I'm constantly amazed at the information that people email to me, but this one is a whopper doozie spotted by V.S. I've already blogged about the arrest of Dr. Charles Lieber of Harvard, and about this strange tie to the Wuhan University of Technology. But there's more lurking in the background of that Harvard connection than meets the eye, and I just have to share this one:

Wuhan Coronavirus, Jeffrey Epstein, and Harvard University from conspiracy

There you have it. So it's important to review what this article is saying: Dr. Lieber worked at the same university as Drs Church and Nowak, both known associates of Jeffrey Epstein and recipients of his largesse. Given the nature of their work, it strains credibility to assume that Lieber was unaware of their work or they of his. They are, after all, all faculty members working in more or less the same broad discipline. As they article makes clear, all were working in aspects of modifying biology and doing genetic engineering, all areas of obvious biowarfare implications. All of this raises some intriguing high octane speculations and questions:

1) Why would professors, who are recipients of government funds for research, also take private funding in the millions from Epstein? Did they need it? And was Epstein in fact laundering money for other interests in sponsoring this research? And does that mean that their are private interests trying to obtain a biowarfare capability? Their taking of Epstein money on an individual basis was quite probably entirely innocent. But it's the overall pattern of a Harvard connection that I find highly odd.

2) Do these questions in their turn indicate that all of China is being turned into a biowarfare, economic warfare, and social engineering experiment?

In respect to these questions, the article itself asks a highly pertinent question regarding Dr. Lieber toward the end of the piece:

Why  would someone (Lieber) getting $10 million plus from the U.S. funding agencies go through the hassle of setting up a secret lab in another country and risk his entire life's work for less money. What was he doing there exactly?

Indeed, and for whom was he really doing it? China? Harvard? Some private international interest?

Like the author of the article, I eagerly await for more details to come out. In the connection to the idea of some private international interest however, I'm reminded of a detail that occurred prior to 9/11, when Russian economist Dr. Tatiana Koryagina mentioned in Pravda, prior to the events of 9/11, that the US would shortly be attacked on its own soil by a private group with assets in the trillions of dollars. Recently, Harvard took its funding entirely black, and I have to wonder, in the light of this article, if it is one of the crucial "fronts" or "nodes" for some sort of private network. Would it be involved in such activities as a massive social engineering experiment?

Well, as I detailed with co-author Gary Lawrence in our book Rotten to the (Common) Core, another Harvard chemist - indeed, a former president of the institution - comes to mind: Dr. James Conant Bryant, and with him, the answer to that question is a resounding yes.

See you on the flip side...


  1. Create a problem once you have the solution.Await a public outcry and then offer the answer,once you’ve milked all systems.Seems like a plan?

  2. Is there anyway to know if the outbreaks are more prevalent where 5g has rolled out? Someone was saying it is rolling out in Houston.

  3. Quote: 2) Do these questions in their turn indicate that all of China is being turned into a biowarfare, economic warfare, and social engineering experiment? End Quote

    My biggest curiosity is whoever plan and conducted this biowarfare, economic warfare, and social engineering experiment ….. did “they” get the kind of result they predicted?

    1. If that result is greater tyrannical power throughout media, medical and legal systems, then your answer is probably yes.

  4. In my opinion, I think Jeffrey Epstein was a straw man. He was a perfect candidate with sexual perversions which could be used to dispose of him when the time came.
    Excellent article and disclosure. Thank you so much

    1. Or a monster until his work got handed off to someone else we do not know yet. Then his identity is ended, he dissappears from public view and his reputation is strawmanned?

  5. Loxie Lou Davie

    Does anyone recall the interview done by Bill Ryan with an “insider” about the Anglo-Saxon Agenda? One person laughingly said, “China will catch a cold.”

    In view of what was just said in the above articles, I have to conclude that we “normies” have NO clue as to what has been going on since WW II. We don’t even know exactly “who” is in charge of this planet…..do we??? Belief Systems of whatever persuasion are, at best, a band aid solution to give one the feeling of “being safe”!! IMHO

    What IS this group that operates outside of all national & “human” constraints??

