1. Is it true that GHWB
    (1) was adopted by Prescott Bush.
    (2) his biological father was George H Scherff Sr, said to be Nicola Tesla’s right-hand man
    (3) murdered Nikola Tesla,
    as claimed by Covert Geopoltics?

    1. Sorry. Silly, careless me. Covert Geopolitics did not say that GHWB murdered Tesla. They reported that Hitler’s bodyguard, Otto Skorzeny, confessed to it. So much fog. So little light/discernment!

  2. Robert Barricklow

    A rat died.
    A big rat deal was made about it.
    Rat tears and rat cheers from the rat stands[no, not a country/a state of mind]
    All I can say about the link is its bat-*hit crazy.

  3. What we believe is of no consequence, it’s what they believe that matters, of course. Look at the world around you; something evil this way comes.

    1. Yes…your comment reminds of a couple of lines from a song by Sting…
      “Why does everybody look the other way when something wicked this way comes”
      “Everybody saw the big clock ticking… nobody knew the time”

      We are witnesses to a spiritual war.

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