Cosmic Warfare


September 5, 2017 By Joseph P. Farrell

Every now and then I get an article that is so "out there" in terms of its assertions that I simply have to comment, and this (very lengthy) "article" shared by Mr. C.S. is one of those cases. Indeed, it is so strange, and so detailed that I cannot help but intuit that it is one of those "drop ins" that the intelligence and psyops people occasionally resort to on the internet, both to dye the waters and to see where it goes. This story is so outlandish, and raises so many issues, that I have to comment about it, in spite of the fact that it is a case of "whistleblower" testimony. Normally I utterly avoid such sources for obvious reasons, lest this website be consumed with a lot of idle chatter about blue chickens and other nonsensical azure aviary or "Mars gates" and the fluff that makes the exofantasy rounds.  Rest assured that if the reader, when finished reading this article, has a thousand and one misgivings and caveats, I have them too.

With all that in mind, here's what Mr. C.S. found:

As one can see, it's a full twenty-five pages in length when printed off without the additional comments (where it comes in at an incredible 61 pages). There is no date, so far as I can tell, for this piece, but judging by the comments, most of which occurred in 2010, one might assume that 2010 was the year of the posting.

Whether one accepts this article at face value, or even if one assumes it is a sort of "drop in" and deliberately created "limited hangout" position, the thesis it suggests is quite breathtaking, and I am going to do my best to elaborate and paraphrase a formal thesis statement from the contents of the article:

Thesis: Those who have argued through the years that NASA has been "doctoring" photographs from other celestial bodies, especially Mars, are correct. This has been enabled by the very secret development and deployment of quantum entanglement communications technologies, which allow censors a "first" and "nearly instantaneous look" at planetary surfaces, which can be distorted by algorithms using the same entangelment process, before such images are transmitted to Earth via "normal" radio and television signals at much slower light speed.

Corollary: Part of the secret space program has been reliant on entanglement communications.

Now, of course, there's a certain silly segment out there talking about Mars gates and blue chickens or peacocks or whatever, but the article itself is all nuts and bolts, and I am going to select certain passages from the otherwise lengthy article to illustrate how the "argument" (or, for that matter, the "disinformation") has been put together:

1) The two NASA employees begin to notice strange code in the Mars rover programs accessing devices unknown to them:

"He then began to walk those sections of code. Sure enough the code was different, and very oddly so. The code dumped from the rover included function calls referring to a device accessed via the VME interface (similar to a computer’s PCI slot) which Rich did not know about."

2) The code appeared to be executed during data transmissions to Earth:

"It looked as if this code was executed when the telecom package was instructed to transmit data back to Earth. The raw, experimental data files on flash memory would be passed to this mystery code where they would then be sent to this mystery device."

3) How was the transmission made if not through the rover's UHF(ultra-low-frequency) antenna, and who was the transmission intended for?

"If the radio wasn’t using the UHF antenna, then it was most likely using the HGA(Ed. note: high gain antenna) to reach earth directly. This idea had a few powerful arguments in favor of it. The bandwidth possible with the high gain antenna was much less than that via the UHF antenna, and we knew the data being sent was also much less. Also, the dual transmissions could be explained as a safeguard, a redundancy. Packet loss from one transmission (via HGA or UHF) could be filled in with the reduced resolution portions from the second HGA transmission. But then we realized something that perhaps was most compelling from the human point of view. Humans are impatient beings, and sending the second transmission with thumbnails either before or somehow coincident with the primary HGA signal would allow more time for decisions to be made in planning nextersol(sic). But if that was the case, who was receiving those images and experiment data?"

4) The "who" quickly turned out to be someone in the quantum sciences department of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory:

"Items in the home directory and the user’s shell history pretty conclusively showed the account was owned by someone in JPL’s Quantum Sciences and Technology Group."

