1. In Italy, 33% of prison inmates are foreign compared to 8% in the general population. Indictment rates for sexual assault are similar. With these facts, and lamestream media comments that “most rapists are actually Italian”, people in general are very restrained indeed, so much so that the media are continously but unsuccessfully trying to invent “racist incidents”.
    Libya is the key area for human trafficking of Africans to Europe; so far the new Italian government has, by turning back NGO ships and other measures, significantly reduced the flow of the people portrayed as “asylum seekers fleeing war” (overwhelmingly young males, patently “economic” migrants). The Nigerian president has slammed human trafficking, since that country has gangs specialized in “exporting” young women who are put to “work” on the streets under the control of protectors.
    Many of the others come from the “former” French colonies of the Sahel which are incredibly wealthy in resources such as gold, uranium and oil. The current French push for stronger control over Libya, after destroying and dividing the country a few years ago, is to join it with the “former” colonies of Chad and Niger (just look at a map). Italy is the fly in the Macron-Ròthschild ointment for historical and geographical reasons since Libya is just over the sea from Sicily, for its oil resources into which France has strong-armed its way, and finally for that unstable country’s role as a staging post for weaponized migration to Europe, mainly Italy.

  2. I think we are seeing a lay-people version of Max Planck’s old observation:
    “A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light; but rather its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.”

    The Europeans living under Soviet rule (and threat) are slowly dying off. It is now over a generation since the Soviet Union fell and fell apart. The overall ‘angst’ factor is diminishing accordingly. This is aided by Russian restraint when seriously provoked, and their civil responses rather than other’s blustering-threat ‘diplomacy’. To many younger types, the Russians are more seen as good-guys than bad-guys. Expect this to continue under Planck’s Rule…

    This is the groundwork within which present European ‘unrest’ is festering. The one thing I am wondering about is whether the PTB are really that dumb about human nature, or this is another long-term “Problem -> Reaction -> Solution” ploy to drive the integration of Eurasia as the next step to global integration…

  3. Robert Barricklow

    This looks more by design than otherwise.
    The internationalists are playing that immigration card
    too hard all across the globe.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Then there is that [$]election problem.
      Ask Greece who their [$]elected Reps actually Repre$ent?

  4. Given that the master of the EU is none other than Germany the rest of Europe has reason to be very afraid. Since from Kaiser Wilhelm II to Adolph Hitler Germany has been in bed with Turkic Islam if you were European would you trust them? And there has been a whole industry of dissing of the Roman Empire by the church, literature, film and television. While trying to steal its name and prestige witness the dissing of Russia Rome true heir envy and hatred, scorn is all that moves them.

  5. It is also important if S.D. does succeed, hopefully this will mean a new Prime Minister which is desperately needed. BTW, there are 8 political parties in Sweden. A new party has just formed that is more to the right than S.D. Many Swedes have lost faith the the leader in SD, claiming he is caving in more than what the right wants. So this new party was formed very recently to take the country farther right. Just like here when Trump was running & bogus poll numbers were being broadcast, the same psychology is being used by the media in Sweden.

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