum collapse].
      On the other end of the electromagnetic spectrum there could be a rolling mischief algorithm encrypted.

      Or, simply a roll of the dice.

  7. marcos toledo on January 9, 2017 at 12:48 pm

    America is becoming a banana republic like what it has supported around the World for the last hundred years at least. Now if Trump can reverse that trend he could become one of greatest presidents of the USA but he will need outside help probably from China-Russia and Korea-Japan they all hang together or they all hang separately.

  8. Robert Barricklow on January 9, 2017 at 11:35 am

    There are many important factors to be taken into account. But my overall concern is again this ongoing privatization of the public sphere by the private sector. This is a reversion to feudalism. It’s shaping into a 21st Century Toll Booth economy; where everything is owned by the private sector and rented to the public sphere in shape-shifting Toll Booth agendas. These are unaccountable shapes with no recourse. Justice will be mediated by tribunals of some shape or form.
    Appropriate that they dispensed with the president and shaped it into the form of: Donald Trump CEO of USA INC.

    The Rentiers are in charge.
    Unearned income becomes the Master.
    What is sovereignty?
    Consult your history books[written by a subsidiary of USA INC.]

    • Robert Barricklow on January 9, 2017 at 11:48 am

      Absentee Owners RULE!

    • Joseph P. Farrell on January 9, 2017 at 2:42 pm

      This is precisely one of my concerns: there’s no middle ground here: is that team being set up for a piratization? or a genuine rebuilding? Both are possible.

      • Joseph P. Farrell on January 9, 2017 at 5:15 pm

        By the way Robert, these two scenarios Catherine Fitts and I explored in her last Solari report year end interview, Part One, which is up in the members’ area.

      • Robert Barricklow on January 9, 2017 at 6:31 pm

        Yes, Doctor.
        Like a character in the new book I’m reading: August Snow by Stephen Mack Jones.
        Skittle/Ain’t no damned Information Age no more. That died on 9/11. Next day was the birth of the Infiltration Age.

        Snow thinks to himself/
        Takes a lot to spook Skittles.
        Takes a lot to spook me.
        Guess were both feeling a bit spooked.

        • Robert Barricklow on January 9, 2017 at 6:40 pm

          A humorous missing line in that exchange:
          Dude! I barely got away with my digital nuts!.

    • goshawks on January 9, 2017 at 5:12 pm

      RB: “…ongoing privatization of the public sphere by the private sector. This is a reversion to feudalism.”

      Yep, well said. That is what is hidden in the shadows…

      In some of the old traditions, there was the ‘King Arthurian’ concept that the nobles were beholden to the peasants for their positions. So, the nobles actually ‘supported’ the peasants. They gave back. Camelot.

      The present-day situation is more like a malignant cancer. Certain ‘cells’ have forgotten that they are part of a collective. They are devouring the host, while doing quite well, thank you. We need the global-equivalent of a Rife Machine…

      (The world actually needs a big boost in consciousness, but that is outside of the scope of this blog…)

      • Robert Barricklow on January 9, 2017 at 6:50 pm

        In reality, I’m afraid the nobles aligned with the Kings & Queens to form monopolized corporations like the Bank of England, or the East India Company[what they eventually evolved into].
        And Goshawks, little did they imagine what this financial black magick evolves into[John McMurtry details this cancer in his book/The Cancer Stage of Capitalism]. It is truly wicked. With evolving algorithms and a little interdimensional AI? Were off the races between survival or extinction for humanity.

    • Roger on January 9, 2017 at 8:00 pm

      If a government seizes to provide public utilities, services and infrastructure but still collects taxes then that government becomes a useless liability to society. Governments need to earn their keep in a moral and responsible manner like a non-profit business. They should provide the infrastructure for clean water, power, transportation, and communications but don’t necessarily have to be the providers of the services delivered by the infrastructure. I hear the third world has better, faster and cheaper internet services because the government supplies and maintains the infrastructure of delivery but the content is provided by private owned service providers. Since the infrastructure is on public land it should be city, county, state or federally built and maintained. The water, power, or communication on public utilities should go to whatever company can deliver the best, most reliable and cheapest contract. Monopolies of cable and internet providers must be broken up because it is getting harder and harder for most Americans to afford their services which is getting lousier and less reliable every day. But can I switch to another service provider on my street; no because the cable cartel has given my street to Comcast and the other members of the cable cartel won’t break the cartel deal by running cable down this street in competition with Comcast. Also the cartel fixes prices so even if they did I still wouldn’t get it any cheaper. But if the city, county, or state owned and ran the fiber optics down my street instead of the cheap slow cable the cartels provide and allowed private companies to compete for service delivery I might finally get a better cheaper internet like the third world countries get. Of course the government owners would charge a little for the use of their infrastructure and would earn and work for their keep like everyone else instead of being parasites.

      • Robert Barricklow on January 9, 2017 at 8:58 pm

        If utilities like infrastructure, health care, public banking, communication[public airwaves] and power[to name a few big ones] were public[that is free]; than businesses would benefit on a…

        • Robert Barricklow on January 9, 2017 at 8:58 pm

          competitive global level.

        • Robert Barricklow on January 9, 2017 at 8:59 pm

          reply moderated.
          as predicted by my separated the last few words.

  9. WalkingDead on January 9, 2017 at 10:18 am

    The great majority of people in the USSA fail to realize that this nation is ruled by a separate corporate city/state. Everything in the USSA is up for sale that can be claimed by FedGov and the trend lately has been the claiming of more and more through the BLM with this even extending out to sea. If you closely examine agenda 21 and agenda 2030, this fits in with the wording on the “Georgia Guide Stones” and we already know about those stack and pack, vacant cities in China which they are now force-ably filling with their own people.
    China already has considerable investments in the USSA unbeknownst to most. Their offer to help with our infrastructure could be considered to be a way to protect these investments and even expand on them. Their one road is beginning to look more like that “one world order” and every other use of the word “one” which the elite seem to enjoy using. I wouldn’t think these people have given up on their NWO for a minute, they’re just attempting to bring it about from the East rather than the West, since the “might makes right” effort isn’t working out for them, and the USSA’s current situation has gotten so bad, by design. The short sighted “planning” by our government leadership has played rather well into these plans.

  10. Kahlypso on January 9, 2017 at 10:05 am

    Hmm.. Khazarians again.. Dont know if these are fake, and or filled with propaganda.. But i do believe on seeing every side of a story before making my mind up….

    Now.. If the Khazarian Mafia meets up in Bohemian Grove to indulge in Pedophilic orgies.. It certainly throws into new light Kissinger’s cozy-up to President Elect Trump.
    And his blundering Brinkmanship in trying to force a wedge through China and Russia

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