October 14, 2019 By Joseph P. Farrell

This is one of those weeks that it's literally difficult to try to select what stories to blog about, because there have been so many great submissions by readers of this site of articles and stories to choose from. But one story was not difficult to select, because readers of this site who live in California have flooded my inbox with a veritable gale of articles, plus their own questions, commentaries, and observations. I am going to do my best to summarize those in today's blog, and to share their observations, questions, and commentaries.

By way of context, just last week I blogged about Pacific Graft and Emoluments...er... Pacific Gas and Electric's "preemptive blackout" of communities in and around the San Francisco bay area - excepting San Francisco and Scarymental itself of course - and offered the suggestion that if fires still started when no power was going through the lines, then we were dealing with more or less a cover story. But at the basic level of the public narrative, one might question whether PG&E is even responsible for the mess, rather than highly questionable environmental policies which have prevented it from adequately trimming of undergrowth and brush.  The blackout policy was not confined to the bay area, as various people in southern California that I know also indicated to me that they also received notices that their power might be shut off "to prevent fires."

First, a word of thanks to V.T., C.V., G.B., S.H. and many others who shared articles.

With all this said, let's dive in.

The blackout has been accompanied by a wave of new policies and observations, not the least of which were impositions of curfews in selected localities, and by the state of California suddenly severing ties with the ham radio repeaters networks, to the astonishing discovery that solar panels and electric cars weren't of much use during blackouts, to the observation that fires also seem to start around homeless encampments (surprise surprise):

LA wildfires continue to rage: Blazes that have killed three and forced more than 100,000 to evacuate move across Southern California, as it's revealed an electrical tower may be to blame and PG&E restores power for two million in the north

Electric-Car Owners Hard Hit by Massive California Power Shutdown

California Officials declare Ham Radio no longer a benefit; Demands Ham radio repeater infrastructure to be Removed

Of course, there's nothing suspicious whatsoever about the state shutting down its ties to the state's ham radio operators in the middle of a preemptive blackout to supposedly lessen the risk of catastrophic fires that might require a redundancy in the emergency communications network, like ... maybe... ham radio operators. On the other hand, there are indications that this story is false, and has been debunked. On this one you pay your money and take your choice.

But one of the most interesting articles was this one, which even attempted to connect the story to the whole "Q" phenomenon, and to President Trump's shutting the Chinese out of American ports (and regular readers of this site will be aware that the whole "Q" phenomenon is not something that I subscribe to):

California Power Shutoff & Chinese Port Scandal

Setting aside this article's whole speculation about the Chinese port access matter, and the references to the "Q" phenomenon, the article does make an interesting point about the weird sequence of events:

1.) With the power outages and reports of strange activity coming out of California. I thought it made sense to look at it through the looking glass...
2.) "Watch CA" stuck in my mind... we've got a MAJOR power outage, scheduled, fires that immediately began and strange reports of curfews...
Let's check it out!
3.) So... a power outage is scheduled? And then fires IMMEDIATELY break out in multiple regions?
4.) There is a curfew: https://californiaglobe.com/section-2/california-city-imposing-curfew-during-power-outages-to-prevent-crime/ 
But that could be explained by the massive power outages... as a crime circumvention method.
And just to throw in my two cents of high octane speculation, while curfews might be rationalized as a crime prevention safeguard, they could also just as easily function as a method for "whomever" to commit crimes, like, say, starting fires. Just a thought. To continue:
5.) Here's the weird part. Only a few hours ago, CNN, who is BARELY covering this at all... put up an article detailing only the power outage.https://www.cnn.com/2019/10/10/us/pge-power-outage-thursday/index.html 
But NOT mentioning the fires? What?
6.) Look at their trends? What? This is it? Before the CA fires were perpetually covered... and now, nothing?
And the website source of that article isn't holding back on its own high octane speculation about what's really going on:
Now, needless to say, I am not buying any explanation coming out of the state government of California. There have been simply too many suspicious things associated with the previous fires, not to mention the anomalies Californians themselves have noticed and observed and posted on the internet, including pictures and videos of some mighty strange things. For example, most of us will remember those pictures from the previous fires of burned out flattened buildings, while nearby said totally destroyed buildings, oftentimes there were trees or shrubs that appeared almost totally unscathed by any fire, much less by any ambient heat. Then there were the pictures and videos of melted steel, guard rails, and asphalt at bridges, with - again - nearby trees and shrubbery left unburned. Or of houses where the fires appear to have been started near the electrical meters.
All those things led me to speculate that high power microwave interferometry may have been involved in burning out buildings, while leaving the trees and brush unscathed. (In that respect, remember some of those videos of brush that had been twisted by something, another indicator of microwaves). And in the case of the fires apparently started near electrical meters in homes, I also advanced the speculation that the power grid itself was being used as a kind broadcast mechanism to start fires selectively.
I'm not going to repeat those speculations here. But since we're walking off the end of the twig of high octane speculation, I want to advance yet another of my suspicions that to my knowledge no one else has yet advanced, and that I think may be related in some form or fashion to this latest round of high strangeness:
Do you recall the attack a few years ago on the electrical substation at the southern end of the Silicon Valley? According to the reports at the time, a team of people penetrated an electrical power transforming substation, and shot it up with such precision that the FBI and local law enforcement concluded that it was done by a professional team. Interesting too is the fact that we've heard little to no follow-up of that investigation. Might that team, in addition to shooting up specific equipment designed to take out the substation have also installed some equipment that has been overlooked? Or was this hit a training drill of some sort? Or a message being sent by "someone" to the moguls of Silicon Valley? I don't know, but given all the other high strangeness in that state, and particularly with the association of the fires with electrical equipment, with the public narrative of power lines sparking fires, and with my own high octane speculations about the use of exotic technologies and techniques to start them, a connection between the two does seem to be at least possible.
Then, after that strange attack, there were two other strange events that again to my mind raise the possibility that there may be a connection: in addition to the attack on the electrical substation, readers might recall two other strange incidents that occurred within a few weeks of each other: the first was an attack on underground internet cables in San Francisco, where again, what appears to have been a very well-informed professional team gained access to the underground tunnels, and literally severed the internet cables servicing many businesses and government agencies. In the same time frame of a few weeks, a similar operation was conducted on severing internet cables between Flagstaff and Phoenix, Arizona.
Why do I think there might be a connection to those events and this latest strangeness of deliberate blackouts, curfews, and fires? Because as noted above, the State government of Nuttyfornia has severed its ties with California ham radio operators: in other words, the redundancy in the emergency communications system has had a major component cut away from it, leaving the other sources of information confined to radio and television networks, and the internet. And if one can take down the internet by coordinated attacks at select exchanges and network gatekeeping computers, that would leave only the radio and television networks, and hey, isn't it interesting how recent years have shown that they can be completely trusted? Especially when they work in conjunction with the government?
See you on the flip side...