November 20, 2019 By Joseph P. Farrell

Regular readers here know I rarely post videos or tweets as the main subject of a blog, and the reason for that is quite simple: if you  get on average of 100 emails per day, and if all of them contained videos that everyone claimed was "so important that I know you'll want to watch this one even though you don't watch videos," I'd get very little done. It takes me far less time to scan through an article in a few seconds, than to watch a video of several minutes. Additionally, the problem with referencing a video is that you have to provide a time stamp for people for the specific point one wants to reference. 99% of all emails containing videos get immediately deleted. I simply don't watch them. And finally, I have this innate skepticism when it comes to video or photographic "proof" of anything. Things can be faked.

But... occasionally I do, and even more rarely, I blog about them, and this is one such case. It may indeed prove to be one of those occasional fakes that make the rounds on the internet, and if that should prove to be the case, we can all have a good laugh at my expense and then move along.

This one, however, really caught my eye and I rather suspect it will yours as well. And it's the subject of our trademark High Octane Speculation for today. It was shared by C.V., and it concerns some highly unusual footage of what is claimed to be a Space X rocket launch:

Now, it should be pointed out that the video is coming from one of those flat earth websites, and they of course have their own agendas, in this case made clear by the quotations "Does it look like it is hitting something? Maybe a barrier some people call a Firmament or a Dome?" Well, sorry, I'm not a flat earther of a firmamenter or anything of the sort. There are other kinds of "domes" that one can envision, and these fall under the heading of "Tesla stuff", and have been amply catalogued in the various books and papers of Lt. Col. (US Army, Ret) Tom Bearden. There are reports of such "energetic domes" even as far back as World War Two, and I have chronicled a couple of these in my books. One concerned the strange case of a dome being seen in 1943 during the Russian counteroffensive after Stalingrad. A dome was seen by Russian troops over the suspected position of a German infantry regiment. When the Russians arrived at the position, the Germans were found dead, and all the ammunition in their magazines and belts had exploded. Another episode close to the end of the war recorded an American bomber flying into a "dome", and simply disappearing. No wreckage, no debris, no nothing. Tall tales? Reality? I don't know. But they're worth mentioning.

Whatever one makes of such anecdotal reports, something like that appears to be the case here. What intrigues me about the video is the context in which the video might be viewed, and no, it's not flat earth or firmaments or such nonsense. Let's go back to the Chelyabinsk Meteor Incident. Recall that a month prior to the incident, Russian prime minister Dmitri Medvedev went  on Russian television, calling for an asteroid defense shield be built for planetary defense, and called on the major powers of the world to cooperate in building it. Then he went on to say that if they didn't, Russia would have to proceed on its own, and do so. Asked what weapons might work, Medvedev opined that Russia's ICBMs and thermonuclear weapons could do the trick, and if that wasn't possible, then it had "other means" of doing so, which means were left conveniently unspecified. A month later, as if on cue, the Chelyabinsk Meteor appeared.

Then there were those strange tweets and remarks from President Trump about the USA not needing nuclear weapons anymore to wreak wholesale regional destruction. And oh, yea, we need "another space force." Another??!? You mean, the one we have now isn't adequate? And then came that strange tweet about "invisible" weapons. "Energetic domes" might fit that bill. And while we're flaying away in midair with our speculations, let's not forget that now-famous NASA Space shuttle video (number 48), showing nice UFOs moving in strange patterns, until something on the Earth's surface shoots at one of them, which little dot of light then executes a nifty right angle turn and shoots off into space.

All this, we were told, was "ice crystals" from a urine dump, until Dr. Jack Krasher, a physicist with the University of Nebraska, quickly and deftly disposed of that explanation.

So what are we looking at here? Well, if it's not a fake, then I don't know. Except I'm willing to wager that it's not "evidence" of firmaments or flat earth, and more likely a test of some sort. Of an energy shield, possibly. A little "demonstration" to someone by someone...

But this may be a case of You Tell Me...

See you on the flip side...