December 7, 2018 By Joseph P. Farrell

In a world gone insane with scientismists and their schemes - witness only the recent story about spraying the atmosphere to dim the Sun to help combat "climate change" (what could possibly go wrong, huh?) long after the spraying has already commenced - comes this story shared by Ms. M.W. and many others, that the Pentagon is seeking to engineer oceanic life forms for a variety of purposes, one of which is to detect submarines:

The US Military Is Genetically Engineering New Life Forms To Detect Enemy Subs

I rank this one right up there with the military's attempts to bug cats and create miniature artificial insects with electronic eavesdropping capability - bugs with bugs - to literally be a fly on the wall to listen in to other people's conversations, or an effort from yesteryear to train dolphins with mines to blow up enemy ships, and so on.

But this one is genuinely disturbing:

The Naval Research Laboratory, or NRL, is supporting the research. Here’s how it would work: You take an abundant sea organism, like Marinobacter, and change its genetic makeup to react to certain substances left by enemy vessels, divers, or equipment. These could be metals, fuel exhaust, human DNA, or some molecule that’s not found naturally in the ocean but is associated with, say, diesel-powered submarines. The reaction could take the form of electron loss, which could be detectable to friendly sub drones.

“In an engineered context, we might take the ability of the microbes to give up electrons, then use [those electrons] to talk to something like an autonomous vehicle. Then you can start imagining that you can create an electrical signal when the bacteria encounters some molecule in their environment,” NRL researcher Sarah Glaven said at a November event put on by the Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Lab.

So there you have it: oceanic microbial life is to be weaponized and genetically engineered, in the world's oceans, already under siege from a variety of other problems. Chemtrail spraying is already occurring in many regions, and the heavy metal particulates rain down, and will eventually make their way to ... the oceans. Add to this the "dimming" and geoengineering such spraying already causes, and the complex ecosystem of the atmosphere is now going to be coupled to whatever unknown effects might result from engineering oceanic microbial life. Such life will be eaten by fishes, whales, and other aquatic life, and eventually, also make its way into the human food chain. Think of it as a kind of weaponized GMO for the oceans, and GMOs have been so fabulously successful, haven't they, with absolutely no long term environmental or health implications. One might dress up the GMO argument that the GMO potato is "substantially equivalent" to a normal potato, and therefore doesn't need to be regulated (except when it comes to the patent, of course), and suggest that any such engineered oceanic organisms are "substantially equivalent" to that produced by mother nature, and therefore that there are no reasons to be concerned about the long term effects. (Oh, and lest we forget, all this GMO substantial equivalence was argued to, and accepted by, the administration of the late G.H.W. Bush).

The problem, as always, seems to be that individual scientists, or teams of scientists on some project such as this, work in a vacuum; their projects are directed toward a limited set of goals, and no real thought is given to the long-term potential effects on complex ecosystems like the oceans, the atmosphere, the food supply, human health, and so on.

So, add it all up: chemtrails, metal particulates, drainage runoff of said particulates (and pesticides &c) into the oceans, tinkering with the atmosphere, genetically engineering organisms for the oceans...

What could possibly go wrong?

See you on the flip side...