Germany is in the midst of its federal election cycle, with the election happening later this month. Chancellorin Merkel has a 10-15 point lead, and her own Foreign Minister, Sigmar Gabriel, of the Social Democrats, raises the issue of nuclear weapons. What's going on? Joseph offers his usual high octane speculations:

German Foreign Minister joins calls to withdraw US nukes from the country


  1. Robert Barricklow

    This vernacular of nukes is more a weapon of mass detraction. Keep your eyes earthbound; while, in this case it’s really a Bugs bunny answer/question:
    What’s up Doc?[space].
    Like the asteroid post, or the hurricane post; or, the bankster suicides. There are answers w/in the secrets they purposely distract the people from questioning:
    Space Technological Weapons. Weaponized Weather. Financial Terrorism. Weaponized Immigration. Technological Censorship Algorithms deployed by Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other wannabe mass socialized engineers. In other words, they’ve moved generations beyond the 1950’s; while engineering our culture back towards a feudalistic presence.
    Let’s herein leverage the few like us, for the benefit of the many. Because, it has always been that way; when you steadily put forces in motion that embody what people believe is good for themselves and their children.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      The worrisome thing about these latest generation nukes is that state actors; or, their counterparts[extra-state actors] will deploy them towards a full spectrum dominance solution.

  2. In one respect, Putin’s atti tude [hah!] of restraint is finally paying off. Old fears stemming from post-WWII “Warsaw Pact” occupation are slowly dissipating, as Russia is provoked time-and-again and remains restrained. This is finally trickling-down to the merchant class of Germany (and Western Europe). Those profit-minded groups are slowly moving toward seeing NATO as a true Cold War relic, with it’s ‘Us versus Them’ reason-for-being.

    This atti tude is leading towards an independent Germany, with the removal of American nukes being the spear-tip of this ‘movement’. Once the nukes are gone, there will be subtle but sustained pressure to remove American occup – excuse me, defensive – forces from Germany. Only then will the merchants be satisfied.

    I see Germany overtly-deploying thermonuclear weapons. This is not as any kind of war preparations. The Germans know that large-yield thermonuclear weapons have made charging-across-Europe warfare impossible. Thermonuclear weapons simply give a nation the option to say “No” and have it respected. (If Muammar al-Qaddafi had pursued nukes with the zeal of Kim Jong-un, he might still be alive and Libya unspoiled. I think the Germans have internalized this ‘lesson’ from recent history.)

    As far as Ms Merkel and the Federal election, do the Germans use the equivalent of Diebold voting machines?

  3. How in the world could the German people re-elect Frau Merkel again. Her immigration policy has created nothing but trouble, I think a majority of Germans are hoping she will lose, but then again there is that Madrid Circular……THANG.

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