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As I indicated at the beginning of this week's blogs, over the past two weeks my email inbox has been literally flooded with all sorts of articles alleging massive election fraud on a national scale in the recent American federal elections. I have gathered these for today's roundup. PLEASE NOTE several things. Firstly, because of the sheer amount, I am not posting workable links, as often times these take up extra space. IN some cases the links take up space anyway, so accordingly this will be one of the longest "roundups" I've done on this site. You will have to copy and paste the links into your browser to read the articles. Secondly, please note - especially for all the "Trump messianists" out there - that fraud on this scale, oftentimes in favor only of Mr. Biden, is so blatant that it must prompt the question of whether or not that fraud was committed in order to sabotage Mr. Biden. It's a speculation, for sure, but one which must be entertained in the context of so much other speculation going on in this event. Thirdly, I cannot possibly begin to enumerate nor to thank all the individuals - even by their initials - who have been sending articles. All I can say is thank you. Fourthly, I am not endorsing nor trying to cast doubt on any of the articles. I am merely trying to catalogue them and make them available for our readership so they can make up their own minds. I've barely been able to keep up with this flood the past couple of weeks.





Trump Supporters Question Why Absentee Ballots Were Filed For People Up to 120 Years Old




Pennsylvania County Says It Won’t Resume Counting Votes Until Friday Due to “Administrative Work”

EXCLUSIVE: Poll Watcher in Michigan Kicked Out of Detroit Hall But Not Before They Obtained Evidence of Potential Fraud

The Voting Dead

Philadelphia Registered Democrat Observer: “This is Coup Against The President of The United States of America”


PA USPS Official Willing to Testify Under Oath Over Ballot Backdating

BREAKING: Software company linked to MI voter “glitch” also holds contracts in battleground states including PA, GA, AZ, NV










Evidence Mounts of a Stolen Election




‘The Hammer’ And ‘Scorecard’: Weapons Of Mass (Vote) Manipulation?

Developing: Nancy Pelosi’s Chief of Staff Is Chief Executive and Feinstein’s Husband a Major Shareholder at Dominion Ballot Counting Systems

New Judicial Watch Study Finds 353 U.S. Counties in 29 States with Voter Registration Rates Exceeding 100%

Joe Biden’s votes violate Benford’s Law (Mathematics)

Watch: ‘Trump Ballots’ Found in Trash at Oklahoma Church

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: System ‘Glitch’ Also Uncovered In Wisconsin – Reversal of Swapped Votes Removes Lead from Joe Biden

Arizona State Rep. Calls on Maricopa GOP Chairman to Step Down Upon News That She Failed to Show Up to Certify Dominion Voting Machines

Did Ukraine & Romania Alter the US Election for Biden?




Michigan Election Fraud: Evidence of Wolverine State Chicanery During America’s 2020 Presidential Election


Technocrats Tabulated US Votes In Spain?





Wisconsin Election Fraud: Evidence of Badger State Chicanery During America’s 2020 Presidential Election

Election Fraud


Did the US Raid European Software Company Scytl and Seize their Servers in Germany? — Company Refutes Claims?





















  1. Robert Barricklow

    Dr. Farrell called it early on when Trump brought Bar into the fold. Dr. Farrell smelled a rat; a Bushy one. Figured some deal was made.
    A deal-breaker it; as it would turn out, in the not too distant coming election.

    Never trust a Bushy;
    except knowing;
    they can’t help their nature.
    Bar remained true to his nature.

  2. The more this scandalous election fraud plays out the more it resembles STUXNET and the 1995 film “Hackers,” rolled into one syndicated maloperation of poorly compatible software, hardware, and compilation code of the obvious scoundrels that were not supposed to be found out.

    Because there are soooo many moving parts, places (past, present, and probably planned), and deviants involved it’s likely to take a while to sort the mess out. Networking might seem elusive, the jury’s out on that presumption, but my does it have connectivity to notes of persons, places, and things thanks to big tech.

    The FAANG’s are probably not the only ones trading big data. There seems to be characteristics of quite a few cultures and their respective stock exchanges cropping up in the mix as they try to run and hide from their reflections.

