March 30, 2020 By Joseph P. Farrell

Judging from the amount of people who sent me different versions of this story, I'd be remiss if I started this week's blogs with any other story.

And what an amazing story it is, too. It's one of those amazing "coincidences" - or as my mother used to put it, an amazing "coinkeydink" - that almost leave one as speechless as the "magic bullet".  Just  last week, while everyone has been following the story that we're all sick of, the story that spreads a thousand times faster than the virus itself, there were two amazing stories out of Germany, one concerning the German constitutional court overturning the constitutionality of Germany's submission to the European Union's Unified Court of Patents (or whatever it's called), and the other, far more interesting, story of the Kreditanstalt fur Wiederaufbau's decision to extend virtually unlimited credit to German businesses affected by the corona virus and/or the media generated hype attached thereto.

Well, now, yet another banker-finance-sort-of-person has met an untimely end by apparently taking a stroll down a railroad track:

German State Finance Minister Found Dead

German state finance minister Thomas Schäfer found dead

Now according to these two articles, Herr Schaffer, finance minister for the German state of Hesse, is presumed dead of suicide-by-train-collision.

As one might expect, I'm not buying it for a minute, and herewith my high octane speculation for the day. As the Deutsche Welle version of the story makes clear, Herr Schaffer was giving regular briefings about the corona virus story. And as the Zero Hedge version makes it clear, Schaffer had a nine year old son and a twelve year old daughter. Additionally we're informed that he was viewed as a successor to Hesse's premier. In other words, it doesn't sound very much like he was suicidal. Nor was he the only finance-type to experience "suicide" by train collision in recent years.  Why, if one tallies things up, we've had bankers running in front of trains, leaping off of buildings, falling onto spiked fences, being mugged on jogs... all by accident of course.

But the reason I find this death another suspicious banker-cide is simply that story from last week about the Kreditanstalt fur Wiederaufbau. In my blog about that story, I pointed out that apparently "someone" in Germany decided to do two very important things by going to that bank for financial relief during the corona virus plandemic: (1) "they" completely ignored the European Union and its central bank and (2) completely ignored the Bundesbank, Germany's central  bank. They went instead to the Kreditanstalt which, let it be noted, is owned by the German government. To put it country simple, the institutions of Mr. Globaloney were bypassed to a great extent.

Equally intriguing is the fact that the Kreditanstalt is  located in Frankfurt (along with the European Central bank), and Frankfurt is "coincidentally" located in the state of Hesse. And that means Herr Schaffer could hardly have been ignorant of the details, and may have even had an important hand in putting them together. Apparently someone in Mr. Globaloney's mafia of central banksters may not have liked "the deal" and may have arranged for Herr Schaffer to catch a train. I for one, certainly wouldn't put it past them, and with all the other "odd" financial goings on right now - think Federal Reserve and Exchange Stabilization Fund here - may be prepared to arrange train trips for many others. Perhaps Schaffer's financial "sin" was expressed in these lines from the Zero Hedge article:

On Thursday, "Schäfer, together with Economics Minister Tarek Al-Wazir (Greens), explained how the government wants to support the more than 200,000 small entrepreneurs and solo self-employed in the country who fear for their existence due to the corona pandemic," according to WELT.

A bailout of 8.5 billion euros is opened and the debt brake, which Schäfer had always defended, is relaxed. The Mittelhesse from Biedenkopf near Marburg was very worried, that was obvious. The country and the whole world were facing “unforeseen challenges,” he said, and that tackling this “task of the century” would take several generations.

But he also tried to relieve fears: The country would help quickly and unbureaucratically, Schäfer promised. “The fight against the corona crisis will not fail with money.”

Intriguing too is that as all this is going on, Frau Merkel was last seen filling a shopping cart in a store with wine and toilet paper, and is apparently nowhere to be found leaving others to express their "shock" and "surprise", while Boris Johnson is in quarantine, as is Prince Charles...

See you on the flip side...