October 1, 2017 By Joseph P. Farrell

In the movie adaptation of Isaac Asimov's classic science fiction yarn, I, Robot, starring Will Smith, robots of approximately the same size as humans "live" and "interact" with human society, and one of them, named "Sonny," actually "wakes up" and becomes a fully-self-aware conscious being, a person. While the possibilities of that are endlessly debated, what concerns me today is an article shared by Mr. T.M., and it reminded me of something else those robots in the movie do.

At a certain point, all the robots come under the control of an evil artificial intelligence named VICKI, and at this juncture, the robots began tossing their human counterparts around like Tinker-Toys and Lincoln Logs and Legos. Though more or less the same size, the humans were not nearly as physically strong as their robotic counterparts, which made resistance to VICKI and her evil machinations rather difficult, since all that VICKI had to do was remain secure in her AI lair, and order all her robots to do her bidding.

Well, the story of physically super-strong robots may no longer be just a figment of Isaac Asimov's imagination, according to this article shared by Mr. T.M.:

3D printed synthetic muscle is up to three times stronger than human tissue

There it is, folks, artificial, non-biological "synthetic muscle" whose lifting capacity is... well, disturbing: