1. Glennis Camilleri

    Listen to Common Sense show of Dec 29/17 with Cody Snodgres for info of the other files that were in the building.
    Pretty wild, if true.
    It’s on You tube. Cody has written a book about his life as an asset for the CIA. He has appeared on Caravan to Midnight, Ole Dammegard, Jeff Rense 7 other shows.

  2. Have read (or saw it in this documentary or in A Noble Lie (got that DVD), can’t remember) that there were files in the Murrah building relating to the dirty dealings of the Clintons.
    The “unexploded devices” trick was used to clear the site of any “unwanted” personnel so those files could be removed. So the stuff they carted off weren’t bombs at all, but “dirty laundry” instead.

    Oh my. You need to learn how to sort your info from disinfo. All that makes not the least sense, it’s so minor it’s obviously disinfo after the fact. The 3-letter boys love to muddy the waters after the deed is done.

    Why on earth would anyone blow up a major Federal building to remove some files, when you can simply walk out with them during the average 3-hour bureaucratic lunch? And why on earth would any major Clinton crime family files be in OKC in any event? And, seeing as the Clintons are clearly impervious to the contents of any incriminating files on planet earth, what was the Kryptonite in those OKC files that could not take them down after Uranium 1, Benghazi, Haiti, the Pederastas, their White House nonsense, Ruby Ridge, Waco, and all the rest???

    Sorry, but I simply think that’s disinfo from start to finish.

    1. Basta, I didn’t say that the sole purpose of blowing up that building was to get those files. It may well be disinfo, but I would not completely dismiss it as a possibility either. That false flag served multiple purposes (just like 9/11), getting those files (if true, I say again) may simply have been a bit of pay-off for the Clintons, but was only a minor part of the whole goal of the operation.

  3. Our elites having doing these things for centuries routine as far as they’re concerned. Power is their drug their opiate if religion is the opiate of the people then power is the opiate of the one percent. What is the worth of the rest of us, useless eaters one death here a billion death there it all the same for them.

  4. anakephalaiosis

    Animal instinct.
    Giza gas chamber hunting.
    Beast devouring beast.

    It is less about decline of civilization, and more about the return to natural state. All animals hunt by deception. Two-legged predators cover their tracks, to avoid being hunted down in retaliation. Patsy is decoy fall guy.

    Civilization is just a special case, that deviates from natural state, where one is always on guard, and ready to kill to survive. Those, who know the “wolf” in combat, know, that teeth seek throat to drink blood. Killer instinct.

    Civilization is luxury. One has to know how to create it, to maintain it. That is why we speak of the Rune system, that provides the original European tool of Logic, to navigate in natural state. One has to learn the basics again.

  5. Joseph, thanks for re-upping the Oklahoma City bombing to public consciousness. With that in mind, watch your back…

    As an engineer, I was particularly concerned with the structural part of the building collapse. The report of General Ben Partin was damning for the ‘magic bullet’ ampho narrative. Like 9/11, we are left with ‘insider’ participation in the killing of American people…

    For the first part of Joseph’s lecture, I am reminded of “The Fourth Turning” by William Strauss & Neil Howe (1997). In it, they wove a fascinating tale of the consequences of a four-generation cycle of 80-100 years and the four ‘turnings’ resulting. The two pivotal generations were a purely-physically oriented one and a purely-spiritually oriented one, positioned ‘opposite’ each other in the four generations. (The two ‘in-between’ generations were of mixed-motives and therefore less ‘strident’.) This natural ‘dynamic’ explained a lot…

    The quotes from the article rang like a page right out of “The Fourth Turning”. At the opposition-point a couple of generations back, the Flower Power generation railed-against the zeitgeist of the times being purely physical. Leaders were too much ‘in their heads’ (cold logic, and therefore rise of the ‘zero-sum game’) as opposed to ‘in their souls’. That was leading the planet toward WWIII. Happily, the Flower Power generation countered the Dr. Strangelove generation.

    Strauss & Howe pointed out the ‘weak point’ of the spiritual generation: the physical-infrastructure tended to decay while concentrating on the spiritual. Two generations later, that has happened – and the purely-physically oriented generation is pointing that out. This is a period of maximum physical-decay before ‘strong leaders’ take charge to “make the trains run on schedule.” The call for Cold Logic is right on time…

    As far as social conflict causing a breakup of America, we should look back to the Civil War. Bismarck reported that the Rothschilds wanted to break America up into smaller parts, both in order to be less powerful and to set one against the other. Lincoln knew of this plan, and that was the primary reason to forcefully keep the states together (at a fearsome cost).

    Fast forward to today, and the states are being pried-apart on social/political divides. I could easily see this as the same machinations to make the resultant ‘mini-Americas’ less powerful and more manipulable by the banksters. We should keep this Über-plan in mind, as we see the ever-more-strident calls for the breakup of America…

    1. Goshawks, “The Four Turnings” reminds me of a miniaturized version of the four Yuga cycles, nicely corresponds with the “As Above, So Below”. Cycle within cycle, within cycle, macro to micro.
      Spirit as opposed to materialism, and the cyclical nature of it, be it 100 years or 25,000 years, or 25 million (Brahma day&night) for that matter.

