May 5, 2018 By Joseph P. Farrell

You may recall that just a few weeks ago I blogged about President Trump's highly peculiar remarks about a "space force" that were made at the US Marine air base at Miramar, San Diego. In an administration that conducts foreign policy through Twitter statements, and which seems to make a habit of making peculiar remarks, sifting through all this to find the genuinely peculiar remarks is getting difficult, but I contended that the space force remarks he made back then were not merely a "slip of the tongue," but perhaps rather a very serious message, made at a time that Mr Putin was showing off his latest rockets and hydrogen bombs. (See TRUMP: WE MAY HAVE A SPACE FORCE… ER… NEED TO DEVELOP ONE).

In that regard several people sent along a story this week - a big thank you to them all - that the President is at it again, talking about space forces. Like his previous statements at Miramar, I believe his statements should be parsed rather closely.  Here's RT's and Zero Hedge's version of the story:

Star Wars coming? Trump ‘seriously’ considers creating US Space Force

"Space Force": Trump Teases Sixth Branch Of US Military Again

Many things leaped off the pages of these two articles, but I want to concentrate on the RT version. Firstly, one encounters, dressed up in the latest production drag, the same old Soviet-era propaganda against the whole idea of space-based weapons, missile defense, and so on. Mind you, I'm not arguing here either for or against the whole idea of space-based weapons, missile defense, or even President Reagan's "Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI)." What I'm intrigued about is that the Russian response now is almost exactly what it was then: namely, that (1) it's all fictional, a kind of "Star Wars" fantasy, (2) even if it's not fictional, it's a violation of international treaty and law. The propaganda seems - to me at least - to be pitched just this side of panic, and it reminds me of the Reagan-Bush era Russian responses to SDI. Indeed, there are some who argue that the SDI initiative was what finally broke the financial back of the Soviet Union. But in any case, the Russians took it seriously then, and in spite of the mockery, they're taking it seriously now. Or perhaps it would be better to put it this way: the mockery and propagandized response indicates that they're taking Trump's comments very seriously, while pretending not to do so.

So, just exactly what are they pretending to mock while taking very seriously? Well, in the RT version of this story, which we are assuming is reporting President Trump's words accurately, there is a set of remarks that caught my eye, and I highly suspect that these particular remarks are why many people shared this story this week. On this view, Mr. Trump just dropped another crumb of information:

Despite the mockery on social media, US President Donald Trump apparently has not rejected an idea of creating a Space Force. He said he is “seriously thinking” about making it a new military branch.

“We are actually thinking of a sixth [military branch], and that would be the Space Force,” the US leader said during a ceremony at the White House. He was presenting the annual Commander-in-Chief's Trophy to the Army football team, for its victory over both Air Force and Navy last year. Trump went on to say that the US is “getting very big in space, both militarily and for other reasons,” without going into further details. (Italicized emphasis in the original, Boldface emphasis added. Sooner or later the editors at RT will figure out that quotation marks alone are sufficient in English orthography to denote quotations, and that italics and boldfacing are typically used for emphasis. But I digress.)

It's that last remark that drew my attention, for it seems to confirm something I've been speculating about for some time, namely, that with the rapid commercialization of space, we will eventually and inevitably see the militarization and weaponization of space, simply because it will be essential to protect investors' assets.  But since we're parsing Mr. Trump's words closely and carefully, it should be pointed out that he is not talking about "getting big" in a commercial sense, unless this is what is in his mind when he says the USA is "getting very big in space"  for "other reasons."


Mr. Trump states, very clearly, and very explicitly, that the USA is "getting very big in space... militarily..."  Let that statement sink in.

On its own, it may not seem like much. But if one takes this statement in the context of the UK's Gary McKinnon's hacking into American DOD and NASA databases, and his allegations that he saw the names of space ships and their crews, if one takes this in the context of former Lockheed skunkworks director Ben Rich's famous statements about "finding errors in the equations" and "taking ET home", if one takes this in the context of President Reagan's memoirs that stated when he was briefed on taking office he was told the USA had a space lift capacity of 300 people, far beyond the existing space shuttle capacity at the time... if one takes Mr. Trump's remarks in this context, they're at least consistent with the pattern and thus, they may be interpreted as perhaps another bread crumb.

His remarks, parsed in this way, are consonant with the existence of a secret space program.

But there's something else here, something very subtle, if one wants to continue along this line of high octane speculative analysis. There is a school of thought out there, one which I myself from time to time have entertained, that the USA, at some point, lost total and complete control over this "secret space program" as the corporations running and supplying it, by gaining a monopoly on its technology, began to pull away from the very government funding it. There is a certain bit of documentary "evidence" suggesting this in the Cooper-Cantwheel set of alleged Majestic-12 documents that I reviewed in my 2006 book, The SS Brotherhood of the Bell. In some of those documents it is suggested that President Nixon privatized this elite UFO study group, and turned it over to the defense contractors, thus effectively privatizing the whole UFO-secret space program idea. The problem is, of course, whether one accepts the authenticity of these documents. Nonetheless, the "privatization" of the secret space program meme is out there and has been for some time. So why am I talking about this? Well, look at Mr. Trump's remarks carefully once again; if one does so, he is clearly implying that the American government, or at least, that component of the deep state backing his administration, is still very much in control of those programs.

Of course, it could all be just plain fiction as the clever picture propaganda on RT suggests; it could be just another case of Mr. Trump saying whatever pops into his orange head. But I suspect that after following trillions of missing dollars over the years, and watching the whole scene very carefully, that the intelligence mandarins in the Kremlin don't believe that for a moment. After all, they're taking it seriously enough to surround it with picture propaganda.

And that's saying something.

See you on the flip side...