  6. As dr. Farrell often says “nothing surprises me about “these” people”. Same here. To me the whole corona virus situation is beginning to shape like new style of “rape of Russia “. American empire can not allow a completion of New Silk Road . It is a grave thread to its existence. How can you stop it in a most efficient quick way when you deal with 1.4bln people. Biowarfare comes in mind instantaneous. In case of Russia all you needed was to bribe couple hundreds treasonous top level party officials so West can buy country on the chip. China is another ball game and it is just beginning.

    1. Bioweapon does not need to be real if it is convincing enough to justify instantly built crematoria disguised as emergency hospitals.

    1. Read a few links in past few days that are reinforced by what we saw in Brazil masked as a Zika virus outbreak.

      Determining the difference between a virus, a retrovirus and a plain old strand of DNA or RNA for that matter is not a minor quick and easy think. It’s not just a couple days of lab work. And finding that culprit strand in a sick person is in itself no small task.

      Remember when those brown women from a poor ghetto (with pesticide poisoned drinking water – aka surrounding swamp) in a city in Brazil giving birth to all those babies with microencephaly? (See Sumitomo and the pesticide with Monsanto licensure used to kill the mosquitoes right before their tragedy)

      If my memory is correct it took a mere matter of days to determine that the monster cause was the Zika virus – a virus generations old that had never before and has never since caused microencephaly in any mammal.

      Now we have a monster virus causing pneumoniac deaths in a city who’s occupants have been damaging their lungs for at least a decade. A virus that took mere days to find and isolate and blame for all the damage inflicted by poor nutrition and horrific pollution for years.

      It’s all good though. Woke media will censor anyone who doubts the Pravda line coming out now from all corporate sources. And google will make it progressively harder to find related stories from any sources we are not already subscribed to.

      How’s that old saw go? To understand who the oppressor is, find out who no one is able to criticize?

      1. Jim Stone noted that the mothers of all those babies with microencephaly had been given ‘vaccinations’ in a local area that just happened to match-up perfectly with the deformed babies…

  7. werent they just trying to genetically engineer pretty girls and boys who did not grow up, and could serve on Epstein’s Island indefinitely, or gotten tired of.? call it a PAN-demic.
    every one of those wet markets should have a level 4 lab next to it.

  8. Andromeda Strain anyone mass murder by corporation, the one institution that has all the power of a state and none of the responsibilities of one. This does bring up the question of what despicable deed did not bear the fingerprints of Jeffrey Epstein.

  9. If you look at the resolved cases(ration of those who got better vs. died); the death rate is halfway between a third to a half are dying. The total number affected are just those still fighting for their lives. A third will probably die if the resolved ratio remains the same. Thus border closings and why this is more than just an excercise. Better prepare folks!

    1. According to my knowledge, the total confirm case is 20472, death 426, recovered and discharged 649, here is a break down of each area’s detail


      This virus post extreme danger to elderly or chronic illness people, the current Chinese treatment is boost patient’s immune system, it works very well, even Thailand has 8% recovery.

      As your half of dying and fighting for their lives, where dose your data coming from? Do you have prove of the situation you are talking about?

      Here is an interview of one of those higher ranking official from The National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China, he explain and update the current situation, treatment, and prevention of this virus.


      Earlier in one of Elana Freeland Sub Rosa America FB’s post even go as far as the China government executing coronavirus patient, also accusing the hospital is packed with dead body no one is taking care of, everyone is in extreme panic.

      The Chinese medical staffs wearing protective gear like those of who working with Ebola, when there is a unfortunate coronavirus patient deceased, the government will shorten the procedure and quickly cremate the body, those who participated the cremation also wearing full protective gear to prevent catching the virus, cremation also prevent any possible leak of the coronavirus.

      The rate of this virus spreading is currently shows a sign of slowing down, however the Leader in the prevention and control of respiratory infectious diseases high-level expert group Dr. Zhong Nansha said:” The epidemic will reach its peak in the coming week or ten days, and it will no longer increase on a large scale.”


      Therefore, can we please stop throwing out non confirm data and numbers and create unnecessary fear?

      1. According to your data 649 got over it and are released. 426 died. The rest are fighting for their lives. There should be tens of thousands fully recovered not 649. 426/649 is more than half dying when all is said and done. The rest are still fighting for their lives.

