1. Kristan Payne

    I follow this channel and enjoyed the parody of a song I treasure. Sadly, the channel received a strike because of this upload and is no longer able to live stream. I am not an expert on YouTube but I think it is 3 strikes and you’re banned.
    Here is the link to the video describing the strike.

  2. Well done, though I still can’t get over how foreign I find the wit and much of the mentality of the millennials, which has been almost entirely formed by immersion in American TV commercials and sitcoms. Not having watched the boob tube for longer than that generation has been alive, I find it rather creepy and pretty scary.

    That said, at least the center (if there is still one) are pretty clear about what they’re facing with these SJW Useful Idiots.

  3. This was a great one, the crest of the Free Press of Kekistan is a sly variant of the arms of the “City of London”!

  4. Fools said I, you do not know,
    Silence like a cancer grows,
    Hear my words that I might teach you.

  5. marcos toledo

    Just wondering what these folks would do with the Man In The Mirror because this was really great Simon and Garfunkel what do you think of this parody.

  6. Really well done, hit all the right buttons … “it’s time to face the mirror” (and still they can’t see it’s ‘projection’ 😉 )

  7. This made my day, so I just had to share it with some friends. Thanks for the link! 😀

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