1. Robert Barricklow

    Radiation in hidden places synergizing w/what falls from the sky to be breathed, grown as food and imbibed as water. Evil in the guise of profit-hungry corporations stalks the land.

  2. Robert Barricklow

    Few in the civil sector fully understand that geoengineering is primarily a military science and has nothing to do w/cooling the planet or lowering carbon emissions. Weather has been weaponized and other military applications depend upon an ionized sky. At LEST 4 countries-U.S., China, Russia, & Israel-possess these technologies in weather manipulation, geological events, military operations using hardware/software dependent on an ionized atmosphere, black op operations, demographic biological goals, and agriculture warfare. In the works are mind manipulations using nanotechnologies incorporating the nano chemtrails metals/elements/synthetic biologies [and God knows what else] in synergies w/5G tele/micro/scalar technologies.

  3. marcos toledo

    What these monsters are up to is to artificially bring the conditions of the Justinian and Black Death plagues. And no it was not the microbes that cause the deaths but the weather the people died of the effects of starvation and the warfare in the areas of Europe where the main deaths occurred. This would be a nice cover for mass murder blame it on nature.

  4. Everyone should be adding natural chelation agents to their diet, such as blue algae, raw garlic and diatomaceous earth. The heavy metals pass the blood/brain barrier and are causing the Alzheimer’s epidemic.

    1. To that list, add coriander (cilantro) to chelate mercury. A couple of handfuls per week will do it.

  5. Or, in line with my recent comment, “dimming the sun through planned atmospheric pollution” may be designed to hold heat in:

    If we actually are on the edge of a new Ice Age, various clandestine operations may be underway to bolster heat-retention on planet Earth. Given all the science of ‘greenhouse effects’ on various planets – including Earth – this type of ‘op’ may be understood-enough to have been implemented.

    (I remember viewing a science program about how atmospheric aerosols had two distinct counter-consequences. Gaseous aerosols trapped heat ‘in’ through the well-known ‘greenhouse effect’. However, particulate aerosols reflected solar radiation ‘out’ before it could reach Earth’s surface. The two effects somewhat counterbalanced each other. This particular show was referencing this ‘contrary’ behavior in the sense that by cleaning-up coal-plant particulate aerosols in the name of environmental progress – while still running the plant – we might actually increase the ‘net’ heating-up of Earth’s surface.)

    Apparently, what type of emissions is critical to prolonging our ‘Interglacial Period’. Let’s hope the handlers of this ‘op’ know their science…

  6. Watching the video of the May 9th parade in Moscow we saw nary a trace of chemtrails in the blue skies… and if the Russians don’t know the ins and outs of geo-engineering, who does?

    1. I’ve been working on a project where I’ve had to consult over a thousand contemporary photos of Russian religious architecture. You would not believe the incredibly isolated places where I’ve seen criss-crossed skies. It’s global.

      1. Basta thanks for the info about spraying over Russia. And luckily I grow my own garlic!

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