The Nefarium, European branch, has been busy the past two weeks. And now they want to set up an alternative financial clearing system to the American dominated SWIFT system:


  1. I think the Europeans have been paying attention to William Engdahl and his outlook for another major collapse in the US monetary system soon. The Euros want to isolate themselves from any tsunami that may be in the offing and they want to do this fast. Very fast.

  2. Country simple the Americas are to be reduced to vassals which is what they have been for the last five hundred years. The difference is their enslavement will be more out in the open.

  3. If it is anything similar to the one China set up, which piggy backs on the SWIFT system (doh, more of the same thing) and whose board members are the same people, more or less, then what’s the point, really. James Corbett had a podcast on this Chinese system a while back which is well resourced.

  4. Agree with Joseph on much of the implications. Should be interesting, considering it is a split at a fundamental level of the bankster community…

    Ironically, this entire kerfuffle was set off by Israel (the powers who/which set up Israel). Iran was/is conforming to the nuclear agreement. However, Iran has also slowly become capable of building short/medium-range ballistic missiles. It now has the manufacturing ability to build them in quantity. Hence, Israel is feeling a bit Vulnerable (for a change).

    So, Bibi leaned on Donald to work this issue. The plan was to escalate the embargoes around the nuclear deal, and make Iran feel pain. Then, Donald was to settle for Iran dismantling its ability to build/field short/medium-range ballistic missiles. In short, the US bullies Iran for Israel’s interests. Iran’s nuclear compliance had nothing to do with it, except as a cynical bargaining chip. “By way of deception, thou shalt do war…”

    Fortunately or unfortunately, Iran refused to buckle. European financial/business interests began to take serious hurt from the embargoes. They began to rebel. (Trump insulting European heads of state did not help.) The neocons (the powers behind the neocons) doubled down, threatening sanctions against European firms. The Europeans finally expressed public disgust at being bullied. Quasi-SWIFTs, etc.

    Hmm, a world crisis so Israel (the powers who/which set up Israel) could feel safer. Worth it?

  5. Though the German government tries to keep a “moderate” face, there is no getting around that Berlin is promoting the new clearing system. While everything it does is for its own perceived benefit (despite “European” rhetoric), this time it also seems to be of benefit to the rest of the continent from smooth trade with Iran. In this respect the German-driven “Russia bashing” by people like Theresa “Treason” May is a joke, and the UK is interested in the “hard” issues involving cooperation with the Eurasian area and Russia.
    There is something that officialdom has not publicly mentioned, but if I have thought of it others have too: this new clearance system could also smooth the transition away from the monolithic “euro/mark”, to some sort of 2-tier euro system and/or a return to national currencies. It will do no good to anybody including Germany to simply have faster transport of goods produced in Asia at lower cost if internal purchasing power and domestic productivity in the European countries is stifled by an economic and monetary policy that Germany has used to suck wealth, production and workers out of the rest of Europe – a problem that politicians are hotly debating both in Italy and in France.

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