5) Careful comparison of the "time stamps" of the data indicated serious discrepancies in the time it took to transmit the data, far less time than under normal radio - light speed - communications, and this led the "discoverers" of the anomaly to consider quantum entanglement as a basis of the transmissions:

"As I drew the line on my graph out, it crossed at roughly the t=0 mark, meaning that the first bit of data transmitted would have been received very soon after the rover could have begun transmitting, certainly far sooner than the distance from Mars would have allowed. Clearly some piece of data I had was wrong; the time might be wrong, my bandwidth estimate might be wrong, the transmission and reception times I had found might have been wrong, or our reading of the rover’s mystery radio code had been wrong about the simultaneity of transmission. I’d hit a road block, I didn’t have the information or access I needed to do more.

"While I had been working this timestamp data and looking up and reviewing transmission and reception times, Rich had decompiled and analyzed some executables he’d found in the user directory that held the deleted mystery thumbnails. I told him my situation. I was stuck, and I must have made a mistake. He stopped, paused a second or two, turned to me and said, “What do you know about entangled particles?” he asked. “No!” I said, my eyes wide."

6) Conventional physics does not allow information transfer at faster than light speed, leading the "discoverers" to entertain the possibility of entirely different principles of physics may be in play:

"Two particles can have their quantum states entangled such that a change to the quantum state of one creates an instantaneous change in the other. But if conventionally accepted quantum mechanics is to be believed, the word instantaneous in the previous sentence is grossly misleading. While the quantum state is instantaneously transmitted, most in modern physics believe that you cannot actually read the information being passed via the quantum states without decoding it using information which can only be conveyed via another non-instantaneous (light speed limited) channel. It’s a bizarre paradox; the information is instantly there at some remote location, but not instantly interpretable(sic). Conventionally accepted quantum physics would seem to put the kibosh on using quantum teleportation to transmit data faster than light. But what if the conventional thinking was wrong?"

7) Analysis of the data transmissions revealed heavy use of terms from quantum physics, seemingly corroborating their "entanglement communications" hypothesis:

"I peered over his shoulder and between all the normal context-less random drivel of strings meant for dialogs or common library references were suggestive words like, “quantum”, “entangle”, “superpos”, “qubit”, “superdense”. These were all words that clearly fit within the quantum teleportation lexicon. For example, a qubit is a quantum bit, that is a 0 or 1 stored via a particle’s quantum state rather than on magnetic media or on traditional memory."

8) The system had been put into place to review, and alter, data transmissions before they could be made and publicly accessed by more conventional means:

"Given what we had realized about the remote deletions, these corruptions must be introduced here on earth, not as the result of transient interference of the signal on their way to Earth. The corruptions must be occurring after the signal was received by the DSN but before it was made generally available to the scientists or the archive. Why would someone be trying to effectively remove data from these images? We stared at the related thumbnails for quite some time without seeing anything absolutely unusual; one did have a mildly interesting rock that was obliterated by the artificially induced blackness, and another had a region of disrupted soil that seemed interesting."

"The issue of who was using this faster than light radio and why were they using it to apparently censor rover images, those were the only questions that seemed truly relevant any more."

What intrigues me about this article is, as I said, the "feel" of being a "drop in," and "drop ins" are only as effective as the elements of truth and detail in them. And this is, as one can see, a very detailed article. In fact, that very detail might be the "hook" that gets people to sign on with an otherwise "over the top scenario." It is, like all stories of this nature, difficult if not impossible to verify. We're offered no screenshots, no links, no documentation. We're offered a story, albeit a detailed and sophisticated one, one fortunately lacking blue chickens, Mars gates, secret vacations to Mars with Mr. Obama, and an endless amount of hypnotic regressions and quadropole personalities and "the real truth" about Antarctica.

This story, by comparison, is much more bland, and what intrigues one about it is that there is a bit of public corroboration, at least, of its bare outlines, which involve space-based quantum communication to securely transmit information; the Chinese have recently done proof-of-concept experiments in precisely this manner, suggesting that they might, indeed, intend such systems for their space program.

See you on the flip side...