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  1. Robert Barricklow

    Purging competi tion from the system.
    Oops! I mean, purging corruption from the system.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      A government[China] more corrupt than the USSA!
      [Although Trump may yet keep it in USA territory.]

      China launches investigation into its Deep State?
      Deep State investigating another deep State faction?
      Now, is this a virus that the NWO wants spreading? Deep States fighting each other for supreme control?

      Chinese Banksters’ must have had “Western” teachers.
      Fraud is their[Western] business model

      Even a Dragon struggles to control
      a snake in its native haunt.

  2. His Excellency Xi Jinping not only has major corruption problems and factional problems, he also has a whopper of a major Party problem being the biggest ideological problem that won’t go away with any number of purges including his own by one of the faction leaders. Nasty business, that whole misguided arrangement over there. Will there be rubber rail lines and derailments, and a sliding major dam to wash away corruption down river added to Tofu building architecture and construction practices and further massive sinkhole rearrangement to inner city designs, too? Time might tell but the trend line is none too hopeful.

    Oddly enough there are other nation states that still want to emulate that Red play book believing they got the misguidance of the Red book correct. For failure perhaps.

  3. Xi Jinping = /ɕi tɕin pʰiŋ/
    Dr. Farrell: You are an extremely well-educated man who speaks German, so there is no good reason to mispronounce Xi Jinping’s name. The X is an S-like sound /ɕ/ (the blade of the tongue flattened against the dental ridge while “hissing”) which is very close to German CH after a high front vowel, such as ich /ɪç/. The J is an affricate, a very short French T sound immediately followed by the same /ɕ/ sound: /tɕ/. Note that there is no aspiration (puff of breath) after the T: it should be /tɕ/, not /tɕʰ/.

    Xi Jinping = /ɕi tɕin pʰiŋ/ is not really difficult to pronounce

    P.S. I am a polyglot retired from teaching at a Taiwanese university in 2015.

    1. In GR, Mr Xi’s name is Shyi Jinnpyng. The -y- shows rising tone, the -nn shows falling tone.
      Shyi Jinnpyng = ɕi₃⁵ tɕin⁵₁ pin₃⁵ (5>1 top-to-bottom pitch scale).
      For 92 years, the ROC (alive and kicking in Taiwan) has had a more easily-guessed romanization, GR Tonal Spelling (Gwoyeu Romatzyh), still printed in Taiwan dictionaries. In 1958, the PRC promulgated Hanyu Pinyin, which is OK for native speakers but somewhat opaque for foreigners who haven’t studied Mandarin.

      1. Oops! Shyi Jinnpyng = ɕi₃⁵ tɕin⁵₁ pʰiŋ₃⁵ is correct (pʰiŋ came out as pin)
        To simplify, Xi sounds similar to English “she” (good enough for government work 😉

  4. It is amazing how China has managed to shoot itself in the foot over the past few years. All they had to do was project a ‘benevolent’ view to the world; the Belts & Roads initiative would have sold itself…

    Instead, they picked a fight with Hong Kong, which laid-bare the totalitarian aspects of the communist system. (All they had to do was sit-back and do nothing; they would have had HK under their laws by treaty in a couple of decades.)

    Then, they proceeded with the South China Sea military-posturing debacle. They alienated all the non-threatening countries around them with that one. Meanwhile, others were taking notes…

    The irony is, they could have obtained all their objectives just by playing nice

    1. Would that it were as simple as China “playing nice”. There is evidence that a small number of violent HK demonstrators were manipulated into operating from the same playbook as the Ukrainian and North African “color revolutions” as well as the more recent “spontaneous” demonstrations in Minneapolis.
      The Hong Kong demonstrations were largely peaceful until masked individuals “spontaneously” decided to set fire to a Hong Kong train station and “spontaneously” beat up elderly passersby and even harassed tourists at the airport and delayed their flights.
      While we don’t know exactly who the manipulators were (possible false flag attacks), the violence and open challenges to the status quo made the CCP look weak in front of domestic audiences. In today’s climate, there was no choice but to crack down.

  5. Bannon was pushing hard for putting China and Kissinger to blame for US problems a couple weeks ago. Curious considering Bannon’s source of wealth and China’s ties to Israel and Russia and Iran. Just the same it does seem a strong attempt to quiet down Bannon.

      1. wow. Nice link. Bannon was jumping up and down about what a monster Kissinger was by enabling China all those years. Curious that he’s not including Rockefeller and Gates in these flaming rants. Curiouser that he’s funded out of Israel and jumping on one of Israel’s colonies: China. Does Bibi and Sheldon want a US – Sino war?

        Is his arrest more promo for the upcoming doc? I would have watched Shadowgate much later if not for Millie Weaver’s arrest. And then I find out today her indictment is secret and that it involves an argument with her Mom where her Mom’s phone got wrecked?

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