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October 2, 2017 By Kelly Em

Thomas Bearden, a former U.S. Colonel and physicist of a high order, wrote about the relationship of unified (meaning: including gravity) hyper-dimensional physics and its relationship to biological systems. As part of the intelligentsia, Dr. Bearden is a serious outlier, who was given the “fringe treatment” that awaits anyone who steps outside the orthodoxy of the established narrative and tells a different tale.

The basic idea, outlined by Joseph Farrell in his book, Secrets of the Unified Field, is that the material world is largely the result of a special kind of electromagnetic templating that determines the design and function of systems of all kinds in the real world. Bearden was in great agreement with the work of the Russian scientists, who determined in clever and far-reaching experiments that analogical states could be transmitted from one system to another using something called “infolding the potential.” Potential refers to magnitudes of “stuff” that have no dimensions, sometimes referred to as “scalar”  Infolding is to a layman, merely the application of subtle arrangements of energy that are “tucked into” a physical system. By analogical, what I mean is that a state of “health” or “illness” are infolded into animals by way of complex templates, or gratings, that include this “infolded” information.

One of the frightening things about this is its potential to be misused. Another concern is the fact that people are avoiding understanding it, which only increases the potential for misuse.

Joseph Farrell stated in a recent gathering of his website members, called a “vidchat”, that he did not believe in the idea presented by Elena Freeland that humanity could be fenced in completely using scalar technology; that it was his view that humanity included within each being non-local consciousness that could only be temporarily derailed through these methods. That idea struck me as sound and I began thinking about spiritual systems in other cultures and their relationship to manipulations by scientific materialists.

What can we ourselves do to preserve our natural independence?

As an analogy, consider Ormus or monatomic gold. Gold as a metal is normally found with two atoms of gold joined together; a shiny metal with important properties. If that bond can be broken, one is left with a single atom of gold. The act of conversion makes nearly 40% of the mass of the gold disappear! Part of that gold is here, and another part of it is “somewhere else.” Convert it back to metallic gold and voile! All the missing mass is restored. Where did it go? How did it come back?  This hyperdimensional reality beyond standard measurement proves there is another layer beyond our four-space experience.

It is that uncanny "non-place" that protects beings from various kinds of spiritual and material manipulation.

Central to Mayahana Buddhism, for example, is the idea of buddha nature. Buddha nature exists in all humans. It can’t be burned away. It can only be obscured. Buddha nature describes a state of the full human mind open and available to its proper extent, like a lotus flower fully open.  It is a core buddhist cosmological axiom that every single human mind or “soul” is already fully enlightened in its core, and therefore that core is immune to interference, only to obfuscation of its outer layers, like a stage curtain pulled across the front of the set, blocking the view.

Central to middle and middle eastern concepts is the idea of the soul, also apart from the body, linked into it at the moment of conception, and ejecting out of it at the moment of death. The soul is in constant relationship to God whether the individual is aware of it or not, because the soul is the “divine spark” which is what the Christian expression “Made in the image and likeness of God” might actually mean.

A community of atheists has just as much opportunity to protect themselves from these systems as a devout one.

The relationship of the soul to the body is aptly analogous to that. The deepest part of the soul (or heart-mind in Buddhism) is not here, not there, not anywhere. A famous Buddhist female saint, Machig Lapdron, whose birth was foretold by Buddha himself, left to her students, at ninety-nine years old, what she called her “Last Instructions.” They go like this:

“…mind itself,
Has no support, has no object:
Let it rest in its natural expanse without any fabrication.
When the bonds of discursive thoughts are released, You will be free, there is no doubt.
As when gazing into space [correctly],
All other visual objects disappear,
So it is for the mind itself.

…As in the sky all clouds
Disappear into the sky itself:
Wherever they go, they go nowhere
Wherever they are, they are nowhere.
This is the same for thoughts in the mind:
When mind looks at mind,
The waves of conceptual thought disappear. “


When confronted with gross material interference, which is what Dr. Bearden posits, the fact that mind has “no place” means it is immune to interference in its basic function. It remains clear, without perturbation, regardless of what is going on in the material existence of the individual.

Simply by meaningfully observing our minds as they operate, the effects of scalar templating may be ameliorated. The Soul, or the Buddha nature, as the ultimate observer, can only be distracted from observation. The mind looking at mind naturally clarifies the body from the effects of embedded gratings.

In the realm of the material mind, beyond the soul observing, many religions have emphasized the power of acoustic forms of energy, The Word, to establish and maintain an individual’s ability to evolve a desired state. Spoken words, as in prayers, or even in the silent speaker in our minds, have tremendous power to alleviate the suffering caused by scalar interference. Spoken prayers and other acoustic methods activate the innate “keyboard” that allows the individual to “overwrite the present programs” in order to change the functions of both mind and body. One interesting practice in this area is called “Chöd”. The practice can deeply affect the relationship of the mind to the body and the overall health of both.

With respect to the material body, there are methods to “throw off” events that transmit templates to us. One interesting one is called Neural Optimization Technique, although it's only one method among many. Rhythmic Message, founded by Rudolph Steiner and Ita Wegman, is another. Yogas and meditation methods are also in this category if properly done. These tools, with the proper intention, actually do work to alleviate the stress of material interference.

Even though scalar information can be transmitted and infolded into a system changing its function, Yoga, meditation, neural  optimization, and these other techniques, use the energy and forms, both gross and subtle, to modify the scalar potential of the body and work against the templating.

I’m hoping that those of you with additional knowledge can share them in the comments. It’s time to move past worry and towards working with the tools we already have as individuals at a new intensity. It's a cliche to say that there is nothing new under the sun. I suspect that some of the ancient texts were written by people who often dealt with precisely the same kinds of challenges as we are experiencing in this time. Sacred teachings are not science, but they are loaded with scientific experience.