Well, no sooner than I had posted today's blogs about Italy, there's more news. First, France and Germany appear to be headed for a showdown about who gets to play Charlemagne; secondly, Italy has given the nod to Florentine attorney Giuseppi Conte. As I said in today'd main blog, this is going to be fun:

German economists slam Macron's eurozone reform agenda

Giuseppe Conte approved for Italian prime minister

22 thoughts on “NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM MAY 24 2018”

  1. too easy to miss out the import of culture over how the mind is formed and works.

    watch a few youtubes on calcio storico

  2. marcos toledo

    Have not been down this road before the Franco-Holy-Roman-German Empire wars from the middle ages to today. The northern Europeans know conquer not how to rule, they confuse loan sharking with running an economy.

  3. Stepping back for a moment: When I was in college studying Marketing, one of the major themes was the importance of Churn. The human animal is so distractable that anything must be done to get your ‘product’ back into the foreground. Hence, Churn…

    If your ‘product’ is the *ahem* cold-blooded enslavement of the human race, Churn is your friend. Drama is your friend. It really doesn’t matter what is causing the waves; only that the human animals are caught-up in a Matrix-like encapsulation. (“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain…”)

    Posting the following, just because it keeps popping-up in my mind (first time in decades) after listening to this Nefarium:

    “Hey there, Little Red Riding Hood
    You sure are looking good
    You’re everything a big bad wolf could want…

    I’m gonna keep my sheep suit on
    Until I’m sure that you’ve been shown
    That I can be trusted walking with you alone

    Little Red Riding Hood
    You sure are looking good
    You’re everything that a big bad wolf could want
    Owoooooooo! I mean baaaaaa! Baaa?”

    (“Li’l Red Riding Hood” by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs, 1966)

    1. Robert Barricklow

      My term for the churn, “Guantanamo Bay Music”.
      It’s being played all over hell & back.

  4. The EU is a slow train wreck, I mean just look at the clowns running it. Why the French elected Macron is beyond belief and the rest of them are no better.
    It will be very interesting to see what Italy will do, will we have a “Italexit”?

  5. Dag from Ringerike

    I have been following the development of the sovereign bond market for several years, remembering the 10yus advancing from about 1.70 a couple of years ago to the level today, spiked about 3.15 and was put down to about 3 % today. And interestingly the italian 10yit went up from about 1.95 to above 2.40 in a week. Both the 10yus and the 10yit were hammered down on this Thursday. A possible Central Bank coordinated effort (in a panic mode?). Michael Pento´s opinion is that the Central Banks can not contain the prices of bonds. What is happening to the emerging markets will also spread into ”the Western markets”.

    I was a couple of days ago going through my vast paper files archive of many years downloading to see what is worth to conserve or to expell. I found a very intersting interview by Lars Schall with the economist Guido Preparata from 2012. He has written several books, ”Conjuring Hitler, How Britain and America made The Third Reich”, Pluto Press 2005, and ”The Ideology of Tyranny. The Neo-Gnostic Myth in American Politics”, Palgrave Macmillan 2011. I have to admit that I hva not read his books ( I have to buy them this summer), but Lars Schall managed to let Guido Preparata coming up with several important viewpoints. And I recommend to read this interview inabrutly, because you then can be absorbing his general view of finance an geopolitic.

    So here is his opinion what was the reason for the Euro to come into excistence and the consistencies. There is a long answer to Lars Schalls question, but I have copied it here to you.
    L.S.: Do you see the crisis in the euro zone as purely home-made or is there in your view some reasonable suspicion that the Anglo-American financial capital wants to keep the rival EU / Germany small? In other words, does the financial crisis in the euro zone originate in the shortcomings of its construction, or is the crisis being manufactured for an ulterior motive?
    G.P.: French economist Alain Cotta explained the Euro-set-up very well in a recent book (Sortir de l’Euro ou mourir à petit feu, Plon, 2011). The Euro is as un-European as could be: it is evidently the brainchild of Anglo-American interests. The intent, as ever, is to constrict Europe financially so as to render it politically incapable of striking out on its own, and eventually asserting itself once more as the chief continental rival.
    The idea of the Euro is as follows: first, assign the lead to Germany as chief partner / banker / accomplice of the plan, chief economic force of the Union, and chief exporter; then let all the other weaker players (PIGs, Spain, Italy), who produce virtually nothing, indebt themselves vis-à-vis Germany and Anglo-American banks, which, in turn, make good money from the yield on these Euro-bonds (the debt spiral). Concomitantly, any kind of manufacturing / artisanal potential on the part of Europe’s minor partners is systematically wrecked and incapacitated by the flood of Chinese imports (China: the other key accomplice in this triangular crippling of Europe), which are themselves crafted by laborers slaving for wages that are less than a tenth of the West’s.
    Thus Europe, partly through Anglo-America’s strategic savvy and mostly through her own despairing fecklessness, is perennially fettered, constipated, anemic, moribund. That Greece would have been the first link to snap was known far and wide ever since this dismal show was launched ten years ago. Funny to see how, for the past year or so, The Economist has been shrieking hysterically over the Euro crisis, depicting in apocalyptic brushstrokes the prospects of its eventual collapse: funny, and revealing, to see British interests wailing so loudly, they, who are not even members of the Euro (!). Eh bien, justement.
    So, his view is that the Euro was a Anglo-American set-up. To sequester the yields from the bonds and fool the Germans to finance their exports via buying the bonds from Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece. Over 90 % of the bailout loans to Greece has gone mainly to the predatory, German, French, British and US banks. Martin Armstrong is saying that the Euro is a disaster in the waiting because when they constructed the Euro, they did not concolidated the bonds. This attempt by the banker puppit Macron, to concolidate the bonds, it looks to me that the train has left the station. For the Germans and the French, either solutions, to consolidate the bonds or to have ”The Italian way”, it will be a disaster for the pension funds in both ways (in the making), but he banks will be bailed out.


      1. Lars Schalls is the man who pointed out in his blog that the 5-euro note that came out a few years ago is covered with lots of tiny swastikas (you almost need a good lens to see them). The German artist replied something to the effect that the Hakenkreuzen were merely a “stylized design”. Since then Schalls seems to have been very much shunned by the media.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Or, bailed-in?
      How can your country have sovereignty when you don’t even have your own currency? A country should issue its own currency. It should not be controlled by a private entity outside the country. That’s a no-brainer!
      It’s like giving up your country’s rights for a fake security?
      Another no-brainer.
      Yet, as in Dr. Farrell’s The Third Way – a WW1 blueprint of government structure is virtually taking shape in the European Union. This is purposed structural violence; and, it’s being writ on a global corporate fascist scale.
      An international private reserve currency that wants to be cashless. But, in their way are those who still have some brains and won’t give up their money sovereignty nor their rights for fake fiat private currency or a false sense of security.

  6. Robert Barricklow

    “A German Cage”. Loved It!!!

    How to arrange the structural violence?

    To myself; it’s more of:
    Socialize the costs; privatize the profits.
    Now the question is how those profits are to be shared;
    and whose people are going to bear
    the heavier burdens of the ensuing socialized costs?

    Let the political games begin.
    Remember –
    All is fair in love & war.

  7. I’ve put up a note on my fakebook page suggesting (for those who haven’t yet realized how the world works) that when Italian politicians and media say the word “Europe”, to try replacing it with the word “Germany”; and things will be clearer for everybody.

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