      As far as breaking up nations is concerned, it’s a world-wide phenomenon at this point in time, it’s the purpose of the Syrian proxy war with the ultimate aim being the break-up of the Russian Federation (as outlined in The Grand Chessboard by Brzezinsky).
      IMO, in and of itself, breaking up of large states is not necessarily a bad thing. It provides de-centralization of that state’s global power, be it the US or Russia/China for that matter. (Replacing one global power with another isn’t the answer. That new power will become just as corrupt as the one it replaced, given sufficient time).
      The BIG problem is that they want that global power then to lie with the bankers and international corporations (again, Brzezinsky), which is even worse. Talk about the cure being worse than the dis-ease.
      De-centralization is the way to go, but only if the power goes back to the local people and communities. And once we ascent further towards the Spiritual cycle, the desire wanting to fight each other for material gains will slowly diminish.

    2. anakephalaiosis

      When animal instinct is unleashed, while being controlled by higher self, then there is a special kind of warrior. It is American policy to uproot European warrior soul.

      Angelic trait in bloodlines is what European communists are hunting, under protection of their Wall Street overlords. We have American military boot in our face.

      Civil war in Europe will be unfathomable. Like an inspired artist painting a masterpiece, it is doomed to reach a level of total and absolute perfection. Alas.

  6. Chao ab ordo, yet again.

    Well, I watched OKC unfold on live teevee and saw with my own eyes the bomb squad remove an “undetonated device” from the ruins of the building, which was reported as found being attached to one of the major interior columns, and put it in a bomb trailer and it was slowly driven away. I can never forget that scene, as it lasted some 20 minutes, with police escort and endless commentary.

    Of course if wasn’t a fertilizer bomb, the over-pressure is simply ridiculously insufficient to even blow up the truck itself, let alone take down such a concrete and rebar building as that. Absolutely nonsense.

    And btw, young Eric Holder was involved in the cover-up — err, investigation. go figure.

    1. Wow, I had heard of the ‘unexploded ordnance’ sub-story, but I had no idea it was so publicly-covered at the time. Thanks!

      The one ‘good’ side of that bombing is that it generated a whole new batch of awakened ones. Those folks were ready to ‘jump-in’ when the 9/11 False-Flag occurred.

      In regard to Joseph’s noting that various FF scenes were promptly ‘cleared’ of evidence, I know Benjamin Fulford is not to be trusted but wouldn’t the following really be a kick! :
      “…a U.S. military intelligence source sent this writer the following information: (…) in the same conversation it was mentioned that China kept many samples of the waste from 9/11, and tested for nuclear, thermite, and energy radiation, among other relevant forensic factors. If and when President Donald Trump is ready to support an independent investigation of 9/11, the Chinese appear to have relevant evidence-quality information to share.”
      ~BF, 2.4.2018

      1. There were at least two unexploded “devices” found in the Murrah building. I watched two of them taken out. It took hours, painfully slow and deliberate, all on live TV. Telephoto zooms of guys in padded outfits walking them out and putting them into the bomb trailers. Watched them drive them slowly away with police escorts. It took forever. You had first-hand interviews with police, first responders, the bomb squad, etc. ad nauseum. There was absolutely no question that it was a truck bomb on the scene, in real-time. Of course this was all real-time reporting, decades before crisis actors and scripted made-for-tv movies like 911.

        So I was absolutely flabbergasted when they rolled out the fertilizer bomb + Ryder truck “narrative” at the McVeigh patsy trial.

        1. James Corbett did a good documentary on the OC bombing some time ago called “Requiem for the Suicided: Terrance Yeakey”.
          Terrance Yeakey was a witness who saw & knew too much and was silenced.

          Have read (or saw it in this documentary or in A Noble Lie (got that DVD), can’t remember) that there were files in the Murrah building relating to the dirty dealings of the Clintons.
          The “unexploded devices” trick was used to clear the site of any “unwanted” personnel so those files could be removed. So the stuff they carted off weren’t bombs at all, but “dirty laundry” instead.
          No idea if this is true, but does seem to make sense.

          1. I believe it was the veritable Catherine Austin Fitts who mentioned that a short while prior to the bombing, pallets (not stacks but pallets) of “documents” were moved INTO the bldg. But I do like your theory that the “unexploded devices” trick was used to clear the site of any “unwanted” personnel. But that could be for a multitude of reasons.
            Also, there are multiple (free) apps online that can help you convert A Noble Lie to an .mp4 file, which could be handy for… communication.

  7. Robert Barricklow

    Unfortunately this pattern
    is replete throughout the Western Empire.
    It has FUBAR’d Trust.
    This pattern itself is being betrayed by the sheer stupidity of its so-called leadership. A Keystone Cops of administrators & fixers.
    Might Makes Right is there only policy.
    They eat their own & cannibalize whatever goodness is left standing among their brethren.
    Unfortunately, we’re along for the ride
    & there will be blood.

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