September 20, 2017 By Joseph P. Farrell

Mention the subject of "weather manipulation" to most people, and they will think you're nuts, or, at best, a "conspiracy theorist." It's not a topic that most people want to consider, for it implies the potential to create and steer destructive storms such as tornadoes and hurricanes. Indeed, I'm one of those who view some recent hurricanes with, to say the least, the "eye of suspicion", not to coin a pun. There was the hurricane heading to New York City before 911, which then niftily and, just in the nick of time too, steered away from New York. Given that I view such storms as electromagnetic phenomena in addition to the usual thermal explanations, and given that I think a variety of mechanisms were in play in the destruction of the Twin Towers on that day, including the possibility of some exotic energy weaponry, that particular storm's behavior was not surprising. But then again, what do I know? I'm just a hack from South Dakota.

But then there was Katrina, and like most people, I watched as the storm tracked westward through the Gulf of Mexico, and then, as it came to the same longitude as New Orleans, make a very un-hurricane-like 90 degree turn north, and the rest was sad and destructive history. What really grabbed my attention, however, was not that sharp turn, but rather, the various videos that storm watchers posted on YouTube, showing a sudden drop of the jet stream southward toward New Orleans as Katrina made her sharp turn. It was as if some one was not only steering the storm, but also that someone else was trying to steer it away from the city and its environs. A moment's research into the HAARP patents, for example, will show that among the proposed "uses" for the technology was a weather manipulation component, for by raising (heating) the atmosphere, one could create areas of low pressure and, by "targeting and steering them", manipulate the course of weather systems and by implication, since low pressure systems are associated with storms, perhaps manipulate both their intensity and course as well.

Then we've recently seen Harvey and Irma. Again, while hurricanes have been known to "linger" over an area, or even to move away and "come back" for a second go all by themselves, when one considers the existence of such technologies, one at least has to maintain the possibility that these storms might be steered. After all, as I've pointed out before, ever since Mr. Globaloney came up with the idea of weather derivatives, one has to wonder why they did it. Answer: weather derivatives are a nice thing to have around particularly when one can control, or at least steer, the weather to a certain extent. It's the ultimate insiders' trading mechanism, especially since most people don't think in terms of weather control.

Well, it's one thing when I or anyone else talks about weather manipulation, but quite a different matter when someone like Dr. Michio Kaku, one of the brains in the brain trust that created string theory and M-theory or "brane" theory (short for membrane theory) in quantum physics, gets on television and talks about weather modification using lasers to ionize the atmosphere and create the seeds for rain, since water vapor will attract to these ions. Here's a short clip from CBS news shared by Mr. N.: (copy and paste into your browser): http://thefreethoughtproject.com/cbs-weather-modification-scientist/

One has to give Dr. Kaku kuddos for having the guts to appear on a major television network and calmly talk about one such technique for weather manipulation. It's not something one can imagine most scientists - particularly of his stature - would be willing to do. It sounds "crazy" and indeed, from the reaction of the interviewers, one can see that they're simply a bit incredulous over the idea; over and over again they say these technologies "allegedly" exist, and Dr. Kaku, courteous as ever, is willing to play their game, but he knows better.

It's a reality.

What caught my ears was his reference to using lasers to create channels for electricity in the atmosphere - that's lightning, folks - and indeed, I've heard of these types of experiments before from Dr. John Brandenburg, with whom I had the pleasure of speaking at the 2015 Secret Space Program conference. We're all accustomed to thinking of lightning as this fantastic - and at times - scary random phenomenon that creates beautiful lacy patterns during a storm, or that splits the big tree in our back yard. What Dr. Kaku just implied in this interview was that one might be able to steer lightning itself through those ionized channels created by very powerful lasers.

Gee... I wonder why they're interested in that?

See you on the flip side...