June 13, 2018 By Joseph P. Farrell

I don't know about you, but for me watching events in Europe these days is putting quite a dent in my budget, as my popcorn is now being delivered on pallets. And the problem is that there seems to be no rhyme nor reason to it. For one thing, Germany, or at least some segments of its media, appear to be taking a "tough" position vis-a-vis the new coalition in Rome by referring to the "moochers" of Rome, according to this article shared by Mr. H.B.:

Germany Points Finger At "Moochers Of Rome"

And in an unprecedented move, one story even has German troops moving up to the Brenner pass to help Austria police the border and prevent(!) refugees from streaming across the pass from Italy(article shared by Mr. T.L.):

Deutschland und Österreich verstärken Grenzkontrollen

And all this while the government of Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz is planning to expel some imams and close down some mosques in Austria for promoting radical Islam, and notably, the mosques have been tied to financing from ottomaniac Mr. Erdogan's Turkey(article shared by Ms. K.M.):

Austria's right-wing government plans to shut down seven mosques and expel up to 40 foreign-funded imams in crackdown against Islamist ideology

This of course isn't the first time that Austria has had some words about ottomania and Turkey; consider this to-the-point rant from the Austrian parliament a few years ago:

Well, they ignored this gentleman and his concerns, and now, Herr Kurz is Chancellor of Austria.

Now, you might be scratching your head while you're eating your popcorn, wondering, "Wait a minute, isn't Herr Kurz's government the same sort of 'right wing" and 'populist' disaster that Mad Madam Merkel was crowing about during her last election campaign? What, then, is Germany doing supporting the Austrian policy when the whole European refugee crisis can be laid squarely at the feet of Mad Madam Merkel and her lap poodles in Brussels? Apparently Germany can close the borders, particularly if they're next to Italy and even though they're Austria's borders and not Germany's. Is this Anschluss 2.0 or something? Apparently what's good for the German goose is not good for the Italian gander."

Well, if you're wondering that while you're eating your popcorn and watching the wonderful entertainment and soap opera that is the E.U., then join the club, because I am too.

But wait, there's more!

While Der Spiegel is complaining about the moochers of Rome, Mad Madam Merkel (according to this article shared by Mr. H.B.) is all kumbaya over M. Macron's proposals for a joint European military (which is what they've both wanted all along anyway):

Merkel Backs Macron's European Army Initiative

Oh how wunderbar! Perhaps Ms. Merkel will be the recipient of the Charlemagne Prize once again. (And, the idea occurs to me, that the E.U. needs a "Cardinal Richelieu Prize" for the European leader most successfully opposing Germany and/or the technocrats in Brussels. Perhaps M. Macron might consider Signor Conte, the new Italian prime minister, for the first award, or, as alternatives, Nigel Farage, Marine Le Pen, or Geert Wilders? But I digress.)

Oh, and speaking of Italy, I told you this was going to be fun, because the Italians, noting that the whole E.U. and euro serves the economic interests of Germany best, have come up with a novel proposal and, lest one think this is part of an opera in the amphitheater at Verona, they're entirely serious about it too. What's the proposal? Germany should leave the E.U., a "GEREXIT" so to speak, since the European Central Bank (conveniently located in Frankfurt) has been caught red-handed fiddling with Italian bonds(shared by Mr. L.G.R.), as in, not buying them:

Italians Angry After ECB Admits It Slashed Purchases Of Italian Debt During Latest Cris

Well, so much for quantitative easing. Apparently if one challenges the cultural suicide agenda of Mr. Globaloney, there won't be any "easing." Well, two can play that game, because Italy can either leave the eurozone, or, suggests Italian politician Paolo Savona, Germany can:

What Goes Around Comes Around In Spain

Now, if you're in Switzerland watching this crazy soap opera (Libretto by A. Merkel, music by A. Schoenberg, A. Berg, and I. Stravinsky), you might be suspecting that this disaster could all be laid at the feet of central banksters, and crony finance crapitalists like Darth Soros, and you'd be wondering what to do about it. You'd be right about your diagnosis of the vector of the disease, but that still leaves what to do about it? Well, one thing you might be thinking about is changing your whole world-famous banking system, and getting rid of the banksters' power to create money out of thin air, and nationizing that power and requiring a 100% reserve(article shared by Ms. K.M.):

Is Switzerland About To Create A New Banking System?

There's a lesson in here somewhere, and I suspect that it boils down to this: financial geopolitics and "central bankism", as we've seen it practiced by Mr. Globaloney, cannot afford to ignore culture. Perhaps that's why the Bilderbergers have invited a papal representative to their meeting this year.  Sadly, the papacy represents a hollowed out institution, and the rest of the churches of Europe, the same. Archbishop Welby of Canterbury, for example, has recently chattered in florescent rainbow colors about how lovely the whole E.U. idea was, comparing it favorably to the Roman empire, and of course dropping the favorite buzzwords of the Gramscian, "diversity" and "peace" &c &c &c:

Archbishop Justin Welby criticised over praise for EU

Perhaps all the E.U. really needs is a Fuehr...  er... Emperor to preside over restored gladitorial games, which can be televised on European television, and social status points can be awarded Chinese-style for watching them. Perhaps a few Christians and "Populists" can be sacrificed in those games in order to set the cultural suicide agenda back on course. Or perhaps what is needed is a restoration of that power still residing in Rome that claims a supremacy over it all to this day and that used to wear tiaras instead of pointed hats, which they lately adopted to reassure us all that they were no longer interested in their "past agendas", even while retaining all the language of the same as they were running as fast as possible form other signs and symbols of Roman Catholic tradition. Just think of the possibilities: an infallible, supreme and universal jurisdictional claim in the hands of Marxists and progressivists and banksters. It's got to bring a tear to Darth Soros' eye... oh, and lest we forget, there are some that believe that the current occupant of said spurious claims was, in fact, a "regime change" operation to bring about precisely that, an operation launched by... oh never mind.

Then there's the other possibility: perhaps the current roster of mediocrity in Europe's globaloney leadership simply needs to go.

See you on the flip side...