April 2, 2020 By Joseph P. Farrell

Someone who wishes to remain so Anonymous that they don't even want me to use their initials spotted this article and passed it along. It has me wondering, and doubtless, will have you wondering too:


This intrigues me because it prompts an obvious question: what the heck is a DNA-heritage testing company doing involved in helping  China create a corona virus test? Well, for one thing, recall those stories early on as the corona virus story stated to go Viral (pardon the pun), spreading faster than the virus itself. Those early stories indicated that oriental peoples, and particularly Chinese, were more susceptible to the virus due to much higher numbers of receptors in their lungs for the virus to latch onto. In other words, there appeared - initially at least - to be a genetic component to the story, one which has all but dropped off the radar altogether in the past few weeks. Hence, it makes eminent sense for such a company, experienced in genetic sequencing, to be involved in a quick start-up for corona virus testing.

If indeed as some have argued and entertained (including this author) the corona virus plandemic is an orchestrated operation, a kind of bio-economic warfare with multiple objectives, then another rational for the presence of genetic sequencing firms in the testing becomes apparent, for it is not only a way to screen for susceptible people, it also possibly becomes a covert vehicle for monitoring the success of the whole operation. Indeed, if one views this story in the light of that hypothesis, two "rules of bio-warfare" would seem to follow: (1) if one want to release a bio-weapon, have a cure for it beforehand, lest one's own population be caught in the blowback, and (2) have a means of tracking and testing those genetically susceptible, and monitoring the success (or lack thereof) of the whole operation.

However, that raises another less-obvious but still-implied question, and hence our high octane speculation of the day.  The coupling of testing with sequencing companies suggests the possibility that the tests could include a covert DNA sampling itself, building up a large database. Indeed, perhaps the sequencing expertise was needed in a certain way, for if one suspected biowarfare were being carried out, one would want sample of patients' DNA to see what, if any, might be genetic markers for people taken ill with the virus. And that possibility suggests in turn yet another possibility.

Perhaps, just perhaps, one of the objectives of the whole plandemic is to create a climate of opinion for massive testing (voluntary or otherwise), because the designers of the operation are looking for some particular "group" of "someones" not otherwise visible to the naked eye, but only detectable through genetic sequencing.

If that sounds wild, woolly, and "too out there", that's because it is. But at this stage, after weeks of obfuscations and revisions on almost all aspects of this story, from the numbers to the vectors to the politicians and the experts, from claim and counterclaim, I'd put absolutely nothing past any of them.

See you on the flip side...