March 26, 2020 By Joseph P. Farrell

Now, before I get started with today's blog and high octane speculation, I have to lay all my cards on the table. Back on Jan 31 of this year, I did a News and Views from the Nefarium regarding my already-emerging suspicions about the corona virus story. At that time, I was already entertaining the idea that it was one big operation, designed with several objectives in view. I've commented on some of these objectives elsewhere: (1) squeeze China and derail (if possible) its silk road project, perhaps, if "managed' correctly, even lead to a regime change in Beijing more amenable to Mr. Globaloney's world-wide mafiosi; (2) squeeze Mr. Trump and deny him his platform and election strategy (the rallies); (3) create a distraction for a financial reset of some sort. To these might be added some other benefits: (4) distract from Mr. Biden's evident dementia, and remove platforms that would require him to debate publicly, in effect, to "politically quarantine" him and remove him from public view and scrutiny; (5) put as much pressure on the middle class as possible, and break down small businesses.

On and on I could go, and you probably could add your own suspicions to this list and they'd probably be just as good as my guesses. All that said, I do not and have never believed this story is nothing but hype, i.e., that it is completely fake. It is not. Real people are really contracting this thing and getting really sick and are really dying. That it would be an "op" with its own media hype is, to me, nothing but an indicator of just how sick, narcissistic, and psychopathic the so-called "elite" really is.

But probably not appearing on your list of "goals and objectives" of this operation is a shut down of certain space-based functions, including of normal space probes' functions. Indeed, it wasn't on my list either until someone sent me that article about the European Space Agency suspending a probe to Mars... because of corona virus. Well, there's been an "update" on that theme that was spotted by J.E. who graciously passed the following article along (thank you!):

Europe turns off instruments on some of its deep-space probes during coronavirus pandemic

Here's the central core of what's happening:

The European Space Agency is putting four of its space missions into “safe configurations” amid the novel coronavirus pandemic as the agency plans to reduce the number of people who can come into ESA’s primary mission control center in Germany. The instruments on these spacecraft will be turned off, and the vehicles will go “largely unattended” as they travel throughout the Solar System, according to ESA.

“Our priority is the health of our workforce, and we will therefore reduce activity on some of our scientific missions, especially on interplanetary spacecraft, which currently require the highest number of personnel on site,” Rolf Densing, ESA’s director of operations, said in a statement.

Of the missions going dark, two include vehicles orbiting Mars — the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter and Mars Express — which both take measurements of the Red Planet’s atmosphere. A mission called Cluster is also going quiet, which includes four spacecraft currently in orbit around Earth that study how particles coming from the Sun interact with our planet’s magnetic field. ESA’s Solar Orbiter mission, which just launched in February to study the Sun’s poles, is also powering down its instruments.

Most ESA employees have been working from home for the last two weeks, but the agency decided to heighten restrictions at its European Space Operations Center in Darmstadt, Germany, after an employee working there tested positive for COVID-19.

Now, we've already had reports of air traffic control centers in this country being shut down in America, and this has left a few airports - such as Las Vega's McCarran airport - functioning under general aviation rules as "uncontrolled" airports, all because someone in the personnel complements of those facilities has tested positive for the virus. But now - and ostensibly for the same reason - the European Space Agency has essentially "turned off" the instrumentation and sensors on various space probes, which, the article goes on to assure us, are designed to function for long periods of time without contact with the Earth. All perfectly normal; nothing to see here, move along.

Now, the ESA is only one of the many space agencies around the world; there's also JAXA (Japan), Roscosmos (Russia), NASA, and of course China's and India's space agencies. Voluntarily blinding only one of them is not much cause for concern...  All perfectly normal; nothing to see here, move along.

... or is it? "J.E.," in the email accompanying the article, expressed precisely my own thought - and high octane speculation - when asking: "...turning a blind eye to...?" Precisely: are we looking at yet "another modality" of using the story as a "crisis of opportunity" to remove the normal crews from space operations, lest "something" or "someone" be seen by people who in the maladjusted calculus of Mr. Globaloney shouldn't see it?  Is the whole thing being used to blind public space operations?

I certainly don't know. However, in the mounting strangeness surrounding this whole story, beginning with the arrest of two Chinese physicians in Canada's national level 4 laboratory in Winnepeg for the theft of data relating to this virus, to the arrest of Harvard's Dr. Charles Lieber for allegedly not disclosing his relationship to China's Wuhan level 4 biocontainment laboratory, something is very, very wrong with this whole story.

See you on the flip side...