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There's been a bit of a firestorm over this video, apparently made in 2015 by Buzz Aldrin. His family is insisting that it is dementia; after all, Aldrin is 88. And that, of course, puts my own speculations about his remarks made before going to Antarctica (and after) into a cocked hat, and may indicate he was speaking from an addle-minded state. On the other hand, there's always the possibility he wasn't, in which case, his scrambled diction may be indicating something else... (Thanks to Mr. V.T. and many other for sharing this story):

Buzz Aldrin on the Moon Landings: ‘We Didn’t Go There’




    1. Robert Barricklow

      He knew the question was loaded and probably took offense at the innocence that’s being played on…
      … all across the spinning globe.

  1. Robert Barricklow

    Sign of the, control the narrative, times.
    There is an approved kosher storyline that supports an illegitimate ruling elite, where money is master over mankind and/or life.
    As opposed to another possible narrative where

    man is master over money;
    in a living economy, where life is the sine qua non.

  2. Given that this society likes telling tales to reporting facts and so-called hoaxing-pranks. The author of Eaters Of The Dead writes of this in either prefix or suffix of that novel.

  3. Buzz knows what’s going on, and he’s happily played his part for 50 years now. I think he was having a senior moment.

  4. Put that in context with Dr Edgar Mitchell’s statement about life being present throughout the universe….
    Yeh.. so I heard.. We need to let everyone know about the big space aliens up there who are keeping us planet locked, so everyone understands why they’re not letting us go to the moon. Perhaps we should let them know we’ve been in contact since Tesla radioed Mars and they answered…. maybe they’ll let us back up into space if we act grown up about it and dont do a “time machine future” and blow up the moon because of extensive mining for H3.. but that’s just my over the top bonus added value..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAox-nDgkiM(sorry for the overdramatic music – footage ‘supposedly’ from A18 of ‘things moving about in space’ and STS-115.. wiki says that some foam blew off. They said reflective, non solid metal structure..)

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