October 18, 2019 By Joseph P. Farrell

As I mentioned in Thursday's News and Views, the likelihood is I will have to travel for a couple of days, and this will mean there will likely be no blogs for at least a couple of days next week. I will however have my laptop with me to keep an eye on the website  and to sort articles coming in. Accordingly I'm moving this week's honorable mentions up from Saturday to today. Thanks for your patience folks. Thanks to V.T., M.H., H.A.H., B.H.,  and S.D.  who shared the following articles:

People Who Vanished Into Thin Air at the Michigan Triangle


Is this photoshopped? or real?

An oval like cloud spotted over Reykjavík Iceland this morning. from interestingasfuck

Historic Midwest Blizzard Has Farmers Seeing "Massive Crop Losses...As Devastating As We've Ever Seen"

And some California fires theories:

Sinister Signs Globalists Have The United Nations Agendas On The Fast Track With Seeds Being Planted To Sow Chaos

And a contrary opinion: