If you're following the story about the attacks on the tankers in the Persian Gulf, then you'll want to read today's story, and the article from the Saker linked in today's "Tidbits", for there appear to be more holes in the story than in the ships themselves. The US-based narrative is saying that the attacks were caused by mines.

But Japan is saying "not so fast" according to this story from Zero Hedge shared by G.B.:

Japanese Tanker Owner Denies Ship Hit By Mine, Says Crew Saw "Flying Objects" Before Attack

What's interesting here is to compare this story to the picture of the "mine" which appears in The Saker article linked in the Tidbit, which pictures a "triangular" shaped object allegedly the "mine", and clearly this is above the waterline. I suppose one could "nitpick" here and call any explosive device attached to an object a "mine", but in conventional usage, a mine is indeed an underwater object designed to detonate below a ship's waterline.   But even that is not what Japan is saying:

For a moment on Thursday, it appeared that the US Navy had produced the 'smoking gun' to which Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had alluded during his statement from earlier in the day: CENTCOM footage which the Navy said purported to show Iran's IRGC 'caught in the act' of trying to remove an unexploded  mine from the Kokuka Courageous, one of the two tankers damaged in Thursday's attacks.

CENTCOM said the video it released showed the IRGC removing an unexploded limpet mine from the side of one of the tankers, suggesting Tehran had sought to remove evidence from the scene.

After the video's release, Iran continued to deny any involvement in the attacks. And perhaps now we know why.

In comments that cast the entire narrative promulgated by the US in doubt, Yutaka Katada, the president of Kokuka Sangyo, the owner and operator of the Kokuka Courageous, said Friday that he doesn't completely believe Washington's version of events.

Instead, he said the vessel wasn't damaged by a mine, but by some kind of projectile, like, say, a torpedo. He called reports of a mine attack "false." One reason is because a mine doesn't damage a ship above sea level, like what was seen with the Courageous.

"A mine doesn’t damage a ship above sea level," said Yutaka Katada, president of Kokuka Sangyo, the owner and operator of the vessel. "We aren’t sure exactly what hit, but it was something flying towards the ship," he said. (Italicized emphasis added)

So, the owner of the Japanese tanker that was hit in last week's attacks is stating that it was a flying projectile of some sort, not a mine, and that implies an artillery projectile, a missile, or a drone.

So, look what we have: (1) a claim by the owner of the Japanese tanker, and its crew, that some sort of projectile hit the ship, not a mine, contradicting the American version of events, and (2) the unlikelihood that Iran would conduct an attack on a Japanese tanker while the Japanese premier was on an official visit to Tehran. Thus, if we're to believe the "narrative" coming out of the USA, Iran fired "something" at the tanker while Japan's premier was on a diplomatic visit to that country.

The problem with that whole picture is, of course, that Iran would be running an extreme risk by attacking the ship of a nation - Japan - that is not even hostile to Iran while its premier is visiting, and that Japan would inevitably find out about the attack. If indeed Japan had even remotely suspected this scenario, then Tokyo would already have registered some sort of politely but firmly worded official protest with Tehran, which it has not done. So far, the silence, in other words, is deafening.

But I strongly suspect that with Yutaka Katada's comments, Tokyo has already signaled its response unofficially, for it is difficult to believe that in a government as tightly run as the Japanese, that Katada's remarks were not "cleared" beforehand. And in this instance, registering an unofficial objection to the American narrative via a private corporation rather than through "official channels" would be a very Japanese way of sending the message "we know the narrative is nonsense, but we're not going to embarrass you publicly by stating it officially."

For the moment, then, I am sticking with my high octane speculation that this event may have originated from elsewhere, and principally from rogue elements in The Swamp and their proxies in the region.

You know who I mean.

See you on the flip side...


  1. They limpet mines were used. Limpet mines are explosive devices that are physically placed on a ship’s hull by a diver or other means. they are attached with magnets above or below the waterline

  2. Ladies and gentlemen, are we not within an important juncture in the occult calendar? It’s the summer solstice season requiring a sacrifices within some pagan tradition. For whatever reason these people love to select occult holidays to maximize their mayhem.

    1. I checked the astrological calendar for giggles and grins and found the following few items:

      June 17: Full Moon in Sagittarius: This is the best time to finish what has been left undone, especially in areas of learning and travel.

      June 19: Mars in Cancer opposition to Pluto in Capricorn: usually an aggressive and explosive aspect, it has a silver lining since both planets are operating at full capacity.

      June 21: Summer solstice / Sun enters Cancer: On this day the sun reaches it’s highest point in the sky, making it one of the most fertile times of the year.

      June 21: Neptune goes retrograde in Pieces: the next few months will be a good time to open your eyes to realities and turn inward for answers.

      June 26: Mercury enters Leo: For the next few weeks communications are overly dramatic, bold and passionate.

      These people love their occultism! Are we entering a season of intense propaganda?

    1. Point taken, Pierre. But their involvement might be different than you think. Mafiosi fight among themselves all the time. With your emphasis on tracking bloodlines its well known since their feuds often included significant collateral damage. As I said all our dots should be on the table now.

