May 28, 2018 By Joseph P. Farrell

As you might guess, Antarctica is in the news again, but I'm at a complete loss to explain it. It's one of those stories that goes into my "maybe" file, but it's important enough to pass along, because Antarctic Antics is something we "do" here.

First, let's start with this story, which so many people saw last week that it was difficult to choose which version to refer everyone to. But his one is as good as any:

Giant canyons discovered in Antarctica

This is one of those bland stories that you don't think about unless...well, you think about it.  With the improvements of radar tomography technologies over the past few years, it's possible to take a "peak" under all that ice covering Antarctica to see the lay of the actual land underneath. What's underneath are mountain ranges and a forbidding topography. But as the article also points out, there are long and wide long canyons running towards the oceans, remnants, perhaps, of some river system. If so, then that might mean Antarctica may once have been a more temperate place, and thus a candidate for the "lost continent of Atlantis." Perhaps. But how it suddenly found itself covered with ice at the South Pole would then have to be explained. Indeed, from any standpoint, explaining the current circumstances of the continent is a difficult task. A lot of water would have to have been frozen rather quickly, it seems to me, like those cases of large mastodon fossils frozen in the ice in Siberia, some with their last meals still in their stomachs. That raises one of those "high octane speculation" points that I like to think about, so consider this some "preliminary high octane speculation" before we get to the main high octane speculation.

Aeons ago, when I was still in school, I heard all sorts of "natural" explanations for these evidences of some sort of sudden freezing event. I have to be honest and say that I never found very many of them very compelling. It seemed clear to me then, and seems clear to me now, that one hypothetical possibility was always being ignored: technology, i.e., that some sort of technology either suffered a catastrophic accident, or perhaps that some sort of sophisticated weapon might have been involved that can suddenly and dramatically drain energy from a region, effectively "deep freezing" it. Some people have speculated on the possibility of such technologies and weapons, Lt. Col. Tom Bearden among them. That still leaves how Antarctica - an entire continent - became deluged with water which then froze, but at least it's a start.

But enough of that. On to the main speculation of the day. Mr. S.D. and Mr. D.A. sent me this photo of an email exchange, and the individuals involved will become immediately recognizable:


Now I have no way of verifying if this is genuine, or not, and as everyone knows, it's all too easy these days to fake just about anything and put it out on the internet. But let's assume, for the moment and for the sake of argument that it is. If so, then ca. 2009, Huma Abedin - close associate and aide to the newly-appointed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton - was in communication with someone about a big Antarctica trip presumably for Mrs. Clinton. I did find a somewhat humorous  and very satirical story, a bit of comedy from 2008, during the election campaign of that year, that Mrs. Clinton had sent Mr. Clinton to Antarctica as a campaign trip, where according to the satire, Mr. Clinton was to remain exiled for several months.

Hillary Sends Bill on Campaign Trip to Antarctica

Obviously, this is nothing by way of any corroboration of the more serious allegation made in the above email exchange that Mrs. Clinton was at least entertaining an Antarctic trip early in the days of the Obama Administration. But again, assuming the exchange to be genuine, then it indicates she had some interest in that continent, and it is noteworthy that her successor, Secretary of State John Kerry, did make such a trip during one of the most hotly contested elections in history. If the story is true, Mrs. Clinton was planning a similar trip immediately after a lengthy and hotly contested Democratic primary season and (less hotly) contested election.

So if this strange email exchange is true, the Mrs. Clinton can join the very bizarre list of people either visiting or closely associated with the strange continent at Earth's south pole:

1) Reichsmarschal Herman Goering, sponsor of the 1938-1939 German Antarctic Expedition;

2) Rudolf Hess, who as Deputy Fuehrer of Nazi Germany, and as Reichskomissar for All Technological Matters, very probably also had a hand in the expedition, and moreover, as I point out in Hess and the Penguins, was queried by his British captors about Antarctica in the guise of inquiries about Norway;

3) Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State, apparently planning such an Antarctic trip, and succeeded by

4) John Kerry, who did go to Antarctica, during a hotly contested election, as noted above;

5) Patriarch Kiril III, Patriarch of Moscow, ostensibly to bless the Russian Orthodox chapel in Antarctica;

6) Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin, who tweeted some strange remarks both prior to, and after leaving, Antarctica, and who had to be medically evacuated from the continent

and so on, with other luminaries associated with or actually visiting the place including one of the British princes and the late King Juan Carlos of Spain. Oh, and let's not forget Lockheed-Martin's presence there either.

