1. Joseph, the new book sounds intriguing. Given it is being published by Adventures Unlimited, can I please make an appeal that the book be competently proof-read, with spelling, punctuation and typographical errors fixed before publication. Some of your previous Adventures Unlimited books are very unprofessional in this regard — having regular spelling, punctuation and typographical errors. I have managed the hands-on production of numerous books over the years and, honestly, it’s not that difficult to get these things right. It bothers me that you put so much effort into upholding traditional publishing practices when it comes to citing references, when the books are let down by lack of attention to these other traditional practices — accurate spelling, correct use of punctuation and correct use of typographical characters (e.g. typographer’s quotes, em and en dashes, spaces, etc). In my experience, leaving errors of this kind in a book, only provides ammunition to critics: “Look, he can’t even spell correctly — how can we take his writing seriously”. Your work deserves to be published to a high standard.

  2. ‘Cool’ title! But I’ll be keeping these particular penguins ‘on ice’ until I’ve had a chance to read your other Nazi books; wouldn’t want to come to the topic totally ‘cold’. 🙂

  3. Are penguins secretly running the planet with their telepathic powers? That would explain all the activity in Argentina!

  4. Dang… if I had thought about it long enough I might have guessed the topic (NEVER the title) based on your recent Dark Journalist interview. Ordered! Can’t wait to read it based on the little seeds you scattered during that interview!

  5. Hot Dog!! Ordered!! On top of everything else did Hess have some fetish for penguins??

    Just kidding, couldn’t resist that one!!

  6. Wow! We weren’t even close to guessing the mysterious title or subjects, but it was fun trying 😀 Well done and nice artwork on the cover. Looking forward to this for sure!

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