    1. wonder what percentage of the world recognize it. the growing obvious nature feels like a tactical blunder, even and perhaps especially with such tech / financial / military advantage. think any nippon residents saw any pg&e contractors working in the area just before hand? (although it’s probably a good bet there were chemtrails aplenty).

      1. Is it a tactical blunder, or is it instead a reflection of their tram-line, creative-free thinking? Is human consciousness rising faster than they can adapt to it?

    2. I suppose this earthquake affecting Japan could be a coincidence–but I doubt it. The fact that Iran shot down a drone further confirms that someone within the US Deep State continues to play their high-stakes game with Iran. As some have suggested this could be related to monetary policy, but I think the game is much bigger now. When a hurricane takes a 90 degree turn in NYC just before a major event on an important numerological date in 2001, I stopped believing in coincidences. I’m sorry. Everything is now on the table. It’s time we all start sharing our dot collecting activities.

  3. I’ve been around long enough to have seen this show play out several times before. A “terrorist state” (i.e., one that doesn’t have a fiat central bank and is in the way of a certain ME regime’s ambitions) is targeted for a take-down.

    Incubators, WMDs, terrorists, yada-yada, then the ginned up “aggression” which justifies the attack, always with a “coalition.”

    Here we go again.

    1. basta, you have nailed the perfect definition of a “terrorist state.” Kudos.

      (I do wonder about the exchange-systems being set-up outside of fiat central bank control. Semi-barter. The one thing that the banksters will not tolerate is a loss of control over financial matters. Interesting times…)

      1. facebook money. china and probably japan now will be sending emoticons with their libra payments. how exactly will they set the libra spot in london every morning? and who will rottenchildren have print fiat libra into existence?

    2. Here we go in a long line of agains indeed; but, this time, the false-flag nature of these outrages has entered the consciousness of a growing proprortion of humanity. Were, eg, The Gulf of Tonkin or USS Liberty incidents widely denounced and ridiculed as false flags on the day they happened? No. I wonder what difference, if any, that will make this time?

      1. as ever foglamp, gotta agree and take it further. talked with my navy vet father in law before he passed. signed up with the other 90+% of ussa males day after pearl. we had been talking about false flags. pointed out to him probabilities of kimmel and shore being scapegoated. that roosevelt and his staff knew and withheld warnings until too late. that their fleet positioning orders were obscenely wrong and had to be repeatedly rammed down kimmel’s throat. my most respected pater in law replied without flinch. “we knew. we all knew.” he signed up next day with his 3 brothers and all their friends. everyone knew. they all felt they had only one option. curious what option folk in this time will feel they have.

        anyone paying attention to vaccine laws and their rate and direction of change lately? and the 4 companies controlling that? and their histories? and what we’re doing about it?

  4. It’s “Gulf of Tonkin” redux and I point the finger at Bolton, the war-monger!

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Paint the U.S. Liberty perps onto a
      21st Century Gulf of Tonkin/Oman canvas.

  5. Robert Barricklow

    It’s getting to be the Washington version is an ipso facto Hollywooded version w/special effects to enhance the tinsel town script.
    Of course, no American can fault Israel in this false flag; unless, of course, they’re in an American State that still enjoys a free press and/or 1st amendment right of free speech, w/o regards to the Israel goose-stepping lobbyist ex-pre$$.

  6. anakephalaiosis

    Latest version of
    potty training manual
    has hole in bucket.

  7. My goodness… I wonder who has a proven track record of attacking ships of ‘friends’ and using it as leverage to make them go to war.. USS Liberty mean anything to ya? But this time, you havent got a murdering psychopath (anyone who needs his predecessors widow standing next to him whilst she still has her husbands brains staining her dress… is a psychopath, laughing and champagne..) ……as a president, nor an active satanist as a defense secretary. Yes Check out McNamara and Lucis Trust. (….
    Anyway.. everyone knows who did this and why..
    Stupid Kabal. Everyone sees you now. Using the same tactics over and over and over and over…

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Yes, the U.S. Liberty.
      Perfect example of what really happens behind the Hollywood truth screens of “our” free pre$$.

  8. Are we getting better at finding and joining the dots, or are they becoming more brazen in the cartoon-ish events they stage for us? Hopefully, it’s the former and their lack of creativity is catching up with them. But the word “trap” keeps popping into my head….

    1. A bit of both, perhaps. That little incident I keep referring to in NYC back in 2001 changed everything. The day after the event, as I sat at a pizzeria across from the NYC Supreme Court building, my friend asked me what I thought of the previous days events. I told him then, “this has the smell of the JFK event to it. They story they will tell is preposterous. Do you honestly believe ObL could have done this? If you believe LHO murdered JFK then this is possible. Outrageous claims require clear proof. I’ll keep my options open.” I’ve not seen one shred of evidence to validate the official narrative yet. Why would this one prove any different? They are more brazen and we are much smarter!

      1. Robert Barricklow

        I saw the power taking those towers going down…
        and commensurate powers of the perp$ going up.

        “They’re signature writ boldly globally.

    2. I apologize for the grammatical errors and sloppy editing, but I’m multitasking again–with too many interruptions to remain fully accurate with the editing.

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