Any way one slices it, this is a very bizarre list, and when one adds radar tomography of mountains and canyons that might have been part of the continent's river system and the strange circumstances of how all that water managed to pile on top of it all and then suddenly freeze, when one considers mastodons suddenly frozen, Russian Orthodox Patriarchs and Apollo lunar astronauts and Luftwaffe Reichsmarschalls and Nazi Deputy Fuehrers and two US Secretaries of State, the picture seems to suggest one of two things to me: either they have found something under all that ice, suggesting prior human (or "other") habitation, or they are conducting some sort of diplomacy down there, which leads inevitably to the question of "with whom"? During the 2016 presidential election there were abundant rumors floating around on the internet - and no, I do not think Mrs. Clinton is a blue chicken nor in contact with them (she appears to prefer channeling Eleanor Roosevelt) - that she was to be the "disclosure President," and Mr. Tom DeLonge, who took a much more serious approach to the "disclosure" topic than did the blue chicken group, was apparently in contact with Mr. Podesta according to some of the Wikileaks emails. Podesta of course, was Mrs. Clinton's campaign manager. It suggests that at least to some level, the UFO subject was being broached or quietly discussed in her campaign.  Mrs. Clinton was, as many have pointed out, a deep state candidate. Oddly enough, so was Mr. Trump (at least, in my opinion), but of a very different "faction." As we've watched the endless charge and countercharge (Mr. Trump colluded with Russia, Mrs. Clinton colluded with Great Britain &c &c &c), one pattern does seem to have emerged: on the one side, arrayed behind Mrs. Clinton, are the three letter intelligence agencies; on the other side, arrayed behind Mr. Trump, are the military and their military intelligence agencies.

With that in mind, I cannot help but note that Mr. Trump, while he's not being touted to as "the disclosure president", is most definitely talking about space, its commercialization, and the need for a military presence there in order to protect resources. So I cannot help but wonder if the vehemence of the last election was due in part to the fact that two very different agendas were covertly in play in the background, one to "disclose" and the other to "defend" all those space-UFO-ancient civilization secrets that so many of us are curious about.  Don't misundertand me here, for I am not coming "late in the game" to the "disclosure" agenda.  Quite the reverse, for I have suspected for a number of years that the "disclosure" agenda represents, in part, an effort of a certain very progressive political element in society (an element that also displays a kind of goofy New Age "spirituality" where "disclosure" replaces "revelation" and the "Rapture" as its dispensational idee fixe), to gain control of technologies of the black world, in order to enhance their power. Equally, I've suspected that those resisting this movement are doing so for similar domestic political reasons, to prevent potentially destructive technology from falling into hands that would use it to expand their power and monopolize it in their own hands, and socially engineer a nightmare under the threat of its use against those not willing to think the same way. In this respect it's an odd thing to ponder that the Rockefeller family, which had such a crucial role in the development of early space-based spy satellite technology, and which also had a family interest in the UFO subject, was connected with the Clintons. And it is an equally odd thing to ponder that in spite of the best efforts of both, they were not able to pry much out of the deep state, either about UFOs or about hidden technologies. Some time in the past decades, they had lost control and been edged aside. In this respect, recall some of those Majestic-12 documents that indicate President Nixon had "privatized" the UFO group. One possible translation of that move is that he took it out of the control of that Rockefeller influence, and moved it elsewhere...

And somehow, Antarctica may be a piece of this puzzle...

See you on the flip side...