    1. Richard, that’s also been my concern due to the short time limit regarding The Electoral College, and the vast number of experts that will be involved. As to a jury, if its in the swamp area, we know what the outcome will be there.

      And I wouldn’t depend on the Supreme Court. The three that Trump nominated were connected to Bush in some way, and Trump has made so much out of the selections that the justices may not want it to look like they are beholden to him. I cringed every time he brought up the Supreme Court picks.

      1. This scandalous election fraud plays out as if it resembles STUXNET and the 1995 film “Hackers,” rolled into one syndicated maloperation of poorly compatible software, hardware, and compilation code of the obvious scoundrels that were not supposed to be found out, especially, with [fractions of votes] digitally moved? (think digital worm stealing vote parts, re-arranging other votes, canceling yet others, and even flipping votes by way of “0” to “1” or the other way round). Deviant hacking thieves do this sort of mischief almost regularly when bank accounts, credit card data, and identities are stolen. Not much of a stretch to adapt that strategy and tactical light fingers on a keyboard toward voting machines that are NOT supposed to be connected to the internet and/or with concealable flash drives until they are needed. Something an insider would know how and when to implement. An illegal act in itself where proven, where connected to the internet. STUXNET needed a flash drive it got, apparently, unawares.

        Examining those machines, their recent arrangement near network access-wall sockets-wireless adaptations, access to flash drive updates, those few remaining in those rooms (if not already having left the country) and any lingering software for starters might prove interesting. It seems that 2020’s voting heist got out of control with a *click* really quick to beat the certification deadlines.

        Got to love those Freudian gaffes liars try to lie away from lying. Some folks ought to remain silent and be thought a fool they’re already known to be without digging the hole they’re in deeper. Far better than the consequences of deliberate deception to deceive. What a tangled world wide web it has become to move quickly in. Arachnids with their many eyes and Cephalopods with their agility and camouflage seem to have the edge amongst the tangles and deceitful.

  3. Hey doc, your pal Daniel Liszt (aka “Dark Journalist”) is saying the CIA just got neutered.

    President Trump Activates JFK National Security Action Memo 57.

    Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller has issued his order that CIA Special Operations now must report directly to him. The power to do so is held in the JFK National Security Action Memorandum 57 (NSAM 57) designed to bypass the CIA.


    Hmmm. A de-fanged and de-clawed CIA? Ouch.

    1. It’s my understanding that the move by Christopher Miller is pursuant to a law passed by congress a couple of years ago that authorized the Secretary of Defense to require all reporting of all special operations (Seals, Rangers, etc.) to him instead of going through the military bureaucracy, hence allowing a faster, more organized operation. The forces would be on alert to go anywhere on the planet on a moments notice. Also, in my opinion it will be sort of on a par with the Joint Chiefs who report to the Secretary of Defense. The unintended consequences will inure to biden which is a bit scary, especially if the operation can be used domestically. Apparently, Esper had ignored the law like everything else he ignored from Trump. I think it was done anticipating a reversal of the election, but that’s a pipe dream. Furthermore Cohen-Watnick was General Flynn’s assistant at the NSC….for a couple of weeks.

      As to the cia, that’s another issue in my opinion.

  4. Robert Barricklow

    These mega information platforms[google; Facebook; amazon; and more] are basically intelligence assets in an attention economy. Or, more accurately an a Howard Dean screaming attention screaming economy.
    Fundamentally, these intelligence asset products are misused.
    A sovereign nation[read China] can interfere w/another nation’s election[especially w/a bought media[read USSA].
    They’re weaponized information platforms – hijacked by China.
    That’s what happened[IMO].
    In intelligence speak, “burned”; means you’ve been made[inside faction and/or outside faction] and are no longer employable. You announce, “I’m burned out”.
    In these platform information economies a burnout is a big thing in the industry. It’s a burnout culture. A spy vs spy culture.
    Love the lingo: “cause washing”; “smart” everything, like smart regulation, smart city, smart meter; “techlash”; ect. ect.

