1. marcos toledo

    If Geert Wilder gets iced while running for office we can go back to the music score of The Godfather movies for the soundtrack of the documentary of his assassination.

  2. Robert Barricklow

    Every time i run in to something like this…
    I hear Gladio bells wringing-out any politicals
    that might upset corrupted to the core apple carts.

  3. “Everyting” can happen in the Netherlands. Look at the “Oranges” . They are corrupt as Hell. I live in the Netherlands and I know a lot of the Royal family.

    This is the best Dutch internet site I know and the administrator knows a lot more then I know. For the people who want more you can translate as you will:
    https://herstelderepubliek.wordpress.com/ (restore the Republic)

    Another site (english):

    1. Lady dashwood

      heel hartelijk bedankt voor de tip van deze twee websites. Altijd goed te weken dat de wereld wakker wordt!! Groetjes, Lady D

  4. We usually think of Holland as a place where “nothing happens” and where people (and multinational corporations) go quietly about their business. It looks as if we have a “second think” coming.

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