1. Robert Barricklow

    EU/Remember Italy your not sovereign. You were defeated in financial warfare; cloaked in a unified Europe concept.

    Geraci does the Gracchi Brothers proud [133BC, Rome].
    No doubt, the rest of the PIGS are going to line up at the One Belt/One Road trough.
    The road that controls central Eurasia?

  2. Whatever things Chineses will go to do can’t be worse than what americans did in the last 75 years, specially in Europe, stealing whatever things or goods they were, are and will be interested, by bullying, threats, etc. (when not doing coups, false flags, tension strategy by terrorism and in Italy there were many terrorist organizations created, supported, financed from CIA, and not only in Italy, think to Greece “colonels” regime or “communist” terrorism in West Germany!). So, why not tryiing to make deals with China which treats Italy as an equal and not as servant or as colony (that is the way of make deals with East and West European countries… by Usa), same for what concern Russia and the greatest statist seen in the last century, PUTIN Vladimir. Obviously we haven’t a watch in our neck, we are very expert of what awaiting us in that lake of sharks that is the world!…….
    Overall we don’t accept advises from american ignorant people that don’t know what they have in their nation, never mind what they know of Europe and Italy. Your mainstream media and perhaps also some independent media often, very often they understand nothing of what is happening in our continent, also of other continents. . . . . . . We leave very easy UK to your friendship

  3. anakephalaiosis

    The word “nation” is a bureaucratic term of papal origin, defining birth place of subjects.

    The process of uniting clans, into tribal identity under a banner, is based on kinship.

    Difference is, that former is an EU-controlled sector, whereas the latter is gathering of kin.

    1. Acknowledging that difference, are nation and clan (and race, religion, color, political party and football team) not just divide-and-conquer tools of the shepherds though?

  4. I think we have kind of an “enemy of my enemy is my friend” type of thing going-on here. It is obvious that Italy is restive at the constraints forced upon it by the bureaucrats in Brussels (or more accurately, by the 0.001%ers who ‘appointed’ the bureaucrats in Brussels). China is a way for Italy to ‘bond’ with a counteracting force…

    The big thing I wonder about is China’s underlying motives. Are they really being magnanimous, or is this a subtle control mechanism? I just picked-up another copy of John Perkin’s Confessions of an Economic Hit Man the other day. (The ‘theme’ was to look for a country in economic trouble [or make one], offer them big loans for an ‘economic uplift’ that would not pan out, and – when they inevitably were coming close to defaulting – “austerity” them and force them to sell-off any assets to foreign, ‘private’ concerns. Think Greece.) So, the big question is whether China is truly trying to “raise up” the country concerned – by injecting capital that is used to form valid, profitable businesses and repay the loans – or is China pursuing a more-subtle Economic Hit Man modus operandi ?

  5. I would warn the Italians that, if they let China into their country, China will conduct intellectual property theft, insert Chinese companies (read Chinese government/military), bribe government officials and generally do what they have been doing in the USA for decades. So, negotiate with care and eyes wide open and close monitoring of affairs.

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