May 4, 2018 By Joseph P. Farrell

Mr. T.M. and a few other people sent along this article this past week, and it's one whose implications, if true, might be rather dramatic, for it seems that the phenomenon of quantum entanglement might exist at scales much larger than mere sub-atomic particles:

Spooky Experiments Bring Quantum Weirdness to Nearly Macroscopic Scales

As the article points out, entanglement experiments have now succeeded in demonstrating entanglement properties, not just between sub-atomic particles, but now, clusters of atoms:

Experimenters around the world are trying to harness perhaps the most perplexing property in physics: quantum entanglement, which Einstein called “spooky action at a distance.” A few teams of scientists have succeeded in bringing this eerie behavior, which normally only exists between pairs of particles, to much bigger systems.

Two of science’s most prestigious journals have released a combined five articles in the past two days demonstrating entanglement’s eccentricities in many-atom systems. The methods are different and have different applications: One set of papers took advantage of the weirdness of super-cold atomic clouds called Bose-Einstein condensates, while the other relied on vibrating components. But these are the kinds of advances that may bring some of quantum mechanics’ quirkiest qualities into the mainstream.

“Seeing these phenomena on macroscopic scales in many-particle systems is an important step in this framework, in a field trying to control quantum behavior on larger scales and use them in technology and eventually everyday objects,” Phillip Treutlein, one of the papers’ authors from University of Basel in Switzerland, told Gizmodo.
There’s clearly lots of interest in applying the weirdness of quantum mechanics to real-world problems that are interesting to more people than just theoretical physicists. But doing so will require more than just entangling a few atoms—it will require macroscopic systems that aren’t so fragile that any nudge destroys the spooky entangled connection. With experiments like these, applications are inching ever closer. (Emphasis added)
Yesterday, I blogged about NASA's and DARPA's warp drive research, and an unusual detail that may have emerged in the most recent article about this research, a detail that indicated over a thousand hours were spent in actual design study of such a technology. Today I suspect we are looking at a related field, and notably, it has two features: (1) the entanglement of atoms, not merely sub-atomic particles, and (2) entanglement manifesting as a vibrational, i.e., harmonic or resonance phenomenon (Indeed, sympathetic resonance has always struck me as a kind of subset of entanglement). I've long suspect the latter would be the case and have had some interesting private discussions with physics-minded people who think the same, and I've suspect that, as a consequence, this feature might hole the key to entanglement at much larger scales than mere-sub-atomic scales, simply due to the fact that atoms and molecules - and from then even larger systems - have unique vibratory or harmonic features. Whether that speculation will be born out by research over the long term remains to be seen, but for now, it appears to be true at least at some scale and under certain special and very fragile conditions.
So now indulge me in my usual end-of-the-twig high octane speculation: as the article itself points out, the real goal here appears to be able to scale the entanglement phenomenon up to potential "real" (or "macro-") world usable technologies. One can envision all sorts of science-fiction possibilities: entanglement might be a (crucial?) feature of warp drives; it might lead to genuine "teleportation" possibilities. And while we're playing fast and loose with potentialities and very high octane speculations, imagine the transformation just the latter alone would entail: in a such a world, there would be no need for airplanes, cargo planes, cargo ships, railroads, cars, trucks, or so on. The whole transportation infrastructure would be transformed into a grid of portals receiving or sending objects. (Just for the record, if one digs long and hard enough, there are already books in the "alternative research" field by people recording very strange incidents where some sorts of very sophisticated stealth technologies are in play. And no, I am not talking about certain individuals and their stories of teleporting to Mars with President Obama.)
There are more possibilities: and among them I both hasten and hesitate to add the possibility that such experiments are being funded - perhaps very covertly and through a multitude of cutouts - by precisely the same sorts of groups and people behind the DARPA/NASA warp drive initiative, for such possibilities would require lots and lots and lots of (missing) money...
See you on the flip side...