1. Nobody’s fool. 1995. Paul newman. Jessica tandy. Bruce willis. Genius. We make family everywhere or nowhere. The authors logic is viable. N to a dgree sensible. But by the same logic pizza maniacs like bush’s trumps podestas, clintons, hasterts…. all have no issues n do a stellar job because of their progeny. Ok exclude slik willie. He shoulda been mentioned in that article. Oh yeh. Doesnt sandusky dershowitz and other long lists have wonderful kids too?

    1. So by my logic, the meme is another means 4 mr global to ratchet down the velvet vice on us humans while diverting blame onto well at least a good portion of us humans.

      Btw. Please enjoy bruce willis’ finest werk as he supported an amazing cast, script, story…

  2. Thanks for this artikel. Angela Merkel has no children because she is a man and Mark Rutte is gay. It is well known in the Netherlands.

    Even in education: when a school teacher has no children he or she can not understand the feelings children realy have. We are fighting for a year for that problem. The punishments of children are horrible. Behind closed doors is so much wrong. We had to put a vocerecorder in the pocket of our youngest (6) because the behaviour at home was not good. We ware shocked te hear what the teacher did with him.
    I have to say that not all people without children have the same feelings and behaviour.

  3. My friend is a Navajo and they have a saying about people who conduct themselves recklessly or in a similar fashion, that they are acting like they have no family. I guess this is an example of what they mean …

  4. marcos toledo

    Should anyone be surprised these are the descendants of those who have looked forward to the extermination all of life on Earth. Who believe children, poor people, dark skin, east-Asians are scum who should be destroyed as their holy duty to whatever they worship.

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