1. Robert Barricklow

    Merkle, “Where are the traitors when you need them?”
    Are the Ministers Putins wanting nationalism; not being flooded by immigrant globalism?
    Do the EU countries see themselves as potential Greeks?
    Do the ministers want to enforce the will of the people; as the elected politicians certainly aren’t representing the people, and the ministers themselves want it to stop?
    Getting down to: are you local or international?
    Is your wealth being extracted; or, put back into your communities?

  2. marcos toledo

    This brings up the question of who are the real puppets and puppetmasters in Europe and in the Americas. This is not the first time that Europe has been flooded by foreigners since the waning days of the Roman Empire invaders have overrun Europe. Europe seems never to have learned to repel or to know how to absorb them they complain about them but have never seemed to setup a common defense. They would sooner stab each other in the back than block the invasion.

  3. This German confrontation over immigration smells like a ‘strategy’ used by the new Italian leadership:

    The new Italian government put-up a candidate that was superbly unacceptable to the Italian President. Therefore, the candidate was rejected. This, in turn, led to major tensions and a possible downfall of the President. Kind of a ‘passive-aggressive’ style of regime change: “It wasn’t my fault that my candidate got rejected; blame X…”

    Ms. Merkel seems to have been ‘set up’ in the same manner. Make an “innocent” – but hard-core – demand that she MUST refuse (refugees), and then use the resultant tensions to diminish her power or replace her. Might just work…

    (Joseph notes that various Ministers have taken to working together to end-run their leaders. I wonder if they learned this form of ‘op’ while working together…)

    1. Gos there is another connection here: 76 year-old Mr Mattarella, the Italian “figurehead” President, was Minister of Defence at the time of the Balkan wars 27 years ago favouring the German-Vatican move to partition Yugoslavia (and Kossovo is still in a mess). So don’t be surprised if he takes some sort of position regarding the “German Front”.

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