  10. There just aren’t that many places where “trillions of dollars” of ill gotten assets can be found and dedicated to the repression of the entire Earth in order to fulfill some “destiny”.
    In my mind, all of these “global pandemics” are “training” exercises to socially engineer the population into a knee jerk reaction to fit their end game agenda. This particular exercise is to determine the feasibility of locking down an entire nations population. Not that hard to do under a repressive regime such as China’s. This will eventually be expanded to entire continents then world wide once the total surveillance 5G network and repressive regimes are in place world wide.

    1. Dear Walking Dead We are beginning to source out why 5G will NOT be allowed in Israel where it was developed. And, we are looking forward to Elana Freeland’s new book on Synthetic Biology; a book that should dovetail (if that is not too sweet a word to describe their sinister operations ) into the themes of what she is warning about in her warnings about Full Spectrum Dominance and the key role of the nanobots entering into everyone through the chemtrails. A question: Does anyone know if Israel has chemtrails? Yikes! http://themillenniumreport.com/2019/03/heres-why-5g-is-not-allowed-in-israel-where-it-was-developed/

  11. Francis Boyle is a lawyer who wrote US legislation dealing with biowarfare research issues 30+ yrs ago. In the below vid he plainly states that all the high ranking persons dealing with this latest outbreak are lying in the sense that they all know this is a biowarfare biota, and was not naturally sourced in the food market often mentioned. He also mentions money issues in that big pharma stands to make big money putting vacines and cures, and
    WHO and similar organizations have bee bought off.

  12. I am going to assume that all the Ivy League colleges were ‘infiltrated’ long ago. (There is the possibility that the foundings were also the ‘infiltrations’.) There is plenty of documentation of Yale’s Skull & Bones (The Order, Order 322, or The Brotherhood of Death). Harvard might have its own version. Get them while they are young-and-vulnerable students…

    Once you are ‘in’ the system, I presume that you will be bounced-along during your (protected) career, and do whatever you are told. That would include certain career-ending situations and ‘videos’ of same. You would get a small amount of “No More” rejectors (hence, certain bizarre deaths), but most would look at the gold-and-lead (or apple-and-stick) ‘offers’ and just go along.

    Via conspiracy-theory thinking, any ‘establishment’ organization is probably controlled

  13. Robert Barricklow

    Thinking of Blake Cosmos/
    Harvard, another Ivy-league vending-machine.

    All these stage puppets giving back to their masters> Just another way of laundering; using your agents for the many roles their masters orchestrate.

    By the way, viruses, in nature’s laboratory, are master at engineering. Not to mention those that filter in from outer space. So mankind is but a child in a sand box when it comes to this aspect; although, in human terms, a deadly one.

    Those labs of 4, 5 etc., are what is inked.
    What other labs are there that are secretly out there?

    White Rabbit

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Good point: private interests are capitalizing on public research and carry that pay dirt further for their own private interests; which may be at cross purposes w/the public’s interests. The same thing that happened in the Iraq war & Afghanistan war. Private contractors ignoring military commander’s interests.
      Like the current policy of:
      socialize the costs;
      privatize the profits.
      Just a little more starkly juxtaposed.
      Had had to laugh at #2 where is question was that just China was being turned into an economic warfare; biowarfare, and social engineering zone.

    2. Robert Barricklow

      Hell, the whole globe is their laboratory. All the life forms are their lab rats. I even wonder; if their own people aren’t themselves subjected, when they don’t score high enough on their own in-house implanted Fibit chips.
      These are monster incarnate. Just sprinkle a little power dust on them and watch them turn.

    3. Robert Barricklow

      Would U.S, funding be used to make a lab in another country? How about; would the U.S. have a private cartel issue the nation’s own sovereign currency, and then have the gull to charge the U.S. interests?
      There’s your answer[s] in $pades.
      There are no quaint nations state for these private powers; nor no living being they won’t shackle to their laboratories. They’re monsters, after all.

  14. anakephalaiosis


    Viri gathered at pedophile inn,
    to miniaturize their sin,
    and by wicked vice
    in disguise,
    to crawl under your skin.

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