    Imagine the reaction to finding out the FBI and the CIA were collaborating closely w/the Democratic Party, that is in the pocket of Emperor XI[blackmail, trip-wire stakes Chinese companies, plus being outright bought & sold]
    Yet they’ll use censorship and/or surveillance on U.S patriots in the new USSA.

    High octane speculation?

  5. Due to monarch programming, Bill Errors education system, computer cardboard projections, the Davos planscandemic & mental dwarfism – the Un franchisees have declared the mines of Moria to be closed & come under new management by the Homo Vacinian edits.

  6. Prognostic pundits, whose names use to mean something of integrity ought to remain silent more often, given some with their corrupted track records and freedom to be often wrong live on air and in print, especially, the non-law and lawyer type as they haven’t the knack to talk courtroom talk. Such vane arrogance. One thought the well-funded scientist elites had the commanding corporate share of that ill-gotten supremacy. Fact checking takes some doing with a work in progress such as this Constitutional Republic.

    As eloquent and quaint as one T C on his scripted opinion show, he seems less acquainted with a sense of need-to-know confidentiality that clandestine operatives practice and do not preach or talk about (can neither confirm or deny; or, sources and methods are not discussed nor revealed, sorts of things), especially, specifics pertaining to ongoing investigations. T C has a point, though, given what was boldly said and recently aired, as in, ‘where is the proof so that [WE] can see it?’ . . To paraphrase some. The phrase, “. . Releasing the Kraken,”. . there bouts, comes up. Multi legged or armed of law enforcement almost seems implied by President Trump’s attorney team.
    One is very fond of the myths, legends, and lore of the Ancients. It’s in the bloodline from the days of the Neanderthals to the Scandinavian north and westward to the Emerald Isle. Such an invocation is quite profound as it is suggestive, if not pertaining to a multifaceted octagonal course of action a mighty Cephalopod of the seas would conjure. A favorite creature that fascinates some. Amazing how it can hide in plain sight with the greatest of ease. It doesn’t take long to arrive at the ‘dragon whale myth’ with some of its symbology seen throughout the world’s ancient past.

    Whether realized or not, many people owe a great deal to the Norse of their time to include the whole of northwestern Europe and Ilse’s further out to sea from the Danes. Most likely it is meant to refer more towards current affairs with a hint of certainty than to the colorful stories often told of an ancient seafaring past. It was enough to get the attention of this commentor, anyway.

    The ear lobes of the curious and potentially identifiable perpetrators might have grown several millimeters since Attorney’s Sidney Powell and Jenna Ellis and Mayor Giuliani made several declarative and rather extraordinary statements suggestive of evidence before cameras and microphones in recent days. If substantive, far better than the years of dishonest, biased, and innuendo riddled bunk of big money operatives on air. They sounded dangerous as well as damming begging the question, “What’s left for a courtroom setting before judge, jury, prosecution and defense teams of attorneys and who they represent?”. . . . “Those are some bus stops to stay away from, yah, think?”. . . Concrete goulashes and deep rivers make a dubious pairing, too, to say little about exploited biohazards of you know what by the deviant of passing acquaintances.

    What’s really strange about this whole obvious debacle of the sanctity of the Vote is that it seems to have been pulled off by those not very familiar with due process, legal rights, and rule of law, but only of chaos, corruption, and communism outside of this Republic. As if there were issues with the complexity of interpreting languages that are often nicht ganz recht. Those within that knew seem frantically evading the catcher’s net that the web also conjures from a colorful superhero spider sense.

  7. The biggest loss in this election is the trust of the American people in the voting system. That is HUGE. It has all sorts of consequences…

    A proposal:
    (1) No electronic devices of any sort can be used in elections – especially computers. (Simple handheld calculators are probably okay, if supervised.)
    (2) Politicized people are untrustworthy, so there will be a ‘base unit’ of three people – one Rep, one Dem, and one Independent – at every level of the voting-tabulation structure.
    (3) Each ‘base unit’ will manually tabulate the votes at its level, handing off the results directly to the next-higher level: local -> county -> state -> national.
    (3) At the final, national level, a ‘base unit’ of three people – one Rep, one Dem, and one Independent – will publicly read-out the total.

