February 15, 2019 By Joseph P. Farrell

So many people sent me this one that I have to talk about it, but my high octane speculation today may surprise some people. But we'll get back to that. For the moment, here's the story that caught many people's eye:

Baby body parts in 'humanized mice' experiments

What we are dealing with, in my opinion, is a kind of Frankenscience, a horrid quest to create chimerical creatures with no bow whatsoever to traditional morality or ethics.The attitude of some people seems to be, if we can do it, let's do it, no matter the human suffering it might cause. And as always, the "hook" seems to be something like, "but in the long run it might help people" in this case, HIV sufferers.

Consider this:

The American Center for Law and Justice has submitted to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease a Freedom of Information Act a request for documentation of its “humanized mice” program, which uses the body parts of aborted babies for “HIV therapeutics development.”

“First, the creation of mice with human immune systems is horrific enough, but that these mice are being created using the body parts of innocent babies is unthinkable,” the organization said Tuesday.

“Second, in contracting with UCSF, the NIH is creating and maintaining a demand in the market for aborted baby parts.

“Remember, federal government funds are U.S. taxpayer dollars. That is our money,” the group said.

The group cited reports from just months ago detailing “the incredibly disturbing experimentation currently being conducted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH): Using the body parts of aborted babies, the NIH is creating ‘humanized mice’ for ‘HIV therapeutics development.'”

Ok, we've seen and read stories like this before. But now, with the State of New York passing abortion legislation essentially allowing abortions to be performed - by virtually anyone - even during birth itself, and with Virginia governor Ralph Northam (D-VA) advocating "post birth abortions" or outright infanticide, with several other states lining up (New Mexico, Vermont, &c) to pass similar "laws", we have truly entered the realm of genocide. I've made my opposition to abortion clear here, and in other contexts, so there's no need to rehearse it again here, nor to rehearse again what I think of these people. To put it bluntly, they're ghouls, and if they serve any god other than themselves, it's Moloch.

The real question is why is there such a rush to this death cult? And here I want to indulge in my high octane speculation. There has been much speculation on the internet lately about "parabiosis" and "adrenochrome" (oxidized adrenalin, obtained from blood of people undergoing trauma of some sort), which supposedly gives its "consumers" a veritable "fountain of youth," rejuvenating cells, and prolonging life spans. We've also seen, recently, the breaking of a story about "John of God," a Brazilian "faith healer" who allegedly has been literally using women to produce babies to sell on the black market, for almost any purpose, from performing sexual favors to the rich, to harvesting them for their bodies parts and for purposes of parabiosis. We've seen others of "the elite" pushing the parabiosis meme. (See, for example: Peter Thiel Wants to Inject Himself With Young People’s Blood)
So what's my high octane speculation, my suspicion? Briefly, and bluntly, it's this: these people are trying to "secure their supply" by passing such outlandish, and genocidal, laws. It seems more than a little coincidental that this happened shortly before the State of the Union address, in which the President called for Congress to pass laws that would effectively challenge such state laws. In any case, whatever one might think of that "coincidence", the disturbing reality is that these people think this latest "scientific vampirism" and "scientific human sacrifice" gives them potential longevity, ghoulish though it may be, and they're willing to upend both law and morality, and any institutions that stand in their way, to get it.
Yea, I know that sounds outlandish and right off the end of the twig, but try as I might over the past few weeks, I cannot exorcize the thought from my mind.
See you on the flip side...