1. Ay, the Rottenchilds pirates from the beginning just wondering how far back this criminal lineage goes back to the Barbary Pirates or the Cillian Pirates.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Probably goes way back.
      Perhaps; even to a war that happened before there was an asteroid belt?

      If not in body; then in method.
      Though; that method, be the madness of war itself.

  2. For what it is worth, there seems to be no confirmation of the Mondestuff story in the Kremlin transcript of Putin’s address to the Russian Federal Assembly after his 2018 inauguration:
    Perhaps Mondestuff was referring to a different speech, or perhaps Mondestuff is fake news. I don’t know. The Kremlin transcript is, however, impressive on a number of levels. In it, Putin does state that Russia has more than enough reserves to cover its sovereign debt.
    It has also been clear from other sources for a number of years that Russia is leading an international effort to de-dollarize the global economy, with the stated aim of depriving the US of the means to bully other countries and wage war.

  3. Russia is controlled by Western Banksters since 1917 with a second added grip during a plight of Russia in the nineties by Harvard boys in a willful cooperation of party aparatchiks. If Putin is ready do brake the chains, I hope his bunker is deep enough in the ground so nobody can get him and he prepared his countrymen for the next “intervention/revolution”?

    1. The problem is, Russia has a few fire-crackers and exotic weapon systems of their own–and the globalists fear them because of it. Putin has left Russia in a very strong position. Their platform to enslave them again must be carefully crafted and very patient. They would prefer indirect wars and an internal situation–or a confrontation between Russia and China. Russia is not Iraq.

  4. If Russia is now free from the globalist bank control good for them. The U.S. was once free as well–but then Lincoln’s war changed that. The nation has been in a vise ever sense.

  5. Robert Barricklow

    Putin is drawing a redlined warning!
    Doubtful those in power will head the dire straights ahead, if present divisive course is maintained.

    Is something and/or something; on a suicide mission?
    If so; it’s time to give them what they want.
    Plot these puppet master’s coordinates in;
    from both sides of the divide,.

    This time; it will be for “our” safety, of course.

  6. The bankster statement sounds like something he might think, but find it unnecessary to say, on the principle that deeds speak louder than words.

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