1. I dont know. I put a few hrs into her. Started getting the feeling the rambling nature was intentionally time vampiring. Did learn some things sooner by her tho. Like how to make a microwave gun out of an oven. She just felt too militant to b so impotent. Also too impractical 4 one so knowledgeable.

    1. Hard to come through what’s she’s been through w/o some effects/affects. A long learning process fraught with many more biblical trials & tribulations to test one’s moral mettle.

          1. Had the pest controllers round only a couple of weeks ago. The guy froze the nest. A few wasps flew out and he sprayed those too. It was from an aerosol can. May the same stuff which plumbers use to freeze pipes. He then took the nest away. I asked if that is the correct procedure because I had read that the nest should be left in situ as otherwise, the returning wasps would start a new nest. He said that it’s OK to remove the nest because it’s too late in the season for any remaining wasps to start a new nest. But if he had come earlier in the year, he would have left the nest in place.

    2. alright, finally getting to the rest of this vid. long and good. this is the most lucid and sharp i’ve heard doc h. she’s a good partner to bring out and highlight doc’s knowledge. valuable riffing back and forth. especially for those of us with limited exposure to germany and history.

  2. I’m into this interview and it’s spot on.
    I’ve read and am at treasure islands; no surprise.
    It’s typical plutocrim behavior/Daffy Duck despicable.
    Back to a super interview….

  3. Dude, if you gonna smoke then you would be well advised to take a tablespoon of carbon 60 olive oil (or avocado oil or coconut oil) every morning to help offset the negative effects of smoking. You are too valuable to loose to bad habits and carbon 60 is darn near close to a silver bullet.

    1. Oh, great interview, the object that hit the second tower on 9/11 was going at a speed of 580 mph. A 767 can only go that speed above 20,000 feet due to a lack of power and air resistance at sea level. So what happened to the three jets?

    2. “If your gonna smoke” – but then what to do about our polluted air and food, or the 24 hour surveillance system being put in place and the brain washing of our children to believe/obey to not think for themselves…. To never have known freedom and what it feels like.

  4. Sigh… This is how the Self-proclaim-ruling-elite treating the brilliant mind – “if you lucky you may get a desk….. otherwise you can only get a laptop…… “. I really feel sorry for those who has such brilliant mind and passion for their work, but being stoned badly with the reality and the bureaucratic idiots.

    No wonder the “someone-something” consider their paws or front men so incompetent, it is pushing the A.I. down to our throat.

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