    The above needs to be supplemented by some way(s) to absolutely, positively identify one face with one (secret) ballot at the time of turn-in of that paper ballot. Paper, always – no electronic voting.

    This ‘system’ will be very slow and probably way-more expensive. Expectations will have to be changed. On the other hand, it gives the people a shot at an incorruptible election…

    (Additions/modifications welcome!)

    1. The American system does puzzle me. Potential fraud seems to have been designed into the system, contrary to common sense. All the elections in which I have ever voted have been in person, in secret, on paper and with ID. Elections are conducted like that for good reasons. The American experience seems to be yet another example “progress” not being progress at all.

  8. Did anyone here happen to catch last night’s ‘Dark Journalist’ episode? The featured topic was Trump’s activation of JFK’s now 57 year old national security orders that were meant to reign in the CIA. The chat room mentioned that Dr Farrell was in attendance. I hope there will be an upcoming blog or ‘news and views’ piece on this matter.

    1. Yes, Peter….it was excellent, wasn’t it?!!! Apparently, our Wrecking Ball is doing what JFK had intended to do!!

      A certain letter agency has been a “law unto itself” for TOO long & hopefully, is being reigned in!!!

      Kudos for bringing to light the Voting System that has been imposing its will on the entire world, for decades!!!

      Up next…..the unveiling of the Pedos…..this is the subject matter that the majority of “Normies” will find hard to understand or accept. We, The Silent Majority, have allowed the Bad Apples to take over the barrell!!

  9. Remember the Stanford prison experiment, where the experiment was stopped by the administrator’s girlfriend because the ‘actors’ got so caught up in their acting? At what point do the bankster stooge actors become so immersed in their roles that they lose themselves? Remember, there must be some agency appearing to be the alternative to this evil. And the people they use crave approval.

  10. Robert Barricklow

    All this …
    Is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.
    A cold day in hell when the commies are cheered by a XI bought & sold press.
    Doesn’t matter that China is now structuring the globalization of the NWO.
    IMO, China has ended up winning the USA stolen election.
    We no longer have a president; but a soon to be V.P laughing stock puppet.
    Will the new president elect please stand up.
    You’ve got to be kidding me! A Chinese Emperor?

    His totalitarian technocratic state is being uploaded and installed into the USA’s surveillance/governance infrastructure w/a few hidden tweeks.
    “Bye-Bye”. [bet you didn’t know that’s goodbye in Chinese.]
    Of course, the USSA is going Bye Bye …
    if Trump doesn’t stop this NWO.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Trump is lingua franca for a Deep State faction
      that is not under the tyranny of a NWO hierarchy.

    1. Did someone say fraud? Nah, not in my country. WE would have seen this coming. HeH!

      Voting fraud, voter fraud, voting official(s) fraud, machine tinkering along with intentional software fraud and manipulation, as well as unintended human error. Add on compromised political positions, vane arrogance when entrusted with levels of political sway and funding and it would seem as if it is the present.

      There were numerous articles, news shows, tweets, and real concerns about voting fraud for, at least, the last few years already. Some folks do not find what’s happening surprising. Why should they when there’s been (not so wild) boasting about blue wave this and blue wave that. This stuff continues to come up when the Party over you know where comes up with their manipulation of free will and freedoms of democracies. It’s been the details that have been fleeting.

      Not anymore. One need only start (locally) with socialist Venezuela, the voting software used from Chavez to Maduro, to rig elections for heads of state to local municipalities, and that has made it across borders in Latin America and northward into the United States and across states that use electronic voting machines and associated software that other states chose NOT to use. Well, well, well, . . . “Doesn’t that sound like the current USA where the socialist / communist parties within the US have been busy?” And get this, those states have names and so do those county and city strongholds that chose to use them, too. They come with names of officials, too, elected no less.

      It’s amazing how easy software, especially, fact changing-number-crunching-switching tweaks can make it across open borders in a back-pack.

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