September 20, 2019 By Joseph P. Farrell

I'm so angry today that what I want to talk about - pitchforks and ropes and the "g" word and artillery - is what I can't talk about.

But what we can do is take a page from the New Age Gnostic Pabulum-Puking Nonsense that the Lunatic Swamis on the Lamestream corporate media or in the Quackademies are always urging we do: so let's "clear our minds" from "the internal dialogue" and "focus" and "visualize" and reach "higher dimensions" of a "raised consciousness". Visualize a three t0 four story brick building, covered in ivy, with little gun ports windows in the distance across a body of water, with the Stars and Stripes flying proudly from the tax-payer-funded flagpole. Visualize yourself peering through your telescope or binoculars, and telling your battery commander that he may open fire on the structure in the distance with his 60 and 100 pounders. Of course, Fort Sumter isn't the modern American Quackademy, but it might as well be, because the latter is far more secure and oblivious to the society at large, and unlike General Beauregard, we don't have any 60 or 100 pounders.  Ahh, but we can all dream...

So, keep that visualization exercise in mind, and instead of not talking about that, I'm going to have another rant about Amairikuhn edgykayshun, because (1) it's been a long time since I've ranted about it, and (2) Amairkuhn edgykayshun, and its "higher" edgykayshunal establishmunts in the quackademy are only "higher" in the sense that the drugs used are harder than the Ritalin and Adderall that the edugarchy is pushing on skool childrun below collage age (and, fancy that, the graduates of the quackademy who programmed the spell- and grammar-checkers for this program I'm using to write this blog didn't even underline "collage" in this sentence with a blue line to indicate improper use of a word. Go figure); and (3) because the evidence continues to mount that from any traditional point of view, these institutions are utterly corrupted and academically fraudulent and socially dangerous.

Just keep that visualization exercise in mind as you read this article, shared by both S.D. and V.T.:

The Normalization of Pedophilia is Underway, and a California University Is Already Trying to Push It On Students

Yes, that's right: the Quackademy has(1) teamed up with (2) Nuttyfornia at (3) the taxpayer expense to (4) hire some swamis to (5) sell the snake oil that pedophilia is a legitimate sexual orientation. And as all societal ills seem to spread from that rotten head (Nuttyfornia) to the rest of the country, it will only be a matter of time before this nonsense comes to a "community collage" near you (see? the grammar checker failed again!). Of course, what's not mentioned in the quackademy is the damage this will do to our already damaged Nuttyfornia children, who are exceedingly lucky they weren't born in Virginia, whose governor might have decided to spare them the suffering of being subjected to this claptrap by performing his applauded post-natal abortions (that's infanticide, for those of you still living in the State of Reality), after appropriate "counseling".

The real question is why this is being permitted. Well, beyond the fact that the students didn't get up and walk out of the classroom in disgust protesting this sewage, or that parents haven't stormed the administrative Bastille that permits it, and demanded everyone involved with it be fired, the deeper reason remains untouched. And that deeper reason forms part of today's high octane speculative rant. I strongly suspect that there is a perfectly clear and obviously nefarious purpose to all of this, and that's those networks of human and child trafficking and sex slavery that have been making the news since the Franklin Scandal erupted in the 1990s and reached all the way into the White House of King G.H.W. Schrubb. They've taken a page from the drug legalization movement. Have a drug problem? Simply legalize it. Pronounce it "ok" and, by the Gnostic logic driving the same, it is "ok." Pronounce pedophilia a "legitimate sexual orientation", and voila, it's suddenly ok. In those sick and twisted lights, the Jeffrey Epstein's of the world aren't criminals, they're (martyred) pioneers. In a world without virtue, there are no sins, merely values and "orientations" and "lifestyles."

And prosecution won't occur if enough "expert" swamis from the quackademy can convince people in places like Nuttyfornia or Virginia or (worse) Swampington, D.C., to change the law and legalize it.